WestJet Flight Cancellations, Fees, Refunds, and Reimbursements

WestJet Flight Cancellations

The airline, WestJet, has a flexible policy for flight cancellations. The WestJet flight cancellation policy involves certain rules. These rules vary, depending on the type of ticket travelers have purchased. While withdrawing their bookings, they may be subject to fees. But this policy introduces some provisions too. Owing to these, travelers can get refunds for canceled flight tickets. The rules and provisions vary as per certain timeframes. Particularly for 24-hour cancellations, the policy offers more flexibility. Some flexibility is observed even after this window is crossed. However, this can result in certain penalties or limitations too. Once the key terms are understood, passengers can feasibly make cancellations.

Can You Make WestJet Flight Cancellations?

Can You Make WestJet Flight Cancellations

Customers can cancel their flights with this airline. Flight cancellations on WestJet are a useful feature for people who have changed their plans due to some emergency or for other reasons. This carrier allows them to cancel their flight for free up to some time limit. Otherwise, it is necessary to pay some amount as a revocation fee. 

What is the WestJet Flight Cancellation Policy? 

The cancellation policy of WestJet Airlines can be thought of as a set of guidelines that facilitates plane ticket reversal. With this policy, whether the reservation is qualified for revocation or not can be decided. It includes the key conditions that travelers must fulfill in order to make a request for the same. 

Additionally, the WestJet flight cancellation policy helps people to comprehend the process of flight reversal. 

  • For Basic Fares, a refund isn’t received when the reversal is made after 24 hours of flight booking. 
  • A flight cancellation can be made offline and online. 
  • As per fare regulations, this policy can differ. 

Can I Cancel My WestJet Flight within 24 Hours?

A reservation can be reversed under this policy within 24 hours without incurring any fees. The 24-hour policy for flight cancellation was formed for the comfort of travelers. Every kind of ticket is a part of this policy. This feature is crucial given that sometimes, the fees charged for flight cancellations are higher. 

How to Cancel WestJet Flight Online?

How to Cancel WestJet Flight Online

Through the official website of WestJet Airlines, people can request flight cancellations online. It is among the simplest ways to make revocations. For international travelers, this method is more useful. To make ticket reversals, details including the reservation code and personal information are required. 

With the following steps, people can be aware of how to cancel WestJet flight online: 

  • Open the browser and search for the official website of WestJet Airlines. 
  • Here, choose the “Manage Trips” option from the menu. 
  • After this, select “Manage Flights”.
  • Enter both the “Last Name” and “Reservation Code“. 
  • Then click on the “Search” tab. 
  • Click on the flight that needs to be canceled. 
  • After choosing it, confirm that the planned ticket has been reversed. 
  • Further, wait for the process to finish before exiting the website. 

How to Cancel a WestJet Flight via Calling?

In certain cases, it may be preferable for travelers to make a call to the airline directly to cancel their flight reservations. The airline executives can attend to passengers directly using this method. Over the phone, flight cancellation can be requested. For last-minute revocation, this function can come in handy. 

Speak with the airline’s team by calling WestJet flight cancellation phone numbers. They are as follows:

Location Phone Number 
From Canada1-888-937-8538
North America 1-866-666-62241-844-213-5239 (Japanese)
Beyond North America 1-403-444-2581

Note: For WestJet Vacations reservation cancellation from Canada, dial 1-877-737-7001. 

How can You Cancel a WestJet Flight at the Airport?

The procedure for flight cancellations can be completed while at the airport. There are a few stages to finish this process. Initially, people must get to meet the staff members of WestJet Airlines. Share the concerns related to flight cancellation of regular or WestJet Vacations bookings. Then, passengers need to provide some information, such as their name, ticket number, booking code, etc. 

After receiving all the required documents, the staff members cancel the flight on the passenger’s behalf. Any fees applicable should be paid in advance. Travelers will be notified later on whether or not the procedure has been successfully completed. 

What is WestJet Flight Cancellation Fee?

What is WestJet Flight Cancellation Fee

In order to cancel WestJet flights, travelers must pay some fees. In general, there are costs associated when they cancel their flights after 24 hours of reservation. WestJet flight cancellation fees depend on a few aspects. One such aspect is the kind of ticket. For both local and foreign flights, different costs may apply to plane ticket cancellations. 

Cancellation Charge for: Economy FlexBusiness Economy Premium 
All flights between Canada and other countries, excluding those in Europe and AsiaNo fee100 to 118 USD or CAD100-118 USD/CAD100 to 118 CAD or USD
Air Travel from Canada and AsiaNo fee600 to 708 CAD150 to 177 CAD300 to 354 CAD
Plane Tickets within CanadaNo fee100 to 118 CAD100-118 CAD100-118 CAD
Tickets between Canada and WitopeNo fee600 to 708 CAD150 to 177 CAD300-354 CAD

Can I Get WestJet Flight Cancellation Refund?

In certain cases, after flight cancellations, people can receive refunds. Whether a passenger is qualified for this money or not can be cleared via the refund policy of WestJet Airlines. On refundable, as well as non-refundable tickets, the rules for the same may vary. 

To understand the WestJet cancel flight refund criteria, read the following details: 

  • After cancellation fees, flyers can receive a travel credit instead of the remaining money. 
  • The duration of the refund can be longer than twenty-four hours. 
  • For PremiumFlex, it may be returned to passengers in the payment method used initially. 
  • This airline may not refund any money for Basic Tickets cancellations. 
  • It cannot be refunded in the same way as payment when the flight is canceled more than 24 hours after booking.
  • The above applies to Premium, Business, and EconoFlex kinds of fares. 

Is WestJet Cancelling any Flights?

In some circumstances, WestJet Airlines cancels the flight bookings. There may be a number of reasons for this canceled flight. They can be due to inclement weather or for other reasons. 

When the air carrier cancels flights, it tries to inform travelers as soon as possible. One medium used for the same is the email facility. Sometimes, through the calling option, it can inform them. Further, on the official website, all updates, such as cancellation, timing, etc., are included. 

What is WestJet Flight Cancellation Compensation?

What is WestJet Flight Cancellation Compensation

During certain situations, flyers may have challenges with canceled flights. They may be entitled to compensation when the airline cancels or postpones flights. Passengers are eligible for compensation regardless of the reasons the airline may have. 

Any difficulties suffered by them can be compensated by providing reimbursement. Or, in certain cases, another flight is scheduled. 

By and Large,

WestJet, a renowned air carrier, allows passengers to cancel their plane tickets. It has implemented WestJet flight cancellation policies to make the process go smoothly. In addition, it offers offline, as well as online ways, to revoke a plane ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following questions and answers provide information about flight cancellations with WestJet Airlines.

1. How do I know if my WestJet flight is cancelled?

This airline notifies passengers via email option or by calling to inform them about cancellations.

2. Can I cancel my WestJet flight within 24 hours?

Yes, one can cancel a flight within twenty-four hours.

3. Can you cancel a WestJet flight?

People can cancel their plane tickets with this airline.

4. Can you cancel WestJet flights for free?

Yes, by canceling a flight within 24 hours of booking, one can cancel it free of charge.

5. How to cancel WestJet flight online?

By heading to the official website of this airline, passengers can reverse their bookings online.

6. Can I get compensation for cancelled flight on WestJet?

Yes, flyers can get compensation for their canceled flights with this airline.

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