Visit South Haven Lighthouse in the State of Michigan, USA

South Haven Lighthouse

The South Haven Lighthouse is situated on the entry of the Black River in the Michigan state of the United States of America.

It is established as the small type of the Muskegon Pier Light which is also found in Michigan State.

South Haven Michigan Lighthouse is one of the original and operational lighthouses among the 4 lighthouses which is in Michigan State.

Get ready to know the details of this awesome and historical lighthouse with some amazing facts and figures described in length.

History of South Haven Mi Lighthouse in Points

1. This lighthouse is established at the bank of Michigan Lake on the black river.

2. It was made in the year 1872 and later replaced with the Wooden tower.

3. Later, it was opened in the year of 1903.

4. This lighthouse is still operational and everyday work is done as per daily routines.

Can a Person Visit the Lighthouse South Haven Michigan?

It is not proper to say that a person can go inside the lighthouse but there are some facilities that you can visit around the lighthouse. 

In their everyday routine, many people visit the lighthouse and capture the great historical look of this lighthouse in Michigan.

Viewing the passing boats at the side of the lighthouse South Haven Mi is also a great thing that you can do after your visit.

You can only walk around the free space on the wooden track and feel the coldness of the floating waves around of large water.

An Awesome South Haven Lighthouse with Big Waves

South Haven Lighthouse with Big Waves

The Michigan Lake which meets with the black river, where the lighthouse is situated hits the lighthouse with big waves.

In the winter season, the huge and large waves of Michigan lake hit the lighthouse from top to bottom and got frozen on the lighthouse.

This freezing of the big waves turns into ice and offers an amazing feel of haven to the visitors who come with their family and friends.  

The longest height of the Michigan Lake waves can be up to 15 feet long and more than this. Now, you can imagine the hitting power of water to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse south haven mi is one of the survival piers on the lake which always bare the hitting of big waves along with the high wind power.  

Total Height of Waves – 15 feet and more

Other things – Waves got feezed in winter season after hitting the lighthouse

Details of the South Haven Lighthouse Weather for an Awesome Visit

Weather also plays an important role to plan a visit anywhere for walking, playing, and capturing the monuments in clicks.

Going for a visit to witness the lighthouse of South Heaven, it is important to know first whether the weather is good or not to your visit.

Now, you will know about how the different types of weather affect the location and your visit to watch the lighthouse.

1. South Haven Lighthouse Cloudy Weather Visit

South Haven Lighthouse Cloudy Weather

It feels so good if you visit to witness the lighthouse in South Haven Michigan at a time of cloudy weather with your family and friends.

The blue sky is covered by large and great white clouds all over and provides you that feel which you cannot forget in your entire life.

The white cloudy sky provides the magical look of the Dark Red lighthouse and you get excited to capture the photos with the lighthouse.

Pictures come so clean with the lighthouse in the Red and capture while waking on the wooden surface of the river.

Benefits to visit in Cloudy Weather – Amazing pictures with Dark Red Lighthouse

2. South Haven Lighthouse Winter Season Visit

South Haven Lighthouse Winter Season

The lighthouse creates magic in the time of winter season with the look of frozen snow at the Michigan Lake.

At the time of winter, the Michigan Lake gets frozen and a long height of snow covers the lighthouse with many snow feet.

Visiting the lighthouse in the winter season and witnessing this, offers you the feeling of haven which is why it is called the haven lighthouse of Michigan State.

After some time of winter snow storms, the lighthouse is covered with snow from bottom to top and looks like an ice sculpture.

In winter, the Afternoon is the best time to visit the Michigan lighthouse to capture the awesome clicks in Snow.

The lighthouse is also famous for the name “Iced Over” in the time of Winter because of the heavy snowfall and freezing location.

Benefits to visit in winter season – A feel of real haven with the covering of snow

How the lighthouse looks in the snow – Looks like Ice Sculpture

What about Michigan Lake – It got freeze in the winter season

Best time to visit in Winter Season – Afternoon Time

Famous name in the time of Winter Season – Iced Over

3. South Haven Lighthouse Summer Season Visit

South Haven Lighthouse Summer Season

If you are looking for an amazing place to go for a visit in the time of summer season then the lighthouse of south haven is the best choice.

Plan a day trip to enjoy the best things to do in South Haven Mi such as a great walk on the wooden board surface and capture the beautiful views around the lighthouse.

Most people visit the lighthouse to witness the sunset at the time of the awesome evening on the side of the lake dropping the sun into the Michigan lake.

So, Capturing the sunset in the summer season is the best activity that you can do after you visit in the lighthouse South Haven Michigan state.

It often feels that mid-day is not the best time to visit anywhere in the summertime. So, you are suggested to visit the dark red lighthouse early morning and late evening.

Best time to visit in the summer season – Early morning and late evening

Things to do after the visit in the early morning – Walking on the wooden board

Things to do after the visit in the late evening – Capture the amazing sunset

Some Other Extra Details about South Haven mi lighthouse

South Haven mi lighthouse

There is some other extra knowledge about the lighthouse that you should know when to plan to visit the lighthouse at any time with your friends and family.

It includes the Address, best time to visit, facilities, parking area and fees, walking area, seating area, etc. which are always necessary to know before going anywhere like this lighthouse.

Address – Water St, South Haven, MI 49090, United States

Best time to visit – Every Season including winter, summer, and cloudy weather

Parking Area & Fees – $10 is the parking fee and you are suggested to visit around 11:00 AM to get the safe parking place

Seating Area – Many benches made of wood can be found around the lighthouse to seat properly and enjoy your visit

Walking Area – A large and big pier of wooden board is there to walk freely and capture the amazing view of the lighthouse and Michigan Lake

Other Facilities – Lots of food restaurants and shops are situated a short distance from the lighthouse. You can go for having tasty food and shopping with family and friends.

Amazing Facts about the Lighthouse in South Haven Michigan

Now, we are going to discuss some awesome and amazing facts about the Michigan lighthouse in short detail as under…

1. The total height of the Lighthouse is around 35 feet to 37 feet.

2. In meters, it is measured in the height of 11 Meters.

3. The lighthouse is made with Iron on the wooden board surface.

4. The location specialty is that here, Michigan Lake meets with the Black River.

The lighthouse of Michigan State in the Country of the United States of America is the best place to visit and witness the great historical lighthouse with your family and friends at any time want to visit.

So, make a plan at any time in the winter and summer seasons along with the different suitable weather that can help you to capture the amazing view of the rad dark lighthouse of Michigan State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is the Address to witness the Michigan lighthouse?

Water St, South Haven, MI 49090, United States

2. What is special about the South Haven Michigan Lighthouse?

It is the only safest working lighthouse in the Michigan State

3. With which name is lighthouse pronounced in the winter season?

Iced Covered

4. What is the average height of Waves that hits the lighthouse strongly?

15 feet or more

5. What is the height measurement of South Haven mi lighthouse?

35 to 37 long in feet & 11 long in meters

6. In which year the Michigan Lighthouse was built?

In the year 1872

7. How does the lighthouse in south haven Michigan look like in the winter season?

Ice Sculpture

8. What is special about the location of the South Haven mi lighthouse?

At this location, the Michigan make meets with the Black River

9. In the summer season, what is the best thing to do at the lighthouse?

Witness the amazing sunset in the evening and capture the awesome moments

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