What Terminal is Southwest at LGA? LaGuardia Airport

What Terminal is Southwest at LGA

Many individuals and groups chose to travel with Southwest Airlines from LaGuardia Airport. They can fly on time and with convenience, knowing what terminal is Southwest at LGA Airport. From Terminal B of the airfield, people can depart to their intended destinations. Different types of aircraft can be observed in action from here, pertaining to the fine structure of the building. It was designed by Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum. Two concourses are present here. They are Eastern and Western Concourses, supported by multiple gates. With its incredible structure, every year, plenty of passengers come here to board their flights. It is noteworthy that LaGuardia or LGA Airport Terminal B functions actively for seamless operations.

What is Southwest Terminal LGA for Arrivals?

What is Southwest Terminal LGA for Arrivals

Terminal B of LaGuardia Airport is used for Southwest Airlines flight arrivals. It is employed for both domestic and foreign flights. After landing, people can head to Level 2 of the same terminal. Here, facilities such as baggage claim and car services are available too. 

What is Southwest Terminal LGA for Departures?

For domestic flight departures at LGA Airport, Southwest Airlines approaches Terminal B or TB. The same terminal is used for international flights too. To catch these flights, it is important to come earlier to the airport. Check-in and security procedures take place at Level 3 of Terminal B. 

Basic Details Regarding Southwest Terminal LaGuardia Airport

Basic Details Regarding Southwest Terminal LaGuardia Airport

While traveling with Southwest Airlines from or to LaGuardia Airport, it is suggested to be aware of some basic details in advance. They can assist people to easily head to the designated terminal. Also, booking various facilities becomes easy, specifically with contact details. 

The following is a summary of the Southwest Airlines Terminal at LGA Airport: 

Southwest Airlines LGA TerminalTerminal B 
Airport NameLaGuardia Airport 
Airport Website www.laguardiaairport.com
Airport Address Queens, NY 11371, USA
Elevation21 ft/6 m
Airport typeCivil 
LGA Southwest Arrival TerminalTerminal B 
LGA Southwest Departure TerminalTerminal B 
ServesNew York Metropolitan Area
Airport Contact Number(718)-533-3400 or (800)-435-9792
Date of Opening 2nd December 1939
Coordinates40°46’30″N 73°52’30″W

LGA Southwest Terminal Map

The map of LaGuardia Terminal Southwest Airlines is useful to locate many areas. This is because LGA Airport has several distinct parts and a more extensive architectural design. Hence, finding parking areas is made effortless with this map. Also, various gates and concourses can be simply navigated through this.

Southwest Airlines operates some of its flights to popular locations from LaGuardia Airport Terminal B. Some locations include Atlanta and Chicago-Midway. This airline plans a number of flights from LGA Airport every day to get people to these places. Additionally, people can visit seasonal locations with this airline such as Orlando. 

Other top locations of Southwest Airlines available from LGA Airport are as follows: 

  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Tampa
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans

Facilities Provided at Southwest Airlines LaGuardia Airport Terminal (LGA)

Facilities Provided at Southwest Airlines LaGuardia Airport Terminal (LGA)

With this airline, flight reservations are an essential service. At LGA Southwest Terminal B, people can manage their flights too. Additional ease is ensured by giving options for different fares. Further, they can opt for the reservation of in-flight facilities. Other services include reward programs and pet services.

Options for Fares

With Southwest Airlines, people can book different kinds of fares. Wanna Get Away+, Wanna Get Away, and Anytime are some of the types they can choose. Also, for comfortable flights, Business Select on Southwest is worth it. It provides a variety of facilities, including various cuisines, comfortable chairs, etc. 

Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines offers a frequent flyer program. Known as Rapid Rewards, by participating in it, flyers can get credits on almost every flight. At LaGuardia Airport Southwest Terminal B, these points can be used to pay for flight tickets. They can be redeemed for booking several facilities as long as they do not expire. 

Onboard Facilities 

Several amenities are available on board with Southwest Airlines. Passengers can access a menu catered for alcoholic drinks. These drinks are distributed only during some festivals. The Wi-Fi service is available to certain flyers. A range of shows and films can be watched. On a few flights, free food is provided. 

Managing Flights

Travelers have the option of changing their flight reservations. They can alter their flight schedule/location, and make upgrades too. For this purpose, they can head to the Southwest LGA Terminal B. They can place requests for the needed adjustments and share documents at Terminal B of the airport. 

Flight Reservations

Bookings can be made for both domestic and foreign travel. To accomplish this, people can walk up to the Terminal B of LGA Airport. Here, specific counters are available for plane ticket reservations. Custom requirements such as wider legroom, dietary requirements, etc., can be ensured at the counters.

Pet Services

Southwest is a good airline that accepts bookings for cats and dogs. At LGA Airport Terminal B, these reservations can be made. The official website makes it simple for flyers to reserve a trip for their companions. While traveling with pets, submitting some documents is necessary, especially the vaccination verification. 

In Short,

To and from LaGuardia Airport Terminal B, Southwest Airlines effectively manages its flight operations. It ensures that the requirements of every flyer are successfully met. It provides a range of facilities for this purpose. Thus, one can depend on this airport terminal to meet one’s travel needs and fly extensively.

Frequently Asked Questions

By reading through the following questions and answers, travelers can learn about the services of Southwest available at LGA Airport.

1. What terminal is Southwest at LGA Airport?

Southwest Airlines can be found at LaGuardia Airport Terminal B.

2. Which is the LaGuardia Southwest Terminal for departures?

For this airline’s flight departure via LGA Airport, Terminal B is allotted to it.

3. How many levels are available at Southwest Airlines LaGuardia Terminal B?

4 levels are accessible at this airport’s Terminal B.

4. What are the facilities at Level 1 of the Southwest Terminal at LGA Airport?

Bus and shuttle facilities are observed at this airfield’s Level 1.

5. How to find the map for Southwest Terminal at LaGuardia Airport?

On the official website of this airport, the map for the terminal is easy to find.

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