How to Change Name on Delta Ticket Online and Offline?

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket

To change name on Delta ticket, the online option is to be used via the airline’s website. Otherwise, the offline option can be exercised at the airport or on call. These changes are available under the name change policy. With this policy or facility, passengers can make name changes on their plane tickets. It permits changes in first, middle, and last names after making flight reservations. For reasons such as marriage, divorce, or mistakenly added names, travelers can choose to make such alterations. Sometimes, a fee can be applicable to the procedures. Prior to going ahead with that, guests can correct their names by having a thorough understanding of this facility.

Can You Change the Name on a Plane Ticket of Delta Airlines?

Can You Change the Name on a Plane Ticket of Delta Airlines

With Delta Airlines, passengers have the option to change their names on flight tickets. For those who have made a mistake in typing their name, this facility is advantageous. Also, the air carrier has given passengers the freedom to change name on Delta Airline tickets up to some characters. 

What is Delta Ticket Name Change Policy? 

The Delta Airlines ticket name change policy gives the flexibility to modify certain personal details. After making a flight reservation, travelers can change their names on tickets. But this is feasible after following certain guidelines. When all requirements are fulfilled as per these, people can expect a hassle-free use of this policy.

  • It is not possible to use this policy to transfer a flight ticket to some other person.
  • A complete name change is not permitted. 
  • Small changes to the initial, middle, as well as last name, are the permitted alterations. 
  • Flyers can add some letters to their last name without modifying any characteristics. 
  • In this situation, people should complete all the necessary paperwork accurately. 
  • With this air carrier, it is possible to make changes in inverted names as well.
  • Ideally, this policy should be used prior to check-in.
  • After boarding, its use will be limited.
  • Even to change seat on Delta flights or use other facilities, amending the name prior is necessary.

Can I Change First or Middle Name on Delta?

Can I Change First or Middle Name on Delta

Passengers can change their first/middle name on the flight ticket of Delta. This flight ticket can be issued again when the information has been changed. In order to make this modification, it is important to abide by the following terms of the Delta ticket name change policy:

  • They can make changes to a Passenger Name Record. 
  • Flyers should add the OSI notice to the PNR for the name that has been corrected. 

Note: The use of a waiver code is not necessary for the procedure. 

Is It Possible to Change Last Name on Delta Tickets?

With Delta, the last name can only be changed by a maximum of 3 characteristics. When travelers need to modify more than three letters, they can connect with the Global Sales assistance body of this airline for help. On Delta, to change last name on tickets, it is important to add the correct information to the PNR. 

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket?

The name change procedure can be dependent on the booking method. Hence, there are many ways to modify this information on Delta Airlines tickets. They can be online and offline procedures. People can go with the online method i.e. via the official website. In an offline way, they can call the officials of this airline. Or, make a connection at the airport to change name on flight ticket of Delta. 

Option 1: By Using the Website 

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket by using website

On the official website of Delta, people can change names on tickets with ease. Information regarding the confirmation number and personal details are needed in order to make modifications. This procedure can be made quickly with a few steps listed below: 

  • Initially, passengers need to open the website of Delta Airlines. 
  • The “My Trips” option can be selected here. 
  • Input the “Confirmation Number”, “First Name”, and “Last Name”. 
  • To continue with name change on Delta tickets, press the arrow in red.
  • Further, to replace the incorrect name on the ticket, select “Edit Bookings or Name Change”. 
  • Then provide the required documents, such as ID proof, correct name, etc. 
  • Lastly, verify modifications and immediately print a new copy of the ticket. 

Option 2: Over the Phone

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket Over the Phone

By calling Delta professionals, travelers can modify or correct their names on plane tickets. Over the phone, they need to give some details to go ahead with name corrections. They can be related to ticket number, first name, etc. Then, the executives of this carrier will assist flyers and make Delta name change on tickets. 

  • Make a call to the air carrier officials by using 800-221-1212. 
  • Give them a brief explanation for the call. 
  • To help in locating passengers’ reservations, all necessary information should be given. 
  • The process requires the submission of personal information as well.
  • Moreover, the air carrier officials will continue the process after verifying the provided data.
  • Then necessary payment has to be paid. 
  • After making the modifications to the name, the airline will inform the flyers. 

Option 3: At the Airport

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket at the airport

When at the airport, people can change their names on flight tickets. This procedure requires some steps to complete. Firstly, here, passengers need to meet the professionals of this airline. They should share their concerns regarding incorrect personal details. For changing name on Delta ticket procedure, some documents are also required. 

After providing all the necessary details, such as the ticket number, personal information, and correct data, the officials will check the eligibility criteria. When qualified, changes can be done by paying some fees. 

Can I Make Name Change on Delta Ticket Due to Marriage/Divorce? 

When passengers need to make changes to their reserved Delta flight tickets due to recent marriage or divorce, they can get permission to do so. For this, they need some official documents. They consist of divorce or marriage certificates, complete names, and some personal details. 

After submitting these documents, it is important to pay the fees when required for the same procedure. In the end, passengers’ tickets will be reissued quickly and with ease. 

How Much is Delta Ticket Name Change Fee?

How Much is Delta Ticket Name Change Fee

Passengers need to pay some cost to change name on Delta tickets. Usually, charges are required when they change their names on their tickets. It is important to know that these modifications are sometimes free too. In relation to this, to change a Delta flight for free, utilize the policy within twenty-four hours of making a reservation. 

Further, according to the airline’s name change or correction policy, the cost may be based on some factors. 

  • It is based on the kind of ticket. 
  • The fees to change the name on tickets may vary for international and domestic flights. 
  • To know the recent fee structure, it is suggested to connect with this airline. 

In a Nutshell,

Delta is a well-known airline that gives customers the facility to change their names on tickets. In order to do it smoothly, it has created a name change policy. Additionally, it provides inexpensive online and offline methods to make changes after a plane ticket reservation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Travelers may frequently have questions about changing their names on Delta plane tickets. The following collection of commonly asked questions gives answers to their concerns.

1. Do flyers need to pay Delta ticket name change fees?

Yes, flyers are required to pay name change fees in some situations.

2. How to change name on flight ticket Delta?

Passengers can change their names on flight tickets online by visiting Delta’s website.

3. Can I change my Delta ticket to another person?

No, with this air operator, flyers are not allowed to transfer their tickets to another person.

4. Can you change name on airline ticket Delta for free?

Passengers are allowed to change names for free within 24/twenty-four hours of booking tickets.

5. What is needed to change last name on Delta ticket due to marriage?

Flyers need to present marriage certificates, personal identity cards, etc., for changing their last name.

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