25 Best Things To Do in Pittsburgh PA

Things to do in Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh is located on the northwestern Allegheny Plateau, near the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers that originate from the Ohio. 

Once a gritty industrial city, is no longer the soot-encrusted coal and steel town of yesteryear. Today, there are plenty of things to do in Pittsburgh as millions of tourists flock to this city across the globe. 

The city’s layout and personality are determined by its rivers. It is a gorgeous metropolis that appears to emerge from the water. Due to its location at the confluence of the rivers, the city’s center is referred to as the Golden Triangle. 

You can discover the storied Point State Park here, along with the bustling Strip District with all of its markets, shops, restaurants, and other attractions.

Pittsburgh’s downtown and the Cultural District, where you can find a variety of theaters and performing spaces, are both located in the Golden Triangle. River tours are a great way to observe the skyline from various perspectives, and the rivers are flanked with parks and nature preserves.

The Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Carnegie Museum of Art are just a few of the top museums in the nation that are a legacy of the city’s industrial wealth. 

Our list of things to do in Philadelphia has more wonderful locations to visit.

1. Inventionland Will Inspire You


Every year, around 15,000 students, professors, designers, business executives, and inventors visit InventionLand to take guided tours of the 60,000-square-foot area.

It is unmatched in terms of technological development.

Inventionland was founded in 2006 by George Davison and Nathan Field. The duo wants to develop a facility where all the budding artists, graphic designers, and industrial engineers gather under one roof, collaborate and explore new ideas and products.

Conceptualizing and producing artwork for public exhibition as well as items for commercialization and patenting may be part of this process.

Among the most notable items in this area are a pirate ship, artistic cottages, animation loft, innovation lodge, maternity enclave, brain science ballpark, tree home, and animal hut.

Address: 585 Alpha Dr suite 104, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, United States

2. Tour the Senator John Heinz History Center

After spending some time on the Strip, stop into the Senator John Heinz History Center to learn the city’s history and politics.  Everything there is to know about this famous American metropolis is spread out over six storeys, and is among the unique things to do in downtown Pittsburgh.

You and your family will enjoy and learn from the over 370,000 square feet of exhibitions. 

A few highlights include the perfectly maintained street car, enormous ketchup bottles, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, and the innovation and glass exhibitions. Naturally, it would be a mistake to miss the Heinz Ketchup Company.

Two entire floors of the museum are dedicated to Pittsburgh’s sporting franchises. There are numerous displays and significant artifacts from baseball, hockey, and football stars. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Pirates are among the featured teams, which are all hometown favorites.

Address:1212 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

3. Give Spark to Your Curiosity at Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center

The enormous Carnegie Science Center, which has more than 250 interactive displays, is located on the north bank of the Allegheny River. One of the  fun things to do in Pittsburgh with kids that features tons of attractions. 

Visitors will discover how science and technology affect every area of our life as they explore, including energy utilization, food production, industrial processes, and space exploration.

The museum also offers a bunch of activities, including the SkyTykes kids’ ropes course, the Henry Buhl Jr. Science center, the four-story Rangos Omnimax Theater, and the indoor climbing, zipline, and many others experiences. 

The Miniature Railroad and Village, in contrast, uses miniature animated airplanes, trees, vehicles, and trucks to depict the history and culture of the state. 

The USS Requin, a submarine with an 80-person crew from World War II, is the main highlight as the former submariners provide guided tours.

Address: 1 Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

4. Wander around Highland Park

As soon as you enter Highland Park, a stunning fountain in the center of the entry gardens, a Victorian-style garden, will greet you.

These luscious green spaces will lead you to a lookout point with breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding area.

A well-known water reservoir in Highland Park was built in 1879 and has been a part of the neighborhood ever since.

You can jog, stroll, or cycle around the reservoir.

Alternatively, you might do yoga and enjoy a romantic picnic in the sunshine with your loved ones.

5. Tour the Phipps Conservatory

The city received this botanical garden donation in 1893 from real estate magnate Henry Phipps. Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, located in Schenley Park, provides tourists with one of the top things to do in Pittsburgh PA.

A 13-room Victorian glasshouse with changing seasonal exhibitions, featuring orchids, bamboo, and other delicate plants, is located in the center of the property’s enormous outside gardens. 

