What Terminal is Spirit at DFW Airport?

DFW Spirit Terminal

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the widest and busiest structures. For this purpose, Spirit Airlines uses DFW Airport to execute its flight operations. In relation to these, DFW Spirit Terminal E is heavily utilized. Sometimes, Terminal D is observed to be in use for the same, depending on the schedule. There are 33 and 41 gates at Terminals D as well as E, respectively. Out of these Terminal E gates, 26 are present in the main area. On the other hand, 15 gates are at the satellite structure of this terminal. Further, these terminals are designated to concentrate on the air carrier’s essential operations. The operations include domestic and international flight arrivals. For flight departures too, they work well. 

A Summary of Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Located in Texas, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is referred to as the DFW building. It was formed in 1973. Both the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and the North Texas Region in the United States are served by this airport. In all, the structure contains 17207 acres of land. Further, as part of the structure, 5 terminals and 7 runways are observed serving different airlines. Approximately 167 gates are provided at this airport for smooth operations. Its substantial construction provides a wide array of amenities, making it a significant place in the world in terms of operations. As a result, DFW Airport enables many air carriers, such as Spirit, to travel from this point to several locations. 

Which Terminal is Spirit at DFW Airport for Domestic/International Flights?

With Spirit Airlines, from Dallas Fort Worth Airport, people can fly domestically as well as internationally. For domestic flight takeoffs, the airline specifically uses both Terminals E and D. For landings, the same terminal is employed. Speaking of international flight takeoff too, these terminals are useful. 

  • For flights to or from Cancun, Terminal D at DFW Airport is being approached. 
  • Most flyers have to check in for their flights at Spirit DFW Terminal E.
  • For the same, Gates E18 and E31 to 33 at Level 1 of TE are allocated. 
  • Luggage facilities are used at L1, TE, near the baggage claim area. 
  • Speaking of TD, the check-in procedure should be completed at L1. 
  • Further, at L0, TD, a baggage claim area is observed. 

What is the DFW Spirit Arrival Terminal for International and Domestic Flights? 


For domestic and international flight arrivals, Spirit Airlines approaches Terminal E at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. At Level 1, all procedures are to be completed after arriving. However, sometimes, for international locations such as Cancun, Terminal D is used. 

  • Here, one can receive facilities like luggage retrieval, ground transportation, etc.
  • For immigration services, people can receive assistance at their allocated terminal. 

What is the Departure Terminal of Spirit Airlines in DFW Airport for International/Domestic Flights?


Spirit Airline DFW Terminal E is significantly used for regular flight departures. For certain flights, Terminal D comes into use. Prior to their national and foreign flights, travelers must complete the check-in and security process to confirm their identity and acquire a boarding pass. 

  • Departure facilities are available at Level 1. 
  • For various baggage services, the same level is available  

What are the General Details of the Spirit Terminal at DFW Airport?

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is located in Grapevine. Here, people book several facilities for their travel. Prior to booking these, it is important to know the dedicated terminal, gates, codes, and more. For online reservations, it is important to find out the official website too. 

Below are some general details regarding DFW International Airport: 

Spirit Airlines Terminal DFW AirportTerminal E
Airport NameDallas Fort Worth International Airport 
Airport Website www.dfwairport.com
Airport Address 2400 Aviation Dr, DFW Airport, TX 75261, United States 
Elevation607 ft/185 m
Airport TypeInternational 
Spirit Airlines DFW Terminal ArrivalsTerminal E
Spirit Airlines DFW Departures TerminalTerminal E
ServesDallas-Fort Worth metroplex
Spirit Airlines DFW Terminal Phone Number+1-972-973-5100
Date of Opening In 1973
Coordinates32°53’49″N 097°02’17″W

Can Passengers Use the DFW Airport Spirit Terminal Map?

People can use the Spirit Airline DFW Terminal map, especially when having doubts regarding the structure. It is a tool that provides a thorough overview of the structure’s layout. The locations inclusive of restaurants, parking spots, restrooms, and lobby areas are found with the aid of this tool. 

  • This map also shows the gates that are allocated to Spirit Airlines. 
  • Consequently, it is helpful for travelers heading to this airport for the first time. 

What are the Popular Destinations of DFW Spirit Airlines Terminal?


Spirit serves some popular locations to passengers from DFW Airport. These are operated by Spirit Airlines. Domestic, international, and seasonal routes flights are accessible. Spirit Airlines safe flights are operated frequently from Terminal E. In some cases, Terminal D is allocated for flight departures and arrivals of some popular places. 

Some of the functional destinations are located below: 

DomesticInternational Seasonal 
Los Angeles CancunSan Diego 
Atlanta San Jose del CaboMyrtle Beach 
Chicago-O’HareSan Jose del Cabo
New York-LaGuardia 
Las Vegas 

What are the Spirit DFW Terminal Parking Charges?


After paying a minimum of USD 2, should passengers need to park their vehicles at DFW Airport, then they can do so at Terminal E. At Spirit Airline Terminal DFW Airport, people can find cutting-edge digital parking assistance solutions, according to which the charges can vary. 

The following are the costs that can be assessed for the parking at Terminal E: 

  • For parking up to 8 minutes, people need to pay USD 6. 
  • USD 2 is charged for the length ranging from 8 to 30 minutes. 
  • From 30 minutes to 2 hours, the parking fees are around USD 3. 
  • For the duration between 2 and 4 hours, flyers are required to spend $9. 
  • The charges for parking between 4 and 6 hours are about USD 10. 
  • For 6 hours or above till one day, USD 27 is levied. 

