Is Silver Airways Safe? Looking at In-Flight & On-Ground Safety Measures

How Safe is Silver Airways?

Silver Airways is a popular and safe air operator based in Florida, United States. Travelers who are new to flying with it should know whether or not is Silver Airways safe in terms of aspects that are important for them. They should know that it is certified by leading agencies. Also, the airline has its focus on ensuring secure flight services. In addition to this, it never puts the safety of its passengers under any threat. Instead, it is one of the aspects that is prioritized by the management of this carrier. For this, they adhere to the mandatory measures and other related aviation rules quite strictly. Lastly, the airline invests a good amount to train its staff. These include ground staff, cabin crew, and pilots. It is done so that they can deal actively with any unexpected situation, making Silver Airways a safe air travel option.

How Safe is Silver Airways? 

Indeed, Silver Airways is a safe air operator to a great extent. It implements and follows each safety measure prescribed by leading aviation agencies. Moreover, it never takes passengers’ personal security for granted. For this, it constantly implements certain measures.

  • It checks planes for any mechanical or engineering issues regularly.
  • All issues are fixed by an expert yet certified team to ensure Safe Silver Airways flights.
  • Only trained members i.e. cabin crew and pilots are allowed to handle their tasks.
  • Safety arrangements and emergency services are reviewed and updated constantly.

What are Silver Airways Safety Measures?

What is Silver Airways Safety Record

Silver Airways complies with the safety measures set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airline is aware that solid safety measures are among the most important aspects that a traveler considers before traveling with an airline.  

Further, the carrier takes the following measures to make sure that their travelers are safeguarded throughout their journeys:

  • It uses superior-quality aircraft and planes.
  • The airline employs certified and skilled professionals to manage responsibilities.
  • Each rule prescribed by the concerned agencies or departments is followed with the utmost care.

What is Silver Airways Safety Record?

One can consider the safety records of Silver Airways to know its abilities in managing crashes, emergencies, and accidents. Talking about the previous incidents, the airline has seen only a few serious fatalities. One such incident took place in 2015 when a passenger tried to open the emergency door forcefully. However, the situation was handled by the flight attendant and actions were taken to restore security on board. 

  • As per the safety records of this airline, it has experienced accidents.
  • But it has managed the accidents, owing to its trained staff on board.
  • To maintain Silver Airways safety records, it conducts audits too. 
  • The audits’ outcomes can be checked to know the impact of safety measures. 
  • Silver Airways has worked on the following for good records:
    • Certification from the ‘Wyvern Wingman PRO and IS-BAO Stage-2
    • Joined the registry of IATA Operational Safety Audit in 2014
  •  Both these audits define the safety standards and techniques followed by the airline.

Are Silver Airways Planes Safe?

Silver Airways has a reputation for operating through high-tech planes only which are considerably secure. The fleet of this air operator always consists of planes that are advanced and loaded with all safety features. The current fleet has the planes of ATR. The models include 42-600 and 72-600. 

  • The aircraft design is ergonomic with slim and lightweight seats for extra comfort.
  • Innovative cockpits are added with simplified technology and LED lights for better safety.
  • The latest avionics technologies are used to reduce the workload of the flight staff.
  • All-class cockpits are there to ease the pilots’ work and improve security.

What are Silver Airways Customer Safety Reviews?

Considering how much is Silver Airways safe to fly with, its customer reviews are positive in this regard. They help in knowing what safety and performance-related measures have been taken by the airline. But travel experience may differ from one traveler to another. While some variation is seen in the measures, the reviews are largely positive.

Many people who have traveled with it appreciated Silver Airways for the following:

  • Both cost-effectiveness and safety are observed.
  • Well-maintained cabins ensure good hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are also made certain through regular cleaning cycles.
  • Well-trained cabin crew members are capable of handling concerns relating to safety.
  • Smooth and on-time flights are observed more than crashes or mishaps.

Is Silver Airways Safe and Certified?

As Silver Airways is a certified carrier, its flights are safe to fly. It is because each of them goes through a rigorous safety check process. This process is in sync with the guidelines of bodies that certify this carrier. The International Air Transport Association or IATA is one of these. It has also complied with the guidelines of the FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Safety checks are done under the protocols of its Safety Management System as well as these agencies. 
  • This process helps the management locate possible issues and risks. 
  • A dedicated team further makes strategies accordingly to eliminate the same. 

Is Silver Airways Safe to Fly for All Passengers?

Is Silver Airways Safe to Fly for All Passengers

Silver Airways is one of the air operators that pay special attention to the needs of every passenger. Hence, it is quite secure for every type of passenger. It even offers special services to certain travelers, keeping their personal security in mind. 

In light of Silver Airways safety for all passengers, some detailed information has been given here:

  • Fliers with special needs will be provided with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) onboard.
  • Old age and travelers with a walking disability will get wheelchairs.
  • These passengers can also bring their own wheelchairs as checked items.
  • To help special fliers, the airline allows them to bring service animals with proper certifications.
  • The airline needs to be informed at least 48 hours before the departure for any special assistance.
  • Special assistance is offered to accompanied as well as unaccompanied children.
  • Priority boarding may be provided to special passengers, kids, travelers with infants, or pregnant women.

To Conclude

Whether one is a first-time traveler or a frequent flyer, it is important to know is Silver Airways safe. All planes are well-maintained and equipped with the necessary features. The airline management implements all measures set by the concerned agencies. Positive reviews from customers indicate more clarity about the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check the following listed frequently asked questions and answers to know how safe Silver Airways is:

Are Silver Airways planes safe?

Due to the use of innovative technology, Silver Airlines ATR planes are relatively safer. 

Is Silver Airways known for its safety measures?

Yes, Silver Airways is known for following all safety norms listed by different agencies.

What safety certifications does Silver Airways have?

The airline has the Wyvern Wingman Pro-Certified, IS-BAO Stage 2 for its safety standards

Is Silver Airways safe for unaccompanied minors?

Unaccompanied minors between 5 and 13 years of age can safely fly with this carrier.

Can pets be transported safely through Silver Airways?

By paying a minimal fee, service animals as well as pets can safely be taken on Silver Airways’ flights.

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