The gardens are also home to a Tropical Forest Conservatory and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, which investigate subjects such as water conservation and energy efficiency, as well as an educational film about urban farming. Even children will love the trip.

Children can participate in free, interactive children’s activities at the Discovery Garden, and in the Garden Railroad. Children can explore and interact with the tropical Treasure Island as a visiting pirate.

Address:1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

6. Learn the history of Elevated Rails at Duquesne Incline

Duquesne Incline

The Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington neighborhoods of Pittsburgh have been served by this railway viaduct since the 18th century.  

The views of the city are fantastic from the cars. The Duquesne Incline, a working museum with two original 1877 cable cars, has an upper station with historical images and artifacts. You may also observe the incline’s inner workings.

The Mount Washington neighborhood, which is known for its majestic houses and excellent gourmet restaurants, is also accessible through the Monongahela Incline. 

It departs from the Station Square, and taking a ride on this route is one of the best things to experience in the city. 

Address:1197 W. Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15219

7. Birdwatchers Must Head to the National Aviary

National Aviary

The National Aviary immerses visitors in the environments of birds from all over the world, including vibrant tropical beauties and commanding raptors. 

The museum also features displays that inform visitors about bird biology, their habitats, and how these creatures are essential to understanding our own human environments.

Eagle Hall is home to a variety of larger animals, such as migratory birds, marine eagles, and Pongo macaws. Andean condors, which can have wingspan of 10 feet wide, also have a home in a sizable outdoor habitat.

In the wetlands area, flamingos may be seen, while in the rainforest habitat, snowy egrets and macaws can be seen. A colony of endangered African penguins can also be found there, along with a grassland ecosystem that is home to a broad range of smaller species.

The aviary also provides bird-watching lessons and various animal interactions. One of the incredible things to do in Pittsburgh with kids where they can interact with some of its most beloved inhabitants, such as falcons, owls, and penguins. You can also partake in feeding and nursing the penguins.

Vivien and Valentino, a couple of Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths, are the aviary’s other two notable non-bird residents. Visitors can schedule unique up-close encounters and even get to see the sloths paint.

Address:700 Arch St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

8. Cathedral of Learning is the Must-see Place to Visit in the City!

Cathedral of Learning

The Gothic-styled facade, which is 535 feet tall, dominates the University of Pittsburgh campus. 

This 42-story structure is the second-tallest university building in the world and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is among the top places to visit in Pittsburgh.

Classes were held inside the building as early as 1931, even though construction on the façade hadn’t been finished since 1926. 

The beautiful structure, which houses many of the university’s present instructional facilities, contains a food court where guests can get something to eat while touring the inside.

Address: 4200 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, United States

9. Catch the Game at PNC Park

PNC Park

On Pittsburgh’s Northern Shore, PNC Park is a stunning and sizable baseball stadium.

This park serves as the sixth home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, a Major League Baseball (MLB) team for the city.

It was created in 2001, during the MLB season, following the planned implosion that destroyed Three Rivers Stadium.

PNC Park also boasts a variety of quirky and distinctive elements, such as the inventive use of limestone in the building’s construction and a café and bar located directly above the left-field bleachers.

You should not miss out on seeing a game at PNC Park, provided it is one of the fun things to do in Pittsburgh PA.

Address:115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

10. Play Poker at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s Chateau contains a special location called The Rivers Casino, originally known as the Majestic Star Casino.

It was constructed in 2007 and was once owned by Don H. Barden, who in 2008 sold 75% of his stake.

There are nearly 3,000 slot machines, poker arcade, gaming parlor, tables zones, and many arcades among others. 

The casino also has a distinctive dining selection, including the Wheelhouse, Grand View Buffet, Mian, and Spiral Bar.

There are also numerous venues for gatherings that can accommodate a variety of occasions and events.

11. Visit the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History, one of Pittsburgh’s four Carnegie Foundation museums, is intended to enlighten and captivate visitors so they can understand our physical universe better. 

Exhibits look at the science underpinning the discovery and knowledge of the world and its inhabitants, both past and current.

The centerpiece of the museum is a display of genuine dinosaur fossils and some replicas, including a Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops. 

The Cretaceous Seaway exhibit highlights the underwater existence of dinosaurs. 

The large halls of the museum also feature exhibitions on earth sciences including geology and minerals, animal life around the globe, and cultural history including Native American and Ancient Egyptian cultures.

