Is China Airlines Safe? Records, Certifications, Reviews, and More

is China Airlines safe

China Airlines is one of the safest air carriers in Taiwan. It is known around the world for its excellent safety records even during emergencies. Its safety culture can be seen in its highly trained crew, skilled pilots, and cutting-edge aircraft. Its commitment to such culture is reinforced by FAA and IATA certifications that give an indication regarding why is China Airlines safe. By considering the protection of passengers, it operates extensively throughout multiple regions domestically and internationally too. It also provides valuable services to meet the requirements of unaccompanied minors, adults, women, and the elderly to ensure their secure travel. Despite minor incidents, passenger feedback emphasizes the airline’s dedication to providing a safeguarded flying experience.

Why is China Airline Safe?

This Taiwanese airline is generally considered a safe option for travelers because of several aspects. These include the adoption of a comprehensive safety management system and consistent regulatory evaluations. Under this framework, it has made several secure protocols like performance monitoring and risk management, etc. 

To gain in-depth knowledge on how safe is China Airlines, consider going through the following: 

  • The airline abides by the security guidelines of transport authorities like the FAA.
  • It flies a secure and modern fleet consisting of Boeing/Airbus models.
  • These planes are kept well-maintained and properly cleaned. 
  • The crew and pilots of China Airlines are highly trained to handle any risky situation.
  • For flyers’ good health and any emergency, it offers medical facilities and instruction onboard.

What are China Airlines Safety Records?


China Airlines has maintained a commendable safety record throughout its aviation history. According to this record, the carrier is committed to travelers’ security. It operates safeguarded flights which has instilled confidence in fliers. As per records, the carrier is consistent in accident prevention, maintaining airline safety culture, etc.

  • Since its inception, its record has been devoid of any major accidents. 
  • However, a few events had occurred in the past but no passengers were hurt. 
  • Strong safety procedures of the carrier have led to a significant drop in accidents over time.
  • Authorities like ICAO have recognized this airline for developing a safe culture and operations.

How Safe is China Airlines for Domestic Travel? 

For domestic travel within Taiwan, China Airlines stands out as a greatly secure option. It provides travelers with a safe travel experience on all flights. On domestic routes, the carrier has a solid reputation for this reason. It operates a modern Airbus and Boeing fleet to provide such flights to numerous local destinations. 

To further understand how much is China Airline safe, the following should be considered:

  • This airline safely provides flights to many locations within the country including:
    • Kaohsiung
    • Beijing
    • Wuhan
  • The crew ensures the security of the flyers on these flights.
  • China Airlines hasn’t encountered fatal accidents while operating locally.
  • Travelers on such trips have expressed a sense of security during their journeys.

Is China Airlines Safe to Fly Internationally?


China Airlines has been flying safely to a wide network of international locations. It operates in more than 100 cities worldwide including 4 continents – Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. It executes international aviation guidelines like choosing large aircraft, offering seat belts and oxygen masks, etc.

Why is China Airlines a safe airline for international travel can be learned from the below-given points too: 

  • In its global operations, it has comprehensive emergency response protocols in place.
  • It complies with the safety standards established by the ICAO and other relevant bodies.
  • The carrier adopts best practices and learns from its past incidents.
  • It employs highly skilled pilots and cabin staff who undergo continuous evaluations.

Is China Airlines a Safe Airline Right Now?

At the current time, China Airlines is secure to travel with. It has not been involved in any recent crashes or crises. Some minor incidents might have happened. In January 2022, due to snow, a Boeing plane collided with the ground equipment at the airport. However the crew members and pilot handled the situation safely. 

  • Due to strict safety protocols too, China Airlines is the best option for current trips.
  • Having a safety management system, no passengers of the airline have to experience troubles. 

Is it Safe to Fly China Airlines as per FAA?


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved China Airlines for being a secure carrier. It is a government transport authority that ensures safety in all flights of such carriers. China Airlines strictly abides by all FAA laws, including those relating to operations, training, and safety practices.

