Last Minute Canada-India Airfares Increase Amidst Tensions

In response to a widening divide between the two nations, including India and Canada, last-minute airfare prices have soared. These prices have increased up to 25%. Foreigners and locals visiting relatives and friends in either nation can make last-minute reservations. They are likely to obtain flight tickets at a high price. 

As of now, two airlines are running direct flights on