Kids can engage in a variety of activities in the interactive display Discovery Basecamp and the Bone Hunter’s Quarry. They indulge in digging and unearthing the fossils, considering this is one of the best things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend.

Address: 4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

12. Explore the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is the ideal destination for families to bring small children while visiting Pittsburgh. 

It is also close to the National Aviary so families have a reason to stop by. 

One of the most popular areas of the museum is its multimedia art studio, a well-equipped room where children of all ages can explore with paint, drawing, sculpture, fiber arts, photography, and even apply different printing techniques.

Another popular exhibit is the “makeshop,” where children may use equipment to build and conduct research with the assistance of specialists. Here, students can experiment with woodworking, look inside toys, practice stitching, and much more. 

The Garage offers children the chance to create race cars, fix watches, make Rube Goldberg machines, and engage in much more creative activities.

Other highlights include a water-play area with interactive stations that teach children about the principles of water, a seasonal outdoor learning garden, and an outdoor play area with melodic swings, a sandbox, and even a clubhouse.

There are many places for children to climb and explore. There is also a designated nursery area where the youngest guests can play while parents enjoy a well-earned break.

Address – 10 Children’s Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

13. Shop, Dine or Stroll at Strip District

Strip District

The Strip District, on the Allegheny River in the northeastern part of the Golden Triangle, was once home to warehouses and railroad facilities. Today it is one of the city’s top tourist destinations and a hub of bustle and excitement all day.

Shopping, dining, and a variety of markets where you can buy vegetables, meat, and a wide range of other goods are all located in the region. Visitors may wish to travel here only for lunch or stay all day perusing the quaint shops that line the Strip. Saturdays are especially busy, but they are also a pleasant time to visit.

14. Discover Steel’s History at Carrie Furnace

Carrie Furnace

Carrie Furnace is a refurbished and restored steel furnace which was part of Pittsburgh’s illustrious past when the city was America’s leading steel-producer.

The Rivers of Steel Heritage Foundation has devoted this tour of the furnace as a tribute to the past and the individuals who worked there.

Your tour will be led by a group of volunteers who were all once employed by the furnace. They will describe their everyday routines and experiences working there.

One of the unique things to do in Pittsburgh PA where you’ll learn about Pittsburgh’s past through this trip, which has a great deal of historical significance.

Address:801 Carrie Furnace Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, United States

15. Marvel the arts at Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum

The museum has the largest collection of Andy Warhol’s creations, the most well-known artist in the area and a founding figure of American pop art. 

There are exhibits that cover every aspect of Warhol’s illustrious career as a painter, cinematographer, song writer, art director, author, and celebrity ranger.

The museum, which was established in 1994 and is housed in a repurposed warehouse, features a large collection of Warhol’s drawings, paintings, prints, multimedia works, as well as a number of his films and video clips. 

One of the free things to do in Pittsburgh, this museum is dedicated to promoting contemporary art through funding studies and scholarships. The substantial area is also utilized to organize events and seminars.

Address: 117 Sandusky St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

Address – 117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

16. Walk through the Point State Park

Point State Park

The intersection of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, known as the “Golden Triangle,” is the center of the city, and is among the most visited things to do today in Pittsburgh. 

Point State Park, at the point of the triangle, has one of the biggest fountains in the nation, signifying the creation of Ohio, as well as other attractions.

This was the site of Fort Pitt, which is now simply a palisade wall. The Fort Pitt Museum, a recreation of the well-known British fort from the eighteenth century, features miniatures that depict the fort’s original appearance. 

The 36-acre park honors the 1754 British colonization of the border outpost before the French took control of the region. Later, the British reclaimed control and built a new fort.

Address601 Commonwealth Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

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17. Visit the Randyland Art Gallery

Randy Gilson created Randyland, one of Pittsburgh’s most well-known attractions, by turning this run-down neighborhood into a psychedelic structure that is filled with colorful recycled art, including paintings of pink flamingos, enormous bananas, ill fitting furniture, acrylic dinosaurs, and props.

Randyland is also recognised for giving local artists a place to congregate, create mind-bending art and captivating projects known as streetscapes, which can be viewed at every corner of the neighborhood. 

This is a place that is both intellectually engaging and safe.

