Is Avianca a Safe Airline?

Is Avianca a Safe Airline

Avianca is one of the leading air operators that safely flies from Columbia. It is considered the safest option as its safety records are quite impressive. With only a few major fatalities, it has drastically improved its safety in recent years. Why is Avianca a safe airline can be learned through other aspects too. A huge variety of in-flight services such as food, entertainment, and instant medical air is provided. It is important to mention that Avianca is rewarded with the International Air Transportation Association’s (IATA) certification because of its measures and arrangements. The carrier meets almost every parameter set by the ICAO. The airline also offers personalized security and other services depending on the passenger and its specific travel needs.

Why is Avianca Airlines Safe?

The Columbia-based airline is counted among the safest options. It is due to the use of high-quality and regularly maintained planes. The current fleet consists of aircraft of Airbus and Boeing to enable hassle-free operations. With safety features such as fire extinguishers, these planes are the best to travel within and outside the country.

The following are some more reasons that make Avianca safe:

  • The airline follows all the important measures set by different bodies like ICAO.
  • Every plane is checked periodically for better performance and enhanced safety.
  • Experienced crew members and pilots are hired.
  • The fleet is upgraded after regular intervals to meet the current requirements and demands.

What is Avianca’s Safety Record?


Notably, the records of Avianca Airlines explain how safe it is. It has suffered some deadly accidents between the early 80s and 90s. But in recent years, this air operator has become more cautious about the safety of its passengers. Hence, Avianca safety records are positive.

  • No major accident has happened after 1999.
  • Planes are regularly maintained and replaced.
  • All safety measures are taken and followed by each member.
  • Every pilot and crew member is trained to take prompt action during emergencies. 

Is Avianca Safe and Certified?


This airline follows almost every safety measure prescribed by important bodies in the aviation sector. Hence, several concerned authorities like ICAO have awarded it with certification. These recognitions not only tell how safe is Avianca Airlines but define its priority towards its passengers.

Is Avianca Safe According to IATA?

Avianca has earned the reputation of being one of the safest options for air travel. The certification given by IATA also verifies the same. It indicates that the airline meets all the international air travel and related safety standards.

Below are some more points that show why more passengers trust this air operator:

  • All safety standards are fulfilled by the airline that are set by concerned authorities.
  • Passengers are provided with high security under IATA guidelines.
  • This certification ensures prompt assistance from skilled and well-trained members of Avianca.

How Safe is Avianca Airlines for Passengers with Disabilities?

Professional staff is always ready to guide and assist Avianca’s passengers with special needs. The team members are always on their toes to help these passengers throughout their journeys, assuring them of personal security. Functional assistive devices are ensured. Additionally, the airline’s measures extend beyond.

Here are some of these measures that make Avianca a safe option for special travelers:

  • The travel can be customized as per the needs.
  • In-flight assistance is available to make journeys smooth and secure.
  • Special benefits and priority services are provided, keeping their health in mind.

Is Avianca Safe to Fly for Kids?


With different travel class options, kids can travel in the safest manner possible with Avianca. However, the kids should be between 2 and 11 years old and infants must be above 10 days and below 24 months of age. Both accompanied and unaccompanied minors will be provided with the following:

  • A special and hygienic meal menu is given for infants.
  • Dedicated seats next to accompanied adults are ensured to keep them supervised.

Is Avianca a Safe Airline Domestically and Internationally?


The airline currently has the latest but secure aircraft and planes of Airbus and Boeing. The current fleet includes Airbus A319-100, A320-200, and A320 NEO models. When it comes to Boeing, it only has 787-8 in the operations. Besides the advanced aircraft, there are other reasons that make Avianca an ideal option for one’s next travel.

  • Each flight is equipped with various safety measures such as medical kits and fire extinguishers.
  • Every traveler is provided with multiple in-flight services.
  • All planes are maintained by a professional team.
  • Maintenance work is done regularly to eliminate any risk during the travel.  


Without a doubt, Avianca is a safe option that one can choose for one’s next trip. This Colombian flag carrier is a low-cost option but has maintained all safety standards. Due to this, it has gained the reputation of being a secure airline. Additionally, IATA’s certification and positive customer reviews validate how safe is Avianca Airlines to travel within and outside Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers. Take a look at these to understand whether it is a safe option to travel or not:

Is Avianca a safe airline?

Yes, Avianca Airlines is a safe option to travel globally.

Is Avianca’s safety record positive?

Indeed, the recent records are positive, suggesting that Avianca has the lowest rates of accidents.

Is Avianca Airlines safe in terms of cleanliness?

The airline maintains the right hygiene and cleanliness standards set by the concerned authorities.

What is Avianca’s safety review?

This airline’s safety reviews are positive as it has the IATA’s certification, appropriate measures, etc.

Is it safe to fly Avianca for pets?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to transport pets on this airline.

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