Is Alaska Airlines Good and Reliable?

Is Alaska Airlines Good and Reliable

Alaska Airlines has established itself as a reliable and passenger-focused airline in the aviation sector. It provides good flights to an extensive North American network that comprises major cities and states. Beyond this, it is crucial to understand in what aspects is Alaska Airlines good so that flyers can identify whether to depend on it for their specific needs. Safety is one of the aspects considered important by flyers. Affordability, in-flight services, entertainment on board, connectivity, etc., are the additional aspects. Good standards are maintained while focusing on any of these. Considering these, most flyers can depend on Alaska Air. 

What Makes Alaska Airlines Good?

It is notable that Alaska Airlines has emerged as a major carrier in the aviation industry. It pleases travelers with its distinct blend of good services like check-in, baggage, and boarding, with reliability. The carrier is dedicated to providing flyers with a great experience by keeping the procedures associated with these services as simple as possible. 

  • Alaska Airlines is good as it prioritizes travelers’ satisfaction through its services. 
  • It provides an effective process for passengers who want to modify their tickets.
  • Reliable baggage handling services are offered by the carrier.
  • Flight status can be checked with the airline.
  • Bookings can be easily made.

Is Alaska Airline Good and Safe? 


This US-based air operator, Alaska Airlines, is considered good and safe. It has earned a solid reputation for both its quality of service and uncompromising commitment to passenger safety. It has high safety standards, modern aircraft, and trained staff, suggesting why is Alaska Airlines so good.

  • It has aimed at maintaining good records of providing accident-free flights.
  • The experienced cabin crew, pilots, and ground staff ensure risk-free travel operations. 
  • Present-day technology is used in the aircraft, clarifying why is Alaska Air safe.
  • It has developed safety guidelines as per FAA-prescribed standards.

Is Alaska Airlines a Good Airline in Terms of Affordability?


Alaska Airlines establishes a balance between affordability and experience, making it a good option for passengers. It employs various strategic approaches that appeal to budget-conscious passengers without compromising important services. It excludes free amenities but provides several services at low costs. This is an important reason why, on Alaska Airlines, is it good to fly for such passengers.

  • On some flights, the cost of food, snacks, and other in-flight amenities are excluded. 
  • Extra services are offered at low prices. 
  • It may offer in-flight Wi-Fi at a low fee.
  • Regular offers and discounts make travel cheaper.
  • The carrier offers various perks for travel and saving costs.

How Good is Alaska Airlines for Traveling in North America? 

Within North America, Alaska covers many popular destinations. These include major cities across the continent. The airline is good in terms of flight frequency. It offers flights to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Belize, and Costa Rica. It also makes layovers easier while traveling to these locations through smooth transitions.

  • On flights to various places in North America, the airline offers:
    • Priority boarding
    • Upgrades
    • Easy check-in
  • It aims to focus on providing satisfactory tours in this continent.
  • Many cabin options are offered on flights to North America, making Alaska Airlines a good airline. 
  • These fare types include Saver, Main Cabin, Premium Class, and First Class.
  • They feature relaxing seats, cushioned neck support, and plenty of legroom.

Is Alaska a Good Airline for In-Flight Entertainment? 


Alaska Airlines is a great choice for in-flight entertainment. It includes a variety of alternatives like personal device streaming, premium options for first-class customers, family-friendly programs, etc. The airline is dedicated to entertaining customers to offer an enjoyable flight experience.

  • Alaska Airlines does not have TV but movies can still be streamed.
  • It is good because it offers an entertainment library with:
    • More than 800 movies 
    • TV shows at no cost
  • Passengers can bring their own devices like mobiles or laptops for streaming content.
  • First-Class flyers get access to a premium choice of movies, TV shows, etc.
  • It provides content that is suitable to all age passengers including kids and elders. 

How Good is Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

The frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines is the Mileage Plan. It is recognized as an outstanding loyalty program that provides value to frequent flyers and those who are looking for exceptional benefits. Under this plan, they can earn reward points by traveling per mile via flights.

  • Flyers can redeem points to buy tickets and other services. 
  • They can apply discounts on the same.
  • The Mileage Plan doesn’t need membership charges, making it available to all travelers.
  • It allows for one-way redemptions.
  • Accumulated miles expire after 2 years of inactivity. They can be used for a significant period.

Is Alaska Airline Good in Terms of Seating?


Alaska Airlines prioritizes travelers’ comfort. It provides a variety of seating options that cater to their wide range of interests. Its planes are equipped with modern seating designs that provide relaxation and other perks to flyers even with some health conditions. 

The following highlights why is Alaska Airlines good in terms of seats:

  • It provides spacious seating with sufficient legroom, especially in premium classes. 
  • Many planes feature reclinable seats that allow flyers to modify their position. 
  • First-Class travelers enjoy luxurious seating.
  • For both short and long flights, the airlines provide comfortable seats.

How Good is Alaska Airlines Reviews?

The airline has received positive reviews from numerous passengers. Many travelers appreciate the airlines’ friendly services and the professionalism of the staff. However, there are some concerning reviews also. A few flyers expressed dissatisfaction with the inconsistency in service quality across some flights.

Here are some points that may elaborate on how good is Alaska Airlines passenger review:

  • Travelers have commented enthusiastically on the relaxable seats, roomy cabins, and safe flights.
  • Many flyers valued cheap prices and a variety of fare alternatives suiting their budgets.
  • User-friendly and speedy bookings are included in their positive feedback.
  • Only occasionally, complaints regarding delayed or mishandled baggage were made.
  • Unexpected delays or cancellations have resulted in a few unfavorable reviews.
  • Some flyers indicate the need for more route and destination alternatives.


Alaska Airlines is a good airline with a strong emphasis on passengers’ satisfaction. Its vast network, comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, and reward program make it reliable. The satisfactory flyers’ reviews and safe flight operations hint at how good this airline is. Overall, it is committed to offering excellent flights to passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Is Alaska good airline to fly with?

Yes, Alaska Airlines is well-known for flying with. This is due to its excellent services.

Is Alaska Airlines any good in terms of services?

The airline is reputed for its services such as check-in, bookings, modifications, etc.

Is Alaska Airlines a good airline for providing customer satisfaction?

Yes, the airline prioritizes passengers’ satisfaction.

To which destinations is Alaska Airlines a good airline to fly?

It has a large network of locations to fly throughout North America.

Is Alaska Airline a good airline for in-flight comfort?

Yes, for a comfortable flight, this airline is among the best options.

What advantages does the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan offer?

For frequent flyers, the Mileage Plan offers benefits, reward points, and other perks.

Is Air Alaska a good airline for entertainment?

Indeed, it is good for in-flight entertainment as it provides a variety of options.

Are Alaska Airlines good for offering inflight Wi-Fi?

The carrier offers inflight Wi-Fi connections at some cost to access entertainment.

Is Alaska Airlines good or bad in terms of affordability?

Alaska Air provides budgetary services. Hence, it is a good option.

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