Does Avianca Charge for Baggage? Know the Fees for Carry-on, Checked, Oversized, and Overweight Bags

Does Avianca Charge for Baggage? Know the Fees for Carry-on, Checked, Oversized, and Overweight Bags

While air traveling, knowing Avianca charges for baggage becomes quintessential. It is one of the aspects that should not be overlooked. In case travelers do so, they will end up paying more for the bags carried. In some cases, they may need to leave their favorite items behind due to the rules of the airline’s baggage policy. Avianca is a passenger-friendly airline and is recognized for its flexible rules/regulations but some restrictions too. When it comes to luggage, it allows some travelers to bring certain items for free. Others may pay a minimal fee, starting at USD 15. 

Does Avianca Charge for Cabin Baggage?

As per the baggage policy of Avianca, passengers are allowed to bring personal items as well as carry-on baggage in the cabin for free. However, they must understand and follow the rules given for these bags. Additionally, not all cabin classes provide this advantage. Thus, passengers will have to pay for cabin baggage when applicable as per the airline’s policy:

  • Abiding by Avianca Airlines’ safety aspects, 1 personal but approved item can be brought into the cabin for free.
  • All fares include this benefit for cabin bags.
  • The suggested dimensions for the item are 45 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm.
  • Including handles and wheels, the maximum dimension is 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm.
  • The weight should not be more than 10 kg.
  • This personal item should fit well under the front seat.
  • Qualifying for this benefit, a personal item could be:
  • Diaper bag
  • Laptop bag
  • Handbag
  • Knapsack
  • All cabin classes except for XS offer free carry-on baggage.

Note: Items will be counted as checked baggage when they aren’t as per the given size and weight.

Is Checked Baggage Free on Avianca?

Avianca baggage charges apply for checked items but depend on the cabin class chosen for the travel. As per the checked baggage policy, travelers will get the benefit of free checked baggage in the XXL, L, and M classes. For other classes, i.e. XS and S, luggage will be charged as per the rules. 

Before passengers pack their bags, they must know the following aspects to avoid charges:

  • XXL or Business Class passengers will get 2 checked baggage.
  • Each bag should be 32 kg.
  • For L and M classes, one checked bag is permitted.
  • The maximum weight for these classes is 23 kg.
  • The total dimensions for the checked bags are 158 cm.

How Much does Avianca Charge for Baggage?

Airlines like Avianca aim to make travel simpler and affordable for their passengers. Hence, this particular carrier provides free carry-on bags and one personal item in the cabin. However, checked baggage will come with a price tag, depending on the travel class chosen by the flier.

  • Fees for Cabin Baggage

Carry-on bags are provided for free in all cabin classes. However, passengers having the XS ticket will need to pay for it. When it comes to the items allowed, any bag can be brought. However, it must fit under the space available in the front seat, otherwise, the item may either be charged or disapproved.

  • Charges for Checked Luggage

Avianca baggage charges for checked items depend on the travel class as well as the destination chosen. XXL, XL, and L classes come with free checked baggage. XXL or Business Class allows travelers to bring 2 checked luggage for free. 

For others, a fee will be incurred, depending on how luggage is added. Here are the details:

Methods of Adding a Checked BagCost of 1st BagFee for 2nd BagCharge for 3rd Bag
At the time of booking or managing a ticket on the official website55.000 COP55.000 COP55.000 COP
Via the airport or online check-in90.000 COP90.000 COP90.000 COP
At the time of reserving or managing a ticket on the official website15 USD15 USD20 USD
At the airport or online check-in30 USD30 USD30 USD
Between the United States and Central America
At the time of booking or managing a ticket on the official website35 USD65 USD145 USD
When at the airport or during online check-in90 USD150 USD180 USD
Between the United States and South America
During the time of booking or managing a ticket on Avianca’s website40 USD65 USD145 USD
At the airport or web check-in90 USD150 USD180 USD
Between the Canada and South America or Central America
While booking or managing a ticket on the official website60 CAD95 CAD200 CAD
At an airport or when checking in online120 CAD200 CAD240 CAD

Passengers can browse through the official website of this airline to learn more about the destinations and the latest checked baggage rates.

Does Avianca Airlines Charge for Extra and Oversized Baggage?

Indeed, Avianca charges for the bags that are not as per the suggested dimensions and weight. In addition to this, passengers can choose to buy a maximum of 3 bags as checked luggage. The charges for the same may vary, depending on the travel destination and class chosen. 

What are Avianca Airlines Excess and Oversized Baggage Charges?

By paying the luggage charges applicable on the oversized or extra items, fliers can bring them. In case the bags are beyond the dimensions of 230 cm (total) and 99 lbs, the same can be shipped through the Avianca cargo. 

When it comes to the fee for excess and oversized bags, the following should be kept in mind:

Charges for Domestic Flights

The airline will charge differently for different domestic destinations. The fee for oversized and overweight bags may also vary. Travelers are advised to consider the travel destination to know the applicable fee. 


  • Fee for Oversized Bags: 85.000 COP per bag
  • Fee for Overweight Bags: 85.000 COP per bag


  • Fee for Oversized Bags: 35 USD per bag
  • Fee for Overweight Bags: 35 USD per bag

 Charges for International Flights (Departure Destination)

Starting around 80 USD, the baggage fee for the international route will be applicable for oversized as well as overweight bags. Every flier should check the prices before booking tickets for their desired destination. Some of these details have been given here:

United States

  • Cost for Oversized Bags: 80 USD
  • Fee for Overweight Luggage: 80 USD


  • Charge for Oversized Bags: 105 CAD
  • Fee for Overweight Items: 105 CAD


  • Price for Oversized Bags: 80 USD 
  • Charge for Overweight Luggage: 80 USD


  • Cost for Oversized Items: 125 EUR
  • Price for Overweight Bags: 125 EUR

Great Britain

  • Fee for Oversized Bags: 100 GBP
  • Price for Overweight Items: 100 GBP
Final Takeaways

Avianca baggage charges depend on some factors – travel class chosen, destination, and so on. Furthermore, every passenger should learn about the same before traveling. Apart from this, the airline may have some additional cost-related benefits for special travelers. To know more about it, this airline should be contacted.

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