Other information required to book parking services is added below:

  • This parking place has to be booked in advance. 
  • By doing so, people can receive a discount of around 50%. 
  • The parking lot is accessible from 08:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M.
  • The maximum booking duration for the parking is about ninety days. 
  • When the allotted amount of time has elapsed, vehicles may be taken away. 

Which is the Spirit Airlines Terminal at DFW Airport for Flight Check-in?

The counters at DFW Airport Terminal E are utilized by passengers of Spirit Airlines for their flight check-in. They are located outside the security area. Near Gates E31 to E33 and E-18, the location of these counters can be found. To initiate and complete this process, it is important to come earlier than the departure time. 

  • The following passengers have to check in at Spirit Terminal E DFW Airport.
    • Travelers with animals
    • Those with group reservations 
    • Flyers with babies on laps
    • Unaccompanied children
    • Passengers who paid extra for seats or particular facilities
    • Travelers flying without a passport but using military ID
  • At check-in counters, people may have to pay some costs for printing boarding passes. 

Is TSA PreCheck Available at DFW Terminal Spirit Airlines?


To assist travelers in shortening their wait times, TSA PreCheck is made accessible. Its enrolment centre is situated near the Gate D30 checkpoint in the pre-security area at Terminal D. When they employ the TSA PreCheck facility offered at DFW Airport Terminal E, the length of time spent going through security during peak hours can be minimized. 

  • Passengers must register before departing in order to use this facility. 
  • They can receive a Known Traveler Number, once enrolled, to utilize this feature. 
  • At Terminal D and E, this facility is provided. 
  • The hours of operation for this centre are 09:00 A.M to 05:00 P.M., Monday-Friday. 

What are the DFW Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal Restaurants? 

Passengers traveling with Spirit Airlines from or to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport can find various restaurants or dining areas at Terminal E. Restaurants like Love Shack and Uni Due Go are part of it. These food areas maintain adequate hygiene, as well as cleanliness, for the flyers by conducting inspections. 

The following restaurants are located at DFW Terminal Spirit Airlines: 

  • Dunkin’
  • Wendy’s
  • TGI Fridays
  • Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse
  • Panda Express and Bar 
  • Drew Pearson’s Sport 88
  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Peet’s Coffee 

How Much are Baggage Allowances on Spirit Airlines?


Flyers are allowed to bring both checked and carry-on bags while traveling with Spirit Airlines from or to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The baggage allowance for the same should be known in advance. The cost associated with it will also be paid beforehand. 

  • People are allowed to carry checked luggage of about 40 lbs. 
  • One personal item can be carried while flying. 
  • When the luggage is brought beyond the limit, people need to pay some charges. 

Which Amenities are Given at Spirit Airlines Terminal DFW Airport?

For amenities like booking group flights, people can come to Terminal E at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Here, onboard facilities can also be booked while reserving tickets or before departure time. Further, when the requirement for any changes on the flight ticket arises, passengers can initiate them at the DFW Spirit Terminal E. 

Free Spirit

For travelers, a frequent flyer program known as Free Spirit has been established. They can benefit from complimentary dining options by using its points. Flight reservations are also included in it. At the DFW Airport Terminal, these methods can be initiated to use points. 

Savers Club

Passengers who are Savers Club members can benefit from many things. Discounts can be availed for flight bookings. For luggage facilities too, it is useful to be a member of this club. There are other advantages that can be enabled, such as Flight Flex privileges, affordable costs, and smooth security checks. People can receive knowledge regarding these benefits at the Terminal for Spirit Airlines DFW Airport. 

On Board Amenities

For acquiring first-rate amenities on board, Spirit Airlines is one of the best options. It provides wheelchairs to specially-abled people. Furthermore, travelers should be aware of the on-board Spirit WiFi facility option when they need to contact others. There is a television available for the enjoyment of travelers too. 

Group Reservations

Spirit Airlines offers a “Group Trip Program” for travelers or families. For the same, there must be 10 or more members. After qualifying for group reservations, people can obtain a few benefits like free name changes. Along with these, people can have numerous options to pay the charges for their bookings. 

Flight Management

This carrier offers its passengers flexible booking management options. They can choose a different destination, as well as departure time, for their trips. These changes can be initiated at Spirit Airlines DFW Terminal E, subject to certain restrictions. Moreover, people can upgrade their classes, modify dates, and other aspects of travel. 

What is the Lost and Found Facility at Spirit Airlines DFW Airport Terminal?


At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, people can acquire a service to find their missing items, lost during air travel. With this lost and found service, they can receive this assistance. To use the service, it is crucial to file a lost property report either at DFW Airport or online via the official website. 

  • At Terminal E, making a claim is free of charge. 
  • This airport’s lost and found facility is at Terminal E’s baggage claim, next to E4, prior to security. 
  • The functional hours of the same are 08:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M. from Monday through Sunday.

At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Spirit Airlines ensures that every flyer’s needs are properly satisfied at Terminals E or D. This is because of its modern amenities, layout, and kiosks. In order to personalize facilities too, the counters of TE accommodate different demands of passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Spirit Airlines at DFW Airport?

Spirit Airlines mostly employs Terminal E. During schedule changes, it can use Terminal D.

What is Spirit Airlines Arrival Terminal DFW Airport?

For flight arrival, Terminal E at DFW Airport is approached by this airline.

Is ground transportation available at Spirit Airlines DFW Terminal E?

Yes, the facility for ground transportation is observed at this airport.

How to get Spirit Airlines DFW Terminal E directions?

On the official website of the airline, all the directions required to reach the terminal are shown.

Does Spirit Terminal at DFW Airport have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, flyers can make use of the TSA PreCheck program at this airport terminal.

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