How Many Delta Miles are Needed for a Free Flight?

How Many Delta Miles are Needed for a Free Flight

Mainly when passengers of Delta choose Main Cabin or higher fares, they get to collect some points. Known as miles, they can be exchanged for free flight tickets to various places. One should know how many Delta miles are needed for a free flight to exceptionally benefit from this feature. Flying to expensive or distant locations in the United States, Europe, etc., can become easier on the pocket with these points. Also known as SkyMiles, these points do not expire. Hence, they can be collected and used for almost every flight, provided that some conditions are abided by.

How Many Delta Miles for a Free Flight are Needed?

How Many Delta Miles for a Free Flight are Needed

With Delta, a passenger can accumulate miles as he or she flies. Once 5,000 miles are collected, the passenger can get a discount of $50. To get one free flight ticket, he/she can collect miles accordingly.

More information regarding Delta miles for free flights is given below:

  • Depending on the cost of a ticket, the required miles can be gathered.
  • Then the passenger can exchange these for 1 free ticket. 
  • At times, some fees are applicable while making reservations with these points.
  • Hence, buying such a ticket may not be completely free in those instances. 

How Many Delta Miles for Free Flights to Atlanta are Required?

A traveler can reserve a ticket to Atlanta with miles. It can cost approximately $250 for a round trip involving Atlanta and Washington. In this case, the traveler will require 22,000 miles. Then the ticket can be bought, provided that the following terms are also understood:

  • This traveler should be a card member.
  • She or he should have 22,000 miles available in the SkyMiles account.
  • Provided that a round-trip is not involved, the ticket can be bought with fewer miles.
  • Even when flying from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, the number of miles needed is similar.

How Many Miles on Delta for a Free Flight to/from Fairbanks are Necessary?

How Many Miles on Delta for a Free Flight to/from Fairbanks are Necessary

As part of some deals, one can reserve tickets to and from Fairbanks. Free tickets to locations like Minneapolis can be booked. For this, one will require 41,000 miles. 

  • While the ticket will be free of cost, a charge may apply.
  • It can amount to $11.20.
  • This amount of miles and fee is required when reserving a Main Cabin fare.
  • While 41,000 miles are necessary for round-trips, one-way tickets are cheaper.
  • This deal is valid for a specific time period.
  • However, when this period has been crossed, miles can still be used when needed.
  • Since Delta Airlines is good, it gives this benefit without any expiration date involved.

How Many Delta SkyMiles for Free Flights from/to Minneapolis should You have?

You will require a higher number of miles to fly to Minneapolis. This holds true even when you are traveling from Minneapolis. The number is high, particularly for locations based far from this city in Minnesota. 

One such location is Fairbanks. More than 40,000 miles are required to cover the distance. On Delta, how many miles for free flights are required when flying to or from Minneapolis and Fairbanks are hinted below:

  • To/from Minneapolis and Fairbanks, 41,000 miles have to be accumulated.
  • This is applicable for round-trip Main Cabin tickets.
  • The number of SkyMiles is 53,500. 
  • You will have to exchange these miles for a round-trip Delta Comfort+ ticket.
  • Along with these points, a fee of $11.20 applies for both ticket types.
  • Under a certain travel period, the number of miles/charges can increase or decrease.

How Many Miles for a Free Flight on Delta do I Need from/to New York?

How Many Miles for a Free Flight on Delta do I Need from/to New York

From/to New York, flyers can purchase tickets to multiple destinations. It is wise to use miles to distant places like Fairbanks. These locations are based in the US and are nearly 4,243 miles apart. Between 46,000 to 73,000 SkyMiles should be collected to purchase these tickets.

To and FromType of TripMain CabinChargeDelta Comfort+Fee
New York, NY – Fairbanks, AlaskaRound trip46,500 miles$11.2072,500 miles $11.20

Note: More or fewer miles are required depending on deals and the period of travel.

How Many Delta Miles should You have for a Free Flight to Europe?

Flights from or to Europe and the United States are usually provided by Delta Air Lines. In general, in the US, they are flown to and from Seattle, Washington via SEA Airport. More than 100,000 miles are typically needed for round trips. In some cases, fewer miles are needed, depending on the distance.

