United Airlines Becomes the Third Major Carrier to Finds Fake Components in Aircraft Engines

United Airlines found dubious components in its two airplane engines. One of these airplanes was already undergoing standard repair. The components included seals on the compressor stator vanes, which are useful for directing airflow throughout the engine. Before the aircraft are ready to resume flights, United Airlines is determined to replace all fraudulent engines from its aircraft. 

This air carrier became the most recent major operator by disclosing information on such components. On September 18, United Airlines, a Chicago-based air operator, disclosed this news. By doing further information, it was discovered that AOG Technics Ltd. is the principal supplier of the defective components. These particular AOG components are spares that are used on CFM International Inc. engines. 

The dubious AOG parts were employed from an earlier generation, the CFM56 engine, which was mounted on Airbus A320s as well as Boeing 737s. Aviation authorities opine that AOG internationally provided spare engine components that were supported by fake documents. Further, CFM is pursuing legal action to find additional records that can enable the engine supplier to help United Airlines find problematic components. 

United Airlines has been finding it difficult to verify the authenticity of the components since AOG Technics cannot give sufficient accurate documentation. Finding out how many spare components are in use is necessary. This is because many flyers are traveling via this air carrier due to their trust and reliability. 

Along with United, Virgin Australia Airlines and Southwest Airlines Co. have also confirmed finding bogus components. It is probably because AOG Technics has not been transparent about their use. Further, AOG Technics was cautioned by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regarding putting unauthorized parts in the aircraft. The agency thinks AOG Technics used inaccurate paperwork for unidentified engine parts. 

According to the CFM spokesperson, the safety of flyers is the initial priority. All personnel will continue to work for passengers to assess the authenticity of legal action against the supplier, AOG Technics, to speed up the airfield’s ability to find out the parts supplied by the third party. This sale was done more quickly with fabricated documentation. 

Along with the investigation, it personally remains fully engaged with aviation regulatory authorities for supporting all inquiries against AOG Technics. 

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