Is Southwest a Good Airline? Affordability, Services, Reviews, and More

Is Southwest a Good Airline

Southwest is a reputed and good air carrier in the United States. It offers affordable flights to many domestic and international locations. With its reasonable fare classes and good-quality amenities, it is operating safely in wide locations. It has achieved positive reviews from its passengers for such services and aspects. These are the reasons why is Southwest a good airline. Not limited to these, passengers can explore more about this carrier to understand how good it is. They can also find out which travel requirements this carrier is capable of fulfilling. Knowing this, flying with this airline will be more worthwhile for passengers.

Why is Southwest Airlines Good?

Why is Southwest Airlines Good

This airline is among the world’s top-rated carriers. It is considered worthwhile to travel with Southwest, owing to its strong legacy during its long time of operations. Throughout this duration, the focus on delivering good flight experiences unfolds why is Southwest Airline a good airline.

  • It is a reliable air carrier and facilitates timely flights.
  • Southwest is rated as a 4-star carrier and is certified too. 
  • Under its modern and well-maintained fleet, it operates good Boeing aircraft. 
  • It provides travelers with many special offers and frequent flyer programs too. 

Is Southwest Airline Good and Affordable? 

Indeed, Southwest is a low-cost air carrier that provides good services to travelers at less prices. It remains affordable in the sense that it provides different fares. Southwest Business Select, Wanna Get Away, Anytime, etc., are some of the options. They suit the budget of different travelers.

  • It offers multiple amenities through low-fare tickets.
  • Other services like check-in, baggage, and boarding are cheap.
  • The carrier facilitates several flyer programs like Rapid Reward for passengers.
  • Points earned via this program allow travelers to apply for discounts.

How Good is Southwest Airlines for Domestic Travel?

How Good is Southwest Airlines for Domestic Travel

The airline, Southwest, is connected to a wide range of domestic locations in the United States. It facilitates numerous in-flight amenities to these destinations. Even when the journeys remain short, these facilities make sure that passengers experience the comfort of flying domestically.

  • This airline flies to many local destinations such as:
    • Hawaii
    • Texas
    • New York
  • It also provides flights to long-distance destinations like Arizona, California, Georgia, etc.
  • In domestic travel, Southwest facilitates many good in-flight services.
  • It has entertainment services available.
  • A finely-curated menu is provided too. 

Is Southwest Airlines a Good Airline for Business Travel?

For business travel, Southwest is good for travelers. The carrier facilitates Business Select as the main option for them. This class comes with a lot of free amenities. Also, quality standards are maintained to give a satisfactory experience when flying via this class. 

  • Southwest is a good airline, providing Business Select with many perks.
  • This fare class is the costliest ticket but worth the experience.
  • Even at a low fare, it offers free beverages, Wi-Fi connection, priority boarding, etc.
  • Southwest Business Select is worthwhile as this class can provide a first-class experience.

Are Southwest Airlines Good and Safe?

Are Southwest Airlines Good and Safe

This 4-star rated air carrier is well known for providing safe flights. Southwest has been operating safely all throughout its location network. Also, it has worked hard in making passengers’ flying experience more secure by implementing good measures.

  • Southwest is a good airline that has achieved 7/7 safety ratings.
  • Since its foundation stage, it has been successful in maintaining good security records.
  • Its modern and risk-free aircraft of Boeing have not undergone any fatal accidents.
  • This carrier has skilled pilots who are highly trained in managing risky situations. 
  • Aircrew members of it are qualified and take care of passengers’ safety.

How do I Get a Good Seat on Southwest Airlines?

To get a good seat on Southwest Airlines, there are a few things travelers can do. By arriving early at the airport, the chances of reserving better seating become high. This is because of the airline’s policy. the earlier you board, the better your chances of getting a good seat. 

Here are more things passengers should know about how to get a good seat on Southwest Airlines:

  • Flyers should make sure to check in as soon as possible. 
  • Southwest allows passengers to check in 24 hours before their flight.
  • This can enable them to get good seating on board. 
  • Consider paying for EarlyBird Check-In.
  • It will automatically check travelers 36 hours before their flight.
  • This will increase the chances of getting a better seat. 
  • Paying for Business Select might help them get a nice seat.

Is Southwest a Good Airline to Fly Internationally? 

Is Southwest a Good Airline to Fly Internationally

Southwest is serving international flights to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Flights to these locations can be longer than usual. The airline aims to keep flyers comfortable irrespective of that. Hence, it provides excellent amenities to meet the main needs on these flights.

  • One can expect in-flight entertainment.
  • Pre-installed movies/shows can be viewed.
  • Seats with spacious legroom can be opted for.
  • Subject to availability, passengers can get Wi-Fi.
  • Refreshments can be accessed.

Is Southwest a Good Airline to Work For?

In the aviation sector, Southwest is considered one of the top employers. The airline has a reputation for treating its employees fairly and offering great benefits. Employees enjoy the company culture too. Moreover, they appreciate the opportunities for career advancement. 

  • Southwest is one of the best places to work in the United States.
  • However, like any job, there may be challenges and drawbacks. 
  • Work hours can be long but learning is ensured.

Is Southwest Good Airline According to Reviews and Ratings? 

Overall, the airline has received 4 out of 5 ratings in different aspects. One important aspect is safety. Secondly, passengers are fond of the quality of services given at cheap prices. Aside from this, their reviews indicate other areas in which this carrier has excelled.

A brief of passenger reviews and ratings is given further, showing how much is Southwest Airline good: 

  • The customer and staff services are given good reviews. 
  • Passengers are satisfied with cabin cleanliness and comfortable seatings.
  • The business Select fare option has also received decent ratings.
  • Travelers have shown satisfaction with services like baggage, check-in, and boarding.


Southwest Airlines is a good carrier for budget-conscious passengers. With affordable prices, in-flight amenities, and other benefits, it is a popular choice for domestic travel. Even to fly internationally, it is a preferred airline. Its ratings and reviews majorly reveal why it is good to fly with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To learn more about how good is Southwest, the following should be read:

1. Is Southwest Airlines good to fly on a budget?

Yes, Southwest is a low-cost airline that can be suitable for budget travel.

2. How good is Southwest Airlines?

The airline has a solid reputation for being good in terms of services.

3. Is Southwest a good airline to fly locally?

Yes, Southwest provides reliable services to multiple locations in the US.

4. Is Southwest a good airline to work for?

Due to its supportive workplace culture, it is praised as an excellent place to work.

5. Is Southwest Airline a good airline for baggage services?

Travelers who choose Southwest can expect good luggage services.

6. Is Southwest a good airline for unaccompanied minors?

Yes, Southwest provides unaccompanied minor services with safety and special care.

7. How to get a good seat on Southwest Airlines international flights?

Booking Business Select and arriving early both work well to get a good seat.

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