Is Southwest Business Select Worth It? Affordability, Services, And Reviews

Is Southwest Business Select Worth It

The US-based low-cost carrier Southwest offers worthwhile in-flight experience in its Business Select option. In most aircraft, it facilitates additional perks for free to travelers who have opted for this class. Also, the fare for this option is reasonable even though it is the airline’s costliest ticket. Why is Southwest Business Select worth it for travelers can be learned through this and other aspects too. In this class, enjoyable in-flight entertainment is facilitated for passengers. These services can possibly include a better Wi-Fi connection, TV shows, and complimentary drinks. For such high-quality amenities and experience, Business Select has achieved valuable reviews from passengers. 

Why is Business Select Worth it on Southwest?

Why is Business Select Worth it on Southwest

Southwest Airlines Business Select can be a valuable choice for travelers who are fond to experience premium facilities. With this, they receive a premium-class experience with many high-quality services. Even the price of the same is cost-effective.

To gain more insights on why is Business Select on Southwest worth it, keep reading the below-given points: 

  • Business Select offers a first-class travel experience at less cost.
  • Travelers are given multiple facilities at the same time during flights. 
  • The airline provides passengers the option to choose their preferred seats.
  • It allows them to change their flights before departure at no cost when a seat is available.
  • Note that some fare differences or taxes may have to be paid. 

For Whom is Southwest Business Select Worth it? 

Business Select provided by Southwest Airlines is worthwhile for budget-conscious travelers. As it is a low-cost carrier, it facilitates budgetary tickets in Business Select. The same can be valuable for people who want a first-class experience without spending hefty prices. 

  • Business Select Southwest is worth it for travelers who have a low budget to fly.
  • At a minimum price, they can enjoy high-quality amenities and seatings like First-Class.

Is Business Select on Southwest Worth it for Entertainment?

Is Business Select on Southwest Worth it for Entertainment

Southwest Airlines is worthwhile, providing travelers with high-speed connectivity and better in-flight entertainment services. It includes many amenities and sources to stay entertained during flights. Here is more to comprehend on the kinds of entertainment facilities given: 

  • The airline facilitates TV shows, movies, music, etc., to passengers for entertainment. 
  • In-flight messaging services and high connectivity over Wi-Fi are given inside planes. 
  • Such facilities are offered on all domestic flights in the United States.
  • However, there are a few restrictions on international Business Select travel. 
  • Prior to booking this class, infer these limitations.

For Which Services is Southwest Airlines Business Select Worth it? 

Business Select is considered worth it for its additional services offered. Such in-flight amenities include Wi-Fi, free drinks, boarding services, reward points, and more. Given these services, this class option provides passengers with a comfortable and joyful flying experience. 

Here is more to know about why is Southwest Business Select worth it for its given services:

  • Seats offered in this cabin are quite comfortable and have wider space. 
  • The Business Select class offers additional perks to passengers, aside from comfort.
  • It provides free complimentary drinks on board. 
  • The tickets for this class are also refundable.
  • Travelers get priority boarding, hence, they do not need to wait in line. 
  • A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is offered.
  • Those who fly with Business Select get points as Rapid Rewards.
  • They do not expire and can be used to buy tickets or apply for discounts in the future.

Is Business Select Southwest Worth it According to Reviews?

Overall, Southwest Business Select has received decent ratings and reviews. Many passengers have considered it worthwhile due to the affordability of cost. At such a cost, they have been able to get enough services to enjoy the flight experience. 

Below given is a brief of travelers’ reviews. This can help one to know whether or not is Southwest Airlines Business Select worth it.

  • Flyers have shown their satisfaction with the extra in-flight amenities offered in the planes.
  • Most travelers have rated the Business Select experience highly like first-class on Southwest.
  • Some people were disappointed due to fewer food services and cramped seats.
  • A few travelers have given low ratings for not offering separate cabins for Business Select.


Southwest Business Select is worth considering for budget-conscious travelers who want a good flight experience. With additional perks like free drinks, priority boarding, and high-speed Wi-Fi, this class offers an affordable and joyful experience. While there are certain areas of improvement, largely, this class is worthy of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Travelers should have their doubts cleared before traveling via Business Select. They can do so by studying the below-given queries commonly asked:

1. Is Southwest Business Select Worth it for travelers?

Yes, it comes with perks that can make the travel experience worthwhile.

2. What services make Business Select Southwest worth it?

There are priority boarding, priority security line access, and premium drink vouchers given as services.

3. Does affordability make Business Select on Southwest worth it?

The fares for Business Select are affordable, hence, passengers can enjoy it at less cost.

4. Is Business Select on Southwest worth it for a premium experience?

Yes, the airline offers a premium experience under this class.

5. Is it worthy to upgrade to Southwest Business Select?

This airline allows upgrading to this class for a good experience, making it worthwhile.

6. Is Business Select worth it on Southwest for international travel?

Aside from a few restrictions, Business Select is great for international flights.

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