In his own right, the owner, Randy, is a real character; he is the kind of selfless giver who expects nothing in return.

Address: 1501 Arch St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

18. Bike the Three Rivers Heritage Trail

A rail-trail that parallels the riverbanks in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County is called the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, and is among the best places to visit in Pittsburgh PA.

The trail is 53 kilometers long and is maintained by Friends of the Riverfront.

It is accessible on both sides of each of the three rivers that flow through this region. It is renowned for being the primary mode of transportation and even entertainment.

Locals and visitors love this tranquil trail because it offers quick access to urban neighborhoods, commercial centers, and entertainment districts.

19. Kids will love the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Pittsburgh Zoo PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo’s many different animal occupants are housed in an aquarium and five distinctive habitats.  Within the premises is the PPG Aquarium which is home to water dwellers ranging from seahorses to sharks. 

One of the best things to do with kids in Pittsburgh that also features a flock of penguins that play in the snow throughout the winter.

The Water’s Edge area is dedicated to educating visitors about coastal animals and environmental concerns, and it is home to sea otters and polar bears.

Among the various primate species found in the Tropical Forest region are two-toed sloths, meerkats, poison dart amphibians, and orangutans.

The Galapagos tortoises and clouded leopards, among other threatened tropical species, are the highlight of the Islands display. Kenyan giraffes, leopards, hippos, African elephants, and antelopes are just a few of the animals that call the African Savanna region of the zoo home.

Address: 7370 Baker St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, United States

20. Take a look at the Roberto Clemente Bridge

Roberto Clemente Bridge

The Roberto Clemente Bridge, often called the Sixth Street Bridge, is a substantial bridge constructed across the Allegheny River.

It began as a wooden bridge and underwent three or four reconstructions before reaching its present, ideal condition.

It bears the name of one of the finest Hall of Fame baseball players, Roberto Clemente, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

One of the three famous sister bridges is notable for its distinctive self-anchored suspension design and stunning views of the Allegheny River.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

21. Tour the Frick Art and Historical Center

Historical Center

The Frick Art and Historical Center is a collection of museums and historical structures spread across five acres of lawns and gardens in Pittsburgh’s East End. A major draw is Helen Clay Frick’s art collection.

It is housed in Clayton, the sole home on Millionaire’s Row still standing and once owned by Henry Frick. 

Various images that range from the early Renaissance to the end of the 18th century are on exhibit. The collection includes Chinese ceramics, carpets from the sixteenth century, and paintings from the eighteenth century by Italian, French, and Flemish artists.

A 1914 Rolls Royce and a 1931 Pierce Arrow 43 Club Sedan can be found in the Car & Carriage Museum, which is also located on the property.

Address: 1212 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

22. Visit Liberty Magic to Catch a Performance

Liberty Magic, located in downtown Pittsburgh, presents a range of magicians, including the first performer Eric Jones, a magician who appeared on America’s Got Talent.

One of the most entertaining things to do in Pittsburgh PA where you’ll have a closer view of every performance because there is only room for 66 individuals in the seating area.

Address: 811 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

23. Visit Schenley Park for a Picnic

Schenley Park

Myriads of travel publications named Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park as one of “America’s Coolest City Parks” in 2011.

Mary Schenley, a Pittsburgh-based heiress and philanthropist, donated the entire 456 acres on which it is situated.

It is surrounded by the University of Pittsburgh campus and even Carnegie Mellon University.

You may find a lot of attractions at Schenley Park, such as a Plaza, a sizable pond, a conservatory, a small hill, tennis courts, a soccer field, an ice skating rink, a public swimming pool, and a golf course, to name a few.

Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

24. Check Out the Beautiful Gardens at West End Overlook Park

A modest but equally captivating city park, the West-End Overlook Park in Pittsburgh provides a beautiful perspective of the Elliott Neighborhood.

This park offers views of the Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela river valleys as well.

The park had a substantial makeover in 2003 which  now features a walkway, tidy gardens, a park bench, bushes, and terraced granite banks for pleasant views.

Address: Marlow St, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, United States

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25. Appreciate the Post-impressionist Artwork at Carnegie Museum of Art

What to do in Pittsburgh to soak into the arts and culture?

One of Pittsburgh’s most well-known cultural institutions, the Carnegie Museum, has one of the world’s largest collections of American and European paintings from the last two centuries. 

