What Terminal is JetBlue at MCO? Orlando International Airport

JetBlue Terminal MCO Airport

JetBlue Airlines operates multiple flights from or to Orlando International Airport (MCO). Operations at JetBlue Terminal MCO Airport include managing departure and arrival procedures. Additionally, it provides excellent amenities for flyers comfort at Terminal C. This terminal is also referred to as the South Terminal Complex. It is connected to Terminals A and B by a pre-security tramway. Further, to provide the ease of reaching this part of the airfield and proceed for the trip, Terminal C features various gates, including C-230-245. These can help travelers to fly directly and via connecting flights. For these, one-way, multi-city, and round trips are executed from this terminal. 

An Outline of Orlando International Airport

MCO or Orlando International Airport was founded in 1940. It is situated in Orlando. Besides, the airport’s original name, McCoy Air Force Base, is represented by the airport code MCO. Later, it was renamed as Orlando International Airport. This airport helps JetBlue Airlines to operate aircraft more effectively. Every year, it actively participates in the passenger operations equivalent to 3,50,000 annually. In addition to these, Orlando Airport oversees about 7,410 cargo operations every year. These operations are carried out through runways. There are three terminals overall at MCO Airport, with around 93 gates and 4 airside concourses accessed by elevated people movers. 

Which Terminal is JetBlue at MCO Airport for Domestic and International Flights?

Through Terminal C at Orlando Airport, national, as well as international flights of JetBlue are executed. These flights arrive and depart from TC. At different levels of this terminal, including 1, 2, 4, and 6, flyers can complete the formalities before or after their trips.

  • At Level 1 of JetBlue Orlando Terminal C, passengers can find ground transportation. 
  • These facilities include shuttles to reach the intended location at the airport. 
  • Level 2 features facilities, such as security and flight check-in for easy departure. 
  • Parking facilities can be found at L4. 
  • After landing, travelers can make use of:
    • Bag claim areas 
    • Counters of Customs & Immigration at Level 6 

What is JetBlue Arrival Terminal MCO Airport for International/Domestic Flights? 

The sixth level of Terminal C of Orlando Airport is where JetBlue Airlines domestic arrivals are seen. After arriving at this terminal, passengers must get their belongings from the designated carousel. Use the luggage claim facilities at L6. Further, while having transit flights, passengers can stay in the waiting areas after they get to the airport. 

  • Apart from domestic, international flights arrive at the same level and terminal. 
  • For customs and immigration processes, one can head to L6, Terminal C.
  • The counters for both domestic and international bag claims are separate from one another. 

What is the JetBlue Departure Terminal MCO Airport for Domestic/International Flights? 


Terminal C of Orlando Airport is used for JetBlue Airlines flight departures. The level employed for the procedures before take-off is L2 at JetBlue Terminal C Orlando

Airport. Here, flyers can complete the check-in and security procedures. For the same, Gate C230 to C245 are used. International planes typically take off from TC unless this air carrier makes a change. 

What are the Basic Details of the JetBlue Terminal Orlando Airport?

Orlando International Airport Terminal C is where all flights of JetBlue Airlines are managed. Here, both arrivals and departures are observed on time. Along with these, several amenities are available, such as parking, flight check-in, and baggage. 

The following are some additional details regarding MCO Airport and Terminal: 

Orlando Airport JetBlue TerminalTerminal C
Airport NameOrlando International Airport 
Airport Address 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States
Airport Website www.orlandoairports.net
Elevation96 ft/29 m
Airport typeInternational 
Orlando Airport JetBlue Departure TerminalTerminal C
JetBlue Orlando Terminal ArrivalsTerminal C
ServesGreater Orlando 
MCO JetBlue Terminal phone number800-538-2583
Coordinates28°25’46″N 81°18’32″W
Year of Opening 1940

How to use the MCO JetBlue Terminal Map? 

A digital perspective can be preferred to comprehend MCO Airport’s architecture and design. The JetBlue Terminal Orlando Airport map has such a feature. It shows the areas, including check-in and baggage. A comprehensive picture of the terminal layout is given. Travelers can get more information about Orlando Airport by enlarging the map. 

What are the Popular Destinations of JetBlue Terminal in Orlando Airport? 


JetBlue Airlines operates several well-known routes to New York-JFK and Cancun from Orlando International Airport. They are inclusive of both national and international locations. Terminal C is widely utilized for the same. 

To other locations as well, this air carrier provides connectivity from MCO Airport. The frequency is notably good for these. To all connectivities and routes, this air carrier takes safety measures at its best. For this reason, JetBlue is safe to fly to these destinations. 

