Top 10 Amazing and Best Things to do in Kolkata in 2023

Things to do in Kolkata

Kolkata, also called the Calcutta, is a city situated in the West Bengal as a capital of West Bengal State in the India.

It is surrounded by the Hooghly River from the Eastern side and shares the border with the Bangladesh Country from the West Side.

Kolkata is the most populated city with the rank of 7th and 45 lacs residents according to the latest census in the year of 2011.

There are many best things to do in Kolkata such as Picnic at the Eco Park, Riding on Tram, Explore the Flower Market, Join the Christmas Festival and many more.

What are the Fun things to do in Kolkata?

There are many fun things to do in Kolkata such as Enjoyment at the Nicco Park, Picnic at the New town Eco Park, Boat Ride at Salt Lake and many more.

1. Enjoyment at the Nicco Park

Nicco Park is a friendly family enjoyment park established in the Sector – 4 in Kolkata of West Bengal State.

Nicco Park in Kolkata

It attracts the tourists to have some good time while enjoy the rides available in the amusement park.

Some Ride such as River Cave Ride, Cable Car, Toy Train, Tilt A Whirl, Water Shoot and the Children Corner are the main attractions of the Nicco Park.

Planning a trip to enjoy the ride in the Nicco park is always a great and best things to do in Kolkata.

Entry FeeIncluded in Ticket Price
Ticket PriceRs. 250 per head
Included Rides in Ticket Price12 Specified Rides
AddressSalt Lake Bypass, Sector – 4, Kolkata

Ticket Prices varies according to different packages you want to Buy in Nicco Park. 

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2. Fun activities at The New Town Eco Park

Eco Park is one of the large open area picnic and fun activities space in the city of Kolkata to spend a precious time.

New Town Eco Park in Kolkata

People visit this place for morning walks, cycling, Roller Skating and many more on a daily basis.

Some activities in the park such as the Archery, Rifle Shooting, Land Zorbing, Trampoline, E-Byke are also available here for the younger person which looks cool things to do in Kolkata for youngsters.

7 Wonders of the Wolds mini creations are the main attractions of the New Town Eco Park which attracts the tourists to witness them and makes this park an awesome place for all of them.

Timing12:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Entry FeesRs. 30
ClosedEvery Monday
Seven Wonder Ticket PriceRs. 150 with Rs. 350 refundable free, total Rs. 500

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3. Boat Riding at Salt Lake

Salt Lake in the city of Kolkata is the most amazing and romantic place for the tourists and the residents of the Kolkata.

Salt Lake in Kolkata

People often come to this place to enjoy the boat riding with their family members and also with the special one along with the fun things to do in Salt Lake Kolkata.

Many types of boats are offered by the staff of Salt Lake to enjoy the precious time such as the Paddle Boat, Hovercrafts, Shikaras, Rowing Boat and other more.

ChargesApprox. Rs. 500 for one Hour
Boat TypesMotorboats, Paddle Boats, Rowing Boats etc.

What are the Great things to do in Kolkata in One Day?

There are many things to do in Kolkata in One Day such as Take a Tram Ride. City Tour in Yellow Taxi, Explore the Colorful Flower Market and many more.

1. Take a Tram Ride

Kolkata is the only city in India where you can experience the Tram Ride and it will provide you the unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.

Tram Ride

If you are visiting to Kolkata then, you must take a Tram Ride to explore the Kolkata City with this awesome ride is the best things to do in Kolkata in one day.

Tram helps you to visit from one place to another place with the safe ride and view the beautiful Kolkata city from the Tram window.

This is the best option to visit your destination if you are new in the Kolkata City.

Tram ChargesRs. 99
Tram Pass Holder ChargesFree up to Rs. 30 fees

2. Explore the Colorful Flower Market

The Colorful Flower Market is one of the Oldest Flower Markets in the city of Kolkata in the West Bengal State.

Colorful Flower Market in Kolkata

You can find here the colorful variety of the Flower which you cannot find any other place in the Country.

It provides the best of best fresh flowers every day and attracts the youngsters to buy the flowers to give it to their special one.

Special Variety of Red, Yellow, White and other mixture of colorful flowers are offered by the seller in the Flower Market.

Visiting to this place and witnessing the biggest Flower market of the Asian continent is the best things to do in Kolkata lonely planet.

Famous ForAll Types of Colorful Flowers
AddressMallick Ghat at the end of Hooghly River


3. City Tour in Yellow Taxi

Yellow Taxi is a very famous travel vehicle for the traveling within the city of Kolkata and because of this the Yellow Taxi is also called the Intercity traveling vehicle.