As per the FAA accreditations, travelers can comprehend why is China Airlines safe to fly: 

  • The carrier ensures that its planes are regularly inspected and serviced.
  • As per FAA, it adopts advanced technology to improve certain measures like:
    • Communication
    • Navigation
    • Safety systems
  • This body has certified the carriers Airbus and Boeing airplanes as risk-free and secure. 

Is China Airline Safe and IATA Certified? 

China Airlines is certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It is an organization that establishes global safety standards for airlines, emphasizing their dedication to best practices in the industry. The carrier follows strict strategies and international air transport guidelines to ensure this aspect. 

  • This carrier is a proud member of IATA.
  • China Air is accredited to operate commercial flights globally to multiple countries.
  • It abides by all safety guidelines suggested under IATA’s policies for stress-free tours.
  • Such certification and approval by the body specify how safe is China Airlines.

Why is Air China a Safe Airline For Unaccompanied Minors? 


For unaccompanied minors traveling alone, China Air provides dedicated services in a safe environment to fly. The airline takes the safety and well-being of small kids seriously. It offers services for lone minors like giving them security instructions, in-flight seat belts, and personalized flight attendants. 

  • Children aged between 5 to 12 years who are traveling alone are eligible for this service.
  • Parents or legal guardians must sign a consent form and provide all the needed documents.
  • Also, reservations must be made 72 hours before departure for the safety of the child.
  • Advance reservations can ensure adequate planning for kids during flights.

Is China Airline Safe During Emergencies? 

In an emergency, China Airlines emphasizes passenger safety. It follows high international safety standards and has well-trained staff to manage any emergencies or incidents. Flyers can rely on the carrier to prioritize their security, both during regular operations and in the event of an unanticipated event.

  • It provides necessary and rigorous training to crew to handle emergencies.
  • The carrier flies planes with advanced safety features like:
    • Emergency oxygen system
    • Engine health monitoring 
    • Enhanced Weather Radar
  • International aviation norms and guidelines are followed by the airline.
  • Continuous security audits and maintenance checks are performed.
  • Protocols for communication have been established to initiate emergency responses.

What is China Airlines Safety Review? 


China Airlines is a carrier with a rating of 4 stars for operating danger-free flights and maintaining the quality of onboard/airport services. Passenger ratings and reviews are positive for services like hygienic food and beverages, cleanliness, security-oriented in-flight amenities, etc.

  • The highest ratings are given for maintaining a proper safety culture in all flights.
  • Above-average security reviews are provided by travelers for its airport services such as:
    • Checking-in facilities inclusive of proper identification
    • Priority boarding, especially for special passengers
    • Staff Assistance
    • Baggage services to securely move items
  • For Business Class travel, flyers have offered decent security ratings. 
  • The trained staff is given good reviews which clarifies why is China Airlines safe.


Certainly, China Airlines is a safe option for travelers because of its dedication to safety, secure aircraft, and compliance with international aviation norms. It provides a risk-free travel experience for both domestic and international journeys. The recognition from aviation authorities has made the carrier earn the trust of passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To understand the safety aspects associated with China Airlines, the following should be looked at:

Is China Airlines Safe to fly with?

Yes, China Airlines is safe to fly on all routes.

What are China Airlines safety records during emergencies?

The airline has maintained good records against accidents and emergencies.

How safe is China Airlines fleet?

This carrier flies secure airplane models. Hence, its fleet is safe to a great degree.

Is China Airline safe to travel for infants?

Yes, the airline offers various facilities and a safe environment for the travel of infants.

Why is China Airlines a safe airline for onboard services?

It offers secure onboard amenities like meals, flight attendant service, and medical facilities.

Is China Airlines safe to fly domestically?

The carrier offers secure tours to many domestic locations with good flight experiences.

Is it safe to fly China Airlines internationally?

Yes, China Air is safe for international travel because of its good records against any severities.

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