Besides, it also features Impressionist and post-Impressionist works, sculpture, decorative art, and architecture from diverse cultures across the globe. 

Explore the other exhibits featuring Japanese artwork, local Pennsylvania makers, contemporary glass art, and large photography collections, including a collection of Charles “Teenie” Harris’s negatives.

The museum also features a number of changing exhibits that highlight particular artists, media, and themes. The museum bears the name of its creator, Andrew Carnegie, who started working on his idea for a cultural hub in the late 1800s.

Address: 4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

Best Places to Eat in Pittsburgh PA


Whether you’re a visitor or a local, you’re aware that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania boasts a plethora of fantastic eateries.

In the city, there are restaurants that focus on well-known international cuisines.

Pittsburgh has a wide variety of restaurants serving food from the East Asian, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Mediterranean regions.

Every city block has a restaurant with a distinct atmosphere and delectable food, so you can be sure to locate one there.

Find out about Pittsburgh’s top dining establishments to assist you in selecting your next favorite supper venue.

  • Gi-Jin – The Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group’s Japanese eatery Gi-Jin opened its doors in April 2021. The eatery offers a unique dining experience with an absurd gin menu and specializes in seafood delicacies including wild fish and Atlantic lobster. Check out the hot sausage rice cake, hamachi crudo, and pork tataki at this eatery for some outstanding small plates.

Address – 208 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

  • Morcilla – If you enjoy Spanish food, the 2015-opened Morcilla will quickly become one of your favorite eateries in Pittsburgh.  It offers a family-style menu with a variety of options, including pintxos, croquetas, montaditos, palettes, and tapas.  Start your meal off with one of the restaurant’s delectable appetizers.  Try costillas de la matanza, a mouthwatering concoction of baby back pulled pork, labneh, za’atar, and red pepper honey, if you like pork ribs.  Don’t forget to sample gambas en escabeche, fried asparagus, and smoky pig morsels.

Address – 3519 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

  • Alta Via – Modern Italian food and wood-fired meals are the focus of Alta Via, a cozy and refined dining establishment. It is among the top restaurants in Pittsburgh because of the laid-back, stylish, and minimalist atmosphere it provides.  This restaurant will quickly become one of your top choices in the city if you’re a vegetarian. They provide delectable vegetable meals that highlight the greatest tastes and textures of the greens, such as castelvetrano beans, burrata, and delicate gem caesar.

Address – 6425 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

  • Apteka – Delicious Eastern and Central European cuisine is served at Apteka. It is a casual restaurant where you can also have a variety of beers and cocktails to go with your meals.  Its wide, country-rustic interior and modern atmosphere make it the ideal place to unwind. You’ll adore their fried enchiladas, beetroot chicken soup, Zakaski, and zucchini sandwich on lettuce flatbread.

Address – 4606 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Best Places to Stay in Pittsburgh PA

Omni William Penn Hotel

Due to its relative compactness, downtown Pittsburgh has easy walking access to many of the city’s prominent attractions, restaurants, and retail establishments. For vacationers, staying in the city center is the most practical choice. Here are a few excellent hotels with good locations.

  • The magnificent and historic Omni William Penn Hotel, which first opened its doors in 1916, is located in the center of the city. Many renowned people have stayed at this opulent landmark hotel over the years, which still provides a classic afternoon tea service.

Address – 530 William Penn Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone number – +1-412-281-7100

  • The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is a boutique hotel that shares a stunning historic building with its downtown neighbors but adds modern touches to the interior design.

Address – 107 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone number – +1-412-562-1200

  • Another excellent luxury option is The Fairmont, which has 185 spacious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and several with views of PNC Park. It is situated in a great area. Although there is an extra charge for your canine companion, this hotel welcomes pets.

Address – 510 Market St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone number – +1-412-773-8800

  • The Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh-Downtown is a terrific choice if you’re staying in the hip Strip District. The Senator John Heinz History Center is conveniently accessible to the hotel.

Address – 1247 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone number – +1-412-288-4350

When are you planning your trip to Pittsburgh PA?

We hope this list has given you a taste of all that is unique about Pittsburgh. This city may not be Vegas or New York, but it is definitely a place to explore. So pack your bags and discover what Pennsylvania’s second largest city has to offer!

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