International Locations National Routes
San JoseNewark
Montego BaySan Juan
Santo Domingo New York-LaGuardia 

What is the JetBlue Terminal Orlando Airport Parking Fee?

At Terminal C of Orlando International Airport, parking for JetBlue Airlines is allocated, starting at $1. These fees can be charged as per short or long term parking. All parked vehicles are monitored by the Orlando Police Department. Therefore, travelers need not be concerned about their vehicles at MCO JetBlue Terminal C. 

  • The fees charged for the same are provided below: 
Duration of ParkingFees Charged (USD)
Up to 20 minutesFree of charge
First 21 to 30 minutes2
Up to a maximum of USD 19, for every extra 15 minutes 1
The duration of every 24 hours is kept and is up to 45 days limit stay19
  • The charges for Valet Parking are: 
Time PeriodParking Fees
For the first 20 minutes4
Up to three hours, for each further 20 minutes1
For each twenty-four hour period, up to 45 days maximum stay25

Note: Valet Parking is open from 06:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. 

Given below are the additional details necessary to reserve parking services:

  • Passengers can park their vehicles at two locations. 
  • Parking Garage C and Valet are offered. 
  • At Parking Garage C, the spots cannot accommodate vehicles that are longer than 8’2. 
  • Here, most of the areas are covered. 
  • For this purpose, it is essential to reserve earlier by paying the intended costs. 
  • The charges for the same are accepted from a variety of sources. They are:
    • MasterCard
    • E-Pass
    • Cash
    • Discover
    • SunPass Plus
    • American Express

Which is the JetBlue Terminal at MCO Airport for Check-in?


JetBlue passengers can easily initiate flight check-in procedures at Terminal C, Orlando International Airport. For both domestic and international flights, generally, the check-in begins twenty-four hours before the departure. Therefore, make timely procedures to avoid any inconveniences at Terminal C. 

For Domestic Flights: 

To complete domestic flight check-in and deposit luggage, passengers need to come earlier than the departure time. Further information is listed below: 

Baggage Information Check in Timings Before Departure 
With checked bags40 minutes 
Without checked luggage 30 minutes

Involving International Flights: 

Customs and Immigration processes should be completed for international flights prior to the plane taking off. 

Luggage InformationCheck-in Time prior to the Departure 
Without checked baggage 60 minutes
With checked luggage 60 minutes

Is the TSA PreCheck Facility at JetBlue MCO Terminal C?

The facility for TSA PreCheck is made available to travelers at JetBlue Terminal Orlando MCO Airport. It can be used to avoid the lines at security screening. It is active from morning 04:00 A.M. till evening 08:30 P.M. To learn about the working days of this facility, passengers can contact the airport.

  • At TC, all applications are thoroughly scrutinized for risk. 
  • When accepted, enrollment lasts for five years. 
  • For the same, it is important to fill out a form. 
  • Flyers need to pay USD 78 as the application cost. It is non-refundable. 
  • Further, it is important to schedule a 10-minute meeting in-person for:
    • Background checks
    • Fingerprinting 
  • Lastly, the Known Traveler Number will be added to the travel profile or reservation. 

What are the JetBlue Orlando Terminal Restaurants? 


Auntie Anne’s and Desano Pizzeria are the main restaurants present at Terminal C, Orlando International Airport. Auntie Anne’s operating hours are from 04:00 A.M. to the last departing flights. Speaking of Desano Pizzeria, passengers can visit from 08:00 A.M. to the last take-off flight of this airport. The JetBlue Terminal MCO food offers Pretzels, Neapolitan Pizza, and more. 

Apart from these, multiple restaurants are housed at TC and are provided below: 

Restaurants Operating Hours 
Barnie’s Coffee & Tea06:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. 
Gatlin Trade08:00 A.M to the last arrival to flight 
Greenbeat06:00 A.M to last departing flight 
The Scoop04:30 A.M to 09:00 P.M. 
Sunshine Dinner 05:00 A.M to the last take-off flight 

What are the Baggage Allowances Accessible at JetBlue MCO Terminal C?

This airline provides allowance for different bag types. These include carry-on and checked luggage. For checked bags, passengers should carry a weight of around 50 pounds. The luggage that is not as per the requirements for size and weight is regarded as overweight or oversized. For these, this air carrier charges some fees at MCO Airport JetBlue Terminal C. 

For carry-on bags, these requirements should be fulfilled: 

  • The maximum size for carry on luggage is 22″ length, 14″ width, and 9″ height. 
  • These dimensions are inclusive of wheels and handles. 
  • A carry-on bag is not allowed for Blue Basic ticket passengers. 