Yellow Taxi in Kolkata

Many tourists visit the Kolkata just to enjoy the travelling in the Yellow Taxi and it has become the iconic thing in the city of Kolkata.

Tourists just book the Yellow Taxi and explore the City of Kolkata and its amazing views in their cameras and also capture the selfies with the Yellow Taxi just to post on social media.

The Facility of Yellow Taxi is always available around the premises of the Airport and choosing the best Yellow Taxi is the best things to do in Kolkata near airport.

If someone is posting the pictures with Yellow Taxi it means the person is in Kolkata and you have to do the same.

Facility AvailableAt Airport of At Taxi Stand
Fare Charges:As per Distance

What are Awesome things to do in Kolkata at Night?

There are many things to do in Kolkata at Night such as A Ferry Ride at Howrah Bridge, Visit the Victoria Memorial and many more.

1. Book a Ferry Ride for Howrah Bridge at Night

The Historical Howrah Bridge in the Kolkata is one of the bridges which is established on the Hooghly River.

Howrah Bridge

This bridge looks so amazing in the night with amazing light shows and tourists from the whole world visit to see the Howrah Bridge.

The facility of Ferry Ride is offered to witness the Howrah Bridge from the Hooghly River and everyone can book the ferry ride to look at the Bridge from the center of the river.

If you want to have a great view of Howrah Bridge then you must visit and book the ferry ride for the Howrah Bridge.

Visiting to the Howrah Bridge by Ferry Ride is one of the best things to do in Kolkata at Night because of the awesome and amazing life time memory.

Ferry Ride ChargesRs. 10 – 20
Best time to Visit:At Night

Get the Directions Here:

2. Visit Victoria Memorial at Sunset

Victoria Memorial is a very famous historical place in the city of Kolkata of the West Bengal State.

Victoria Memorial

It is made in the memory of Queen Victoria in a large area including the Big Garden for playing games, picnic and of course for some rest.

Visitors come to this place to explore the history and also view the beautiful garden in the premises of Victoria Memorial.

The Rotating Statue of Victory girl is the main attraction in the Victoria Memorial that rotates with the flow of wind.

It looks much prettier after sunset when the lights are put on the Victoria Memorial building which gives an amazing view from the ground.

It becomes a very crowded place in the evening, waiting for the night light show and capturing the light show in your cameras is considered as the best things to do in Kolkata at night.

Ticket PriceRs. 20 per head
Ticket valid for3 + age

Get the Directions Here:

What are the Amazing things to do in Kolkata during Christmas?

There are many things to do in Kolkata during Christmas such as Christmas Carnival at Park Street, Visiting to St. Paul Church and many more.

1. Christmas Carnival at Park Street

Christmas Carnival happens every year in the month of December in the Park Street at the Allen Park in the city of Kolkata of West Bengal State.

Park Street in Kolkata

It is a beautiful lighting and enjoyment carnival starts with the festival of Charismas till 4 to 5 days.

Tourists visit this place to enjoy the Carnival with their family and friends to snap some pictures with the awesome decoration.

Many events such as Dance, Music, Art and Crafts happen in the Charismas Carnival and people fully enjoy this amazing carnival.

You must visit to the Part Street of Kolkata near the Christmas Festival which is the best things to do in Kolkata during Christmas.

EventsDance, Music, Art and Craft Displa
Best time to VisitDuring Christmas
Carnival Duration4 to 5 Days

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2. Visit to St. Paul Church

St. Paul Church is established in the joy city of Kolkata in the West Bengal State famous for its history and Architecture.

St. Paul Church

It looks awesome and beautiful during the festival of Christmas and filled with the crowded on the day of Christmas.

People from the other places comes to Church to celebrate the Christmas and get the Blessing of the God.

Decoration of the Church is the main point of attraction of the Christmas festival. Lighting and music make the church a great place.

Christmas is incomplete without going to Church and you must visit the St. Paul Church if you are celebrating your Christmas in the City of Kolkata.

Visiting to the St. Paul Church is the best things to do in Kolkata during Christmas for bringing the happiness in your life.

AddressCathedral Rd, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071
Entry FeeNo Fees


Kolkata is one of the best places for the amazing and fun things to do with your family, friends and kids. It includes the many activities such as visiting to Howrah Bridge, Tour in the Yellow Taxi, Visiting to Victoria Memorial.Plan a long day’s tour for Kolkata and make a list of awesome and best things to do in Kolkata Today without wasting much time.

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