What Terminal is Avianca at JFK? John F. Kennedy Airport

Avianca Terminal JFK

Avianca serves as Colombia’s national airline. It operates its flights out of Avianca Terminal JFK Airport. Terminal 4 is utilized by it for this purpose. T4 was designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM). In 2001, it was established. It consists of four levels. This air carrier makes use of these levels to conduct a variety of services. They are related to arrivals and departures. It is able to excellently provide these services as T4 has seen various expansions. The new Terminal 4 includes an AirTrain station, check-in hall, etc. Further, for advanced security, the terminal is equipped with automated checking screening. With these expansions and facilities, people can often opt to travel with Avianca Airlines from JFK Airport. 

What is Avianca JFK Departures Terminal?

What is Avianca JFK Departures Terminal

The flight departures of Avianca Airlines are organized at Terminal 4 of JFK International Airport. For its departures, various levels are used. Usually, they are Levels 1, 3, and 4. Moreover, it is best for international travelers to arrive 90 minutes before departures. For domestic flights, it is suggested to come 60 minutes prior to take off. 

What is Avianca Arrival Terminal at JFK Airport?

For flight arrivals, Avianca Airlines uses Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. Both international and domestic arrivals are observed at Terminal 4 JFK by Avianca Airlines. Mostly, Level 1 of the same terminal is employed. Every passenger, including kids, unaccompanied children, elders, etc., can arrive here with ease. 

What are the Basic Details Regarding Terminal JFK Avianca Airlines?

What are the Basic Details Regarding Terminal JFK Avianca Airlines

By having basic details of Kennedy Airport, it is easy to fly with airlines that use it. Along with traveling, people can book many facilities easily, especially with Avianca. To reserve these, they can ask questions, utilizing details like the website or contact number. Further, to reach here, clarity regarding the airport address can be useful. After reaching, the allocated terminal, where the counter of this airline is, is easy to find. 

JFK Terminal Avianca AirlinesTerminal 4
Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy International Airport 
Airport Website www.jfkairport.com
Airport Address Queens, NY 11430, USA
Elevation13 ft/4 m
Airport typeInternational 
Avianca Terminal JFK ArrivalsTerminal 4
Avianca Departure Terminal JFK AirportTerminal 4
ServesNew York Metropolitan Area
Airport Contact Number(718)-244-4444
Date of Opening 1st July 1948
Coordinates40°38’23″N 73°46’45″W

What is the JFK Airport Avianca Terminal Map?

T4 of Kennedy Airport can be understood with the help of a tool, known as a map. The destinations and connections of Avianca Airlines’ flights from JFK are displayed on its map. Also, different counter locations can be navigated with ease. 

Boarding gates, shopping areas, and more are located through this tool. When making travel plans or learning about the locations, the Avianca JFK Terminal should essentially be used. 

JFK Airport Avianca Terminal Map

There are some places that are well-known for being both business and leisure destinations, flown to by Avianca. To fly to Cartagena safely, it is an excellent carrier. Flights are provided from or to John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4. To meet the demands of a high number of travelers, the operator aims to offer flights daily to such locations. 

Here are a few of these locations:

  • Cali
  • Bogota
  • Pereira
  • Medellin-JMC

Which Services are Accessible at Avianca Terminal in JFK Airport?

Which Services are Accessible at Avianca Terminal in JFK Airport

At JFK Avianca Terminal 4, various security programs are accessible. Additionally, people can take advantage of the frequent flyer program of the carrier. When they are in the air, multiple facilities are provided then as well. Other facilities, such as booking different cabins, choosing seats, selecting Wi-Fi amenities, etc., are available. 

On-Board Services

When passengers board their aircraft, Avianca Airlines provides the highest standard of amenities. For recharging portable electronics, power connections are given. On certain airplanes, there are personal TVs accessible with music, different programs, and movies. Passengers can simply download these things as well. 


This airline offers a reward program named LifeMiles. This program aims to reward flyers while traveling with retail benefits and others too. Members of this program can earn miles with ease. For further details on the procedure for signing in, they can contact the professionals present at Terminal Avianca JFK Airport. 

Wi-Fi Facilities

Most of the passengers traveling with this air operator have access to a Wi-Fi facility. It is provided at a high speed. People can use Avianca in-flight Wi-Fi for free. Sometimes, it is chargeable, subject to certain terms. With this facility, flyers can use social media, make email-based communication, and do more. 

Flight Check-in 

Flyers of this carrier can opt for different ways of checking in for their flights. Online and offline ways are both available. The timing for flight check-in may vary. For domestic flights in Colombia, the check-in counter closes forty-five minutes earlier. While in Ecuador, it shuts 35 minutes earlier than the departure. On the other hand, for international flights, flight check-in should be made 60 minutes before the actual take-off time. 

Group Reservations

This air carrier enables travelers to make group bookings of ten or more. They can be booked at Avianca Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. To use this service, they can fill out a form online. Or, at Kennedy Airport T4, the booking can be made. While reserving the same, people can receive personalized facilities. Further, special prices are provided for such reservations. 

Seat Selection

With Avianca Airlines, people can choose seats as per their requirements. They can pick between aisle or window seats while booking flights. Or, at the time of flight check-in, this procedure should be given effect. Further, in Business Class, seatbeds known as flatbeds are available. They allow travelers to recline all the way to 180 degrees to comfortably fly. 

Security Programs

There are several security programs available at JFK Terminal 4 by Avianca Airlines. TSA PreCheck is one of them. Global Entry, SENTRI, and Nexus are also featured by it. People should sign-up for one of these programs for secure travel. By doing so, they can obtain different benefits too while traveling. 

In Brief, 

One of the busiest buildings in New York is Terminal 4, JFK International Airport. Avianca Airlines offers a number of facilities, making sure that every flyer is satisfied. In addition, the majority of services are designed with affordability in mind so that they can be used to their utmost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flyers may have certain questions while arriving at or leaving from JFK Airport Terminal. Browse the following FAQs to get the responses to the frequently asked questions:

1. What terminal is Avianca at JFK Airport?

Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy International Airport is where this airline’s operations are carried out.

2. Who manages Avianca JFK Terminal 4?

T4 of JFK Airport is handled by JFKIAT (IAT) LLC.

3. What is Avianca JFK Arrivals Terminal?

This operator lands its flight at JFK Airport Terminal 4.

4. How many concourses are available at Avianca Airlines JFK Terminal 4?

2 concourses are actively operated at T4 of this airport.

5. When does the domestic check-in close at Avianca Airlines Terminal JFK Airport?

The flight check-in window closes 45 minutes before domestic flight departure via T4.

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