In the case of checked luggage, ensure the following:

  • The total length of checked luggage is up to 62″. 
  • Make sure to adhere to checked bag size, weight, and dimensions prior to packing. 

Fees for Adding Extra Bag Allowances:

JetBlue Airlines charges differently for first and second bags, ranging between USD 35 to USD 60. The details on baggage fees are mentioned below:

Types of FaresFirst Bag (USD)Second Bag (USD)
Blue Basic3560*
Blue Extra 3560*
Blue Plus Included60*

Note: (*) indicates reservations booked after/on 7/25/23. For prior bookings, $45 is charged.

What are the Facilities Provided at MCO Airport JetBlue Terminal?


At MCO Airport JetBlue Terminal C, travelers can plan and book their flights. It can be enabled for individuals, groups, kids, etc. For booking, different types of cabins are available too. Passengers can make use of a reward program named TrueBlue as well. Other amenities, including medical assistance, pet services, and Wi-Fi can be availed. 

True Blue

JetBlue Airlines offers the TrueBlue program at Terminal C of MCO Airport. It enables flyers of co-branded credit cards to earn these miles. Along with this, the miles can be received by the majority of fare-paying travelers. These can be utilized to pay the plane ticket expenses, either now or in the future. These advantages differ according to the distance as well as the route taken. 

Kinds of Cabin

Mint and Core are some types of cabins for booking. Flyers can book these at JetBlue Orlando Airport Terminal C. With these cabins, passengers can travel with extra legroom. Leather seats are given for a comfortable and peaceful ride too. Moreover, there are entertainment display systems with free Wi-Fi access. 

Group Reservations

As JetBlue is a budget airline, it is best for group travel. This feature is provided to travelers who are in a set of 10 or more. At Terminal C, Orlando International Airport, travelers can book tickets and make use of different advantages. Also, regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is for business or pleasure, the advantages can be availed. 

Pet Reservations

JetBlue Airlines accepts bookings for pets under particular conditions. Inquiries concerning these conditions should be directed at Orlando MCO JetBlue Terminal

C. By abiding by the same, passengers can simply reserve this facility. It is necessary to have certain paperwork. The documents may vary depending on the pet type. 

Flying with Kids

From the time children are 3 days old until the day they become two years old, JetBlue Airlines allows them to fly. For them, some identification proof is needed. They include a passport, birth certificate, and immunization records. Parents can carry a diaper bag together while traveling for comfort. 

Medical Assistance

While flying, some travelers may need medical assistance. In this kind of situation, the air carrier has respiratory devices on board. They include Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Ventilators, and more. Those who have an allergy to nuts or animals can ask for MEDA SSR facilities at MCO Terminal from JetBlue Airlines. 

Wi-Fi Facilities

JetBlue Airlines provides free and high-speed internet access on most of the flights. From takeoff to touchdown, one can browse, surf, listen, and do much more. This facility is free of charge. Further, with the exception of flights to the UK and Europe, this facility is enabled for every passenger. 

What is the Lost and Found Facility of JetBlue Terminal MCO Airport?

The Department of Lost and Found is made for travelers who lose their items at the airport or in the flight. It is located at MCO Terminal C for JetBlue Airlines. Flyers can file a claim by providing information about the missing items. For the same, online and offline methods can be used. With the offline method, passengers need to visit TC at MCO Airport. Or, they can choose the online way via the airport’s official website. 

  • At Level 1 of Terminal C, this department is situated. 
  • It is operational from 08:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M. 
  • For a claim, flyers need to provide information, including:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Address
    • City 
    • Date 
    • Contact information 
  • As soon as the claim is approved, JetBlue Airlines immediately starts looking for the lost items. 

Orlando International Airport Terminal C helps JetBlue Airlines to run planned as well as organized schedules. It assures that all facilities are properly handled. TC offers amenities including parking, restaurants, baggage, and more. In general, travelers of this airline can expect a pleasant trip through MCO Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before flying with JetBlue Airlines from Orlando International Airport, passengers can have a number of questions. These can be easily addressed by focusing on the following FAQs:

Which terminal is JetBlue at MCO Airport?

The counters of this airline are featured at Terminal C at Orlando International Airport.

What are Orlando Airport JetBlue Terminal Food Restaurants?

Raw Juice, Starbucks, and the Scoop are a few restaurants available at TC.

What is the MCO JetBlue Departure Terminal?

For this airline at MCO Airport, the departure terminal is lettered C.

What gate is the security checkpoint at JetBlue Terminal in Orlando Airport?

Gates C230 to C245 are allocated for security checkpoints.

Does JetBlue Terminal Orlando MCO Airport have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, the TSA PreCheck facility is provided at Terminal C of MCO Airport.

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