Does Alaska Airlines Have Wi-Fi? Learning About Fees, Uses, & Other Aspects

Be it a long-haul journey or a short-haul one, in-flight entertainment is needed by fliers to have a great experience. When talking about Alaska Airlines, it takes special care of this aspect. For this, Alaska Airlines have Wi-Fi on the flights. With smooth and hassle-free connectivity, fliers can access hundreds of TV shows, movies, and songs on their devices. However, these Wi-Fi services offered by the airline are not free. Passengers will need to pay a minimal fee to enjoy uninterrupted internet services. In addition to this, it is not available on all routes and every flight. Travelers are suggested to check beforehand whether the service is available for them or not to avoid unwanted hassles later on.

Does Alaska Airlines have Free Wi-Fi?

Alaska Airlines does not offer Wi-Fi service for free. It comes with a certain fee. By availing of this facility, travelers can enjoy paid but easy-to-connect internet. By connecting their devices onboard, travelers can stream movies, shows, songs, etc. They can also do internet surfing, provided that the payment has been successfully made. 

Is There Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines International Flights?

There is Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines flights for almost all international routes where it offers its scheduled services. Since Alaska Airlines does not have live TV, with these alternatives available, entertainment is ensured on such long-haul flights. 

However, due to connectivity issues, the airline does not provide a Wi-Fi facility on certain routes including:

  • Hawaii
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico

Does Alaska Air have Wi-Fi on Domestic Flights?

This airline aims to offer the best services to its passengers for a memorable travel experience but it does not offer Wi-Fi facilities to the destinations available around Arctic Circle. However, the airline may start offering this facility at the domestic level sooner or later.

How Much is Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines?

To avail of the Wi-Fi services while traveling, passengers will need to pay a minimum charge of USD 8. The cost can vary as per the plan selected. This is a small amount that will require to be paid at the time of booking. 

Once the traveler adds and pays for the internet service, he/she can connect to a compatible device and stream an amazing collection of movies, shows, series, etc.

Which Plans does Alaska Airlines Offer for Wi-Fi? 

With Alaska Airlines, there are two types of Wi-Fi facilities or plans that travelers can avail of. Satellite and Basic Wi-Fi plans are included in these. Their availability varies as per aircraft models. In addition, the location being headed to will determine their availability.

Satellite Wi-Fi

On most Alaska Airlines flights, Satellite Wi-Fi can be availed by paying USD 8. This is a fast internet facility that allows fliers to chat, browse, and stream on-board. This facility is available on most of the routes except for Alaska’s Arctic Circle. 

When it comes to flights, the following will have the satellite Wi-Fi available:

  • Almost all 737-900 Boeing planes
  • Most 737-800 Boeing planes
  • All 737-900ER Boeing planes
  • 737 MAX Boeing planes
  • All Airbus planes

Basic Wi-Fi

Considerably, Alaska Airlines is good as it offers a highly useful Basic Wi-Fi facility. It helps travelers enjoy online shopping, internet surfing, and email browsing. Keep in mind that downloading larger files or streaming live is not possible with this Wi-Fi. 

In addition to this, it is available on many routes except for the following:

  • Costa Rica
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Certain parts of Alaska  

When it comes to the cost of Basic Wi-Fi, it may vary and fall somewhere between USD 8 and USD 24.99. The type of the aircraft will play a crucial role in determining the price. 

Additionally, look at the following to know the aircraft and planes in which Basic Wi-Fi is available:

  • 737-900 Boeing
  • 737-800 Boeing
  • All 737-900 Boeing planes
  • E175 Embraer planes

How to Connect Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi?

Connecting the devices with Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi is a hassle-free process. Usually, there are Wi-Fi-related instructions on flights that allow travelers to connect their devices with the greatest ease. In general, though, they can visit the Wi-Fi page of the carrier and simply connect to the network. 

To connect with Alaska Airlines internet, travelers need to follow the steps listed here:

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi of the device. Let it search for the available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Find and connect with “”.
  • Now, open the web browser to go to “”.
  • Travelers can now proceed with internet browsing.

The cabin crew members can be asked for assistance and proper guidance in case a passenger is unable to find or connect the device to Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi. 

How to Use Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi?

Speaking about the usage of the internet, the travelers of this airline can use it to make their journey. It assures excellent in-flight entertainment via Wi-Fi, even when Alaska Airlines is so cheap. 

Depending on their interest as well as specific needs, travelers can use the service for the following:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Music
  • Texting
  • Internet surfing

Does Alaska Airlines have Wi-Fi on Flights to Hawaii?

Passengers flying to Hawaii can avail of entertainment services except for the internet. Currently, there is no Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines flights to Hawaii. The airline is not offering this service to flights going to or coming from Hawaii due to some reasons that are yet to be worked on. However, the services are expected to expand to this route in the future.

Does My Alaska Flight have Wi-Fi?

To know whether your flight has Wi-Fi or not, first, you will need to check the destination. Since the airline is not offering this service on some routes and flights, checking the same will provide you with an adequate answer.  

Besides, you can consider the aircraft model to see if it features internet service or not. As per the records, the following aircraft and plane models are offering this facility:

  • All 737-700 Boeing planes
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737-900
  • All 737 MAX Boeings
  • Planes like 737-900 ER Boeing
  • All models of Airbus
  • E-175 Embraer models 

One important point to keep in mind is that newly added planes may be operating without Wi-Fi connectivity. But this is only for a shorter period. Even after this, passengers can browse through to watch their favorite movies or browse the web.


There is Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines flights. However, it is not a free service. Travelers will need to pay a fee to use the internet on the flight. Irrespective of charges, the best thing about this facility is that the fast-speed internet allows passengers to seamlessly enjoy movies, shows, etc.  


Here are some frequently asked questions. One can go through these to know more about the Wi-Fi service offered by Alaska Airlines:

Does Alaska Airlines offer free Wi-Fi?

No, on this airline, Wi-Fi is not a free service. Passengers need to pay a fee for it.

How much does Wi-Fi cost on Alaska Airlines?

A passenger needs to pay USD 8 to enjoy Wi-Fi on this carrier.

Is there Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines flights to Hawaii?

There is no Wi-Fi facility available for this route as of now.

Does Alaska Airlines offer Wi-Fi on all international routes?

The airline does not offer Wi-Fi on flights flying to or from Mexico, Hawaii, and Costa Rica.

Why is Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi value-worthy?

This service is value-worthy due to easy connectivity, fast speed, and more coverage.

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