Does Avianca Serve Food on Board and is it Complimentary?

The major carrier in Latin America, Avianca offers a variety of in-flight dining options. The meal service provided by the airline varies based on aspects like flight duration, route, and quality of service. Although it is tough to determine whether it provides food on all flights, it does have this service on certain routes. Avianca serves food on routes including international flights to/from Europe. For certain passengers like those in Business Class, complimentary meals are available. Passengers can select from a diverse menu that comprises special dietary demands. Thus, not only is food served on these flights but varied options are found too.

Does Avianca Give Food During Flight?

Food services of Avianca Airlines are an essential part of travel during flights. A wide range of food options are provided by the airline to flyers. Meals for all kinds of travelers like kids, youngsters, and the elderly are offered in Avianca food services. 

  • Passengers can choose food from a variety of options on the menu.
  • These choices usually include special dietary meals on request.
  • Snacks and refreshments are also offered throughout the flight.
  • As Avianca Airlines is safe, the food is freshly prepared and is risk-free to consume.

Is Avianca Food Service Available during Domestic Travel? 

Those who are flying domestically with this airline can find food services. Although services like Wi-Fi on Avianca are limited on certain routes, it aims to ensure that essential facilities like food and drinks are given to flyers.

However, the airline’s short-haul flights may not always feature complimentary meals. However, travelers can still purchase snacks and refreshments to ensure a comfortable flight. It also serves non-alcoholic drinks on its tours within Colombia.

Does Avianca Serve Food on International Flights?

On international flights, Avianca provides in-flight meal services to enhance passengers’ travel experiences. It provides breakfast from 3 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. on flights. Lunch is also given from 9:30 A.M. to 3 A.M. Different types of snacks are offered in tours of more than 5 hours. 

What is the Avianca Food Menu?

Avianca has a food menu that curates different food items. A wide range of delicious meals are featured on this menu. Different choices of beverages are also offered onboard. These options are carefully crafted to meet passengers’ tastes. 

  • Travelers can get different types of food combo deals.
  • Fresh vegetarian and roasted chicken sandwiches with outburst cheese are offered. 
  • Various snacks like oatmeal, noodles, macaroni, and soups are provided on the menu.
  • Salados like green plantain, potato chips, and spicy corn chips are given.
  • Along with this, some dessert options are also offered.

Note: Choices on Avianca Airlines’ food menu vary as per timing and routes.

Does Avianca Serve Free Food?

Complimentary onboard meal services are provided by Avianca Airlines on certain routes. It is available for specific classes. For Economy Class, on some flights, the carrier provides a buy-on-board service. It comes with a variety of cuisine alternatives. 

  • Business Class travelers get free food service with a vast range of options.
  • Those on flights to/from Europe get free-of-cost in-flight food service. 
  • On the Bogotá – Los Ángeles – Bogotá route, the onboard menu is facilitated at no fees.
  • Vegetarian and children’s menus are provided at no charge.
  • The same is free when requested 24 hours prior to the flight via Avianca’s Contact Center.

Tip: Passengers with special dietary needs can bring their own pre-packaged, light food.

What is Avianca Business Class Food?

A diversified and customized meal experience is offered by Avianca Airlines for Business Class flyers. Travelers are provided two lunch or dinner selections with dessert options. They also receive snack service. Along with this, a variety of beverages are given to them. 

  • Special dietary and main courses on Business Class flights are provided.
  • A diversified menu is offered, including poultry, fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes. 
  • These menu choices are included in the ticket prices. 

How Good is Avianca Airlines Food Service as per Reviews?

Meal services on Avianca Airlines have received both positive and negative reviews. Passengers of different classes usually receive various options. Food menus can differ as per class. This may affect the availability of choice and the level of quality. As a result, both negative and positive food reviews have been received by this carrier.

  • Avianca’s Business Class food is praised for its variety and high quality. 
  • Some passengers enjoyed the offerings in the Economy class. 
  • At the same time, other flyers considered these offerings to be average. 
  • Special meal requests are often met with satisfaction. 


Avianca Airlines provides a diverse food menu, including complimentary meals on select routes and classes. While Business Class food is praised, opinions on Economy Class meals slightly differ. There are special dietary alternatives, snacks, and beverages. This makes airlines’ food service subjective but satisfactory to some extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers containing the details of the food service offered by Avianca Airlines: 

Does Avianca serve food on flights?

Yes, Avianca Airlines provides meal services on most of its flights.

Does Avianca offer food for free?

The airline offers complimentary food facilities on select fare types and a few routes

Is food on Avianca Business flights included in ticket prices?

Food is usually included in the Business Class ticket. 

Does Avianca offer food on Domestic Flights?

Avianca normally offers food on short-haul domestic travel.

Are Avianca Airlines food service complimentary in Economy Class?

No, the food service on Economy flights is served separately on board at extra cost.

Can travelers see Avianca’s food menu before flights?

The airline offers an online menu that allows flyers to preview the menu before the trip.

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