Continue reading to find out how many Delta SkyMiles for a free flight to European locations you should have:

From/ToTrip TypeMain Cabin (Miles)Other Charges ($)
Nice (France) – Seattle (Washington)Round trip170,000 67.55
Athens, Greece – Seattle, WARound trip180,00064.55
Lisbon (Portugal) – Seattle (WA)Round Trip112,00068.35

How Many Miles for Free Flight on Delta are Needed for Atlanta and Fairbanks?

How Many Miles for Free Flight on Delta are Needed for Atlanta and Fairbanks

51,000 miles should be available in a flyer’s SkyMiles account to travel between Atlanta and Fairbanks. This is applicable for Main Cabin round trips. The number of miles should be 81,000 when flying from and to the same locations. For this, bookings should be made with Delta Comfort+.

  • The distance between these locations is around 4173 miles.
  • Accordingly, SkyMiles are charged.
  • Keep in mind that Delta can charge $11.20 even when miles are used to book tickets.
  • For one-way tickets, a lower number of SkyMiles will be demanded.
  • Only for a particular period, these miles or fees are specified.

How Many Delta SkyMiles are Needed for a Free Flight to/from Seattle?

How Many Delta SkyMiles are Needed for a Free Flight to/from Seattle

A reasonable amount of SkyMiles should be collected when Seattle has to be flown to. Even when traveling from this location, comparatively fewer points are needed. This is observed for itineraries from Seattle to Fairbanks or vice versa. 

How many SkyMiles for a free flight with Delta to these destinations, one needs, are explained hereunder:

  • Particularly during October, 25,000 miles are needed for Main Cabin bookings.
  • 35,000 points are needed when flying via the Delta Comfort+ cabin.
  • Usually, these are the points to be accrued for return trips.
  • Reservations can be made via the following airports:
    • Fairbanks International Airport or FAI
    • SEA or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • Aside from miles, for using the service, $11.20 can be asked for.

How Many Delta Miles do I Need for a Free Domestic Flight?

The members of the SkyMiles program can collect 4,500 points. These miles can make them eligible to redeem one free domestic flight ticket. They can fly within the United States, involving a short-haul journey. However, the points required can vary, depending on the region domestically flown to.

How Many Delta Miles for a Free Flight to Hawaii are Needed?

How Many Delta Miles for a Free Flight to Hawaii are Needed

With 50,000 miles, one can plan a visit to Hawaii with Delta SkyMiles. More miles will have to be accrued when certain packages have to be purchased. The same is true when hotels have to be additionally booked while touring the island.

  • These points can be used for Oahu, Kauai, and Maui in Hawaii.
  • Aside from flights, other transportation services can be booked too.
  • Resorts and hotels can further be included in the booking with more miles.
  • For Delta Vacations, around 999,999 SkyMiles are required.
  • Also, for vacation packages, these points can be used after contacting the carrier at  1-800-800-1504. 

Words in Closing

With Delta, flying has been cost-effective. This is further possible due to the Delta SkyMiles free flight benefit. Flying to locations like Hawaii, France, Fairbanks, and others is reasonable when enough points are collected. Moreover, with minimal fees, these points can be applied to reserve round or one-way trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Doubts regarding Delta SkyMiles can be cleared through frequently asked questions. Some of them are given below:

1. How many Delta miles are needed for free flights domestically?

One domestic flight ticket can be bought with around 4,500 miles.

2. How many Delta SkyMiles for free flights to Ketchikan from Anchorage?

With 38,000 miles each, flights between Ketchikan and Anchorage can be purchased.

3. How many Delta SkyMiles are needed for free flights from Seattle?

From locations like Sitka, one can fly to Seattle with 19,000 SkyMiles.

4. Are 31,000 Delta SkyMiles required for free flights to Juneau?

From Spokane, 31,000 miles are required by one passenger to fly to Juneau.

5. How many Delta miles are needed for a free international flight?

Depending on the international location, generally, more than 4,500 miles are needed.

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