Frontier Flight Fumes, Forces a Late-Night Return to Denver

On September 19, 2023, on one of Frontier Airlines flights, a spokesperson of Denver International Airport reported an odor in the plane’s cockpit. For this reason, its flight heading West had to head back to Denver. 

Airbus A321 Flight 560 of Frontier departed from Denver International Airport to Raleigh in North California. Roughly 40 minutes, post the take-off, it was diverted back to Denver due to an odor.

Frontier Airlines returned flight took off at 06:42 P.M. MDT. Further, it landed at DIA Airport at 07:10 P.M. Some spokespersons claim that the flight had returned due to medical complications. Later, it was clarified that a technical issue caused the disruption.

The fume occurrence affected the travel of 160 passengers on board. Flight officials called for assistance from medical professionals for any emergency. At the gate, EMS specialists saw multiple flyers and the flight executives. However, there have been no complaints found of anyone needing additional medical care. 

Recordings for air traffic control hint that the pilot was heard mentioning an odor present in the cockpit. It was uploaded to The smell, according to the pilot, was a type of contamination occurring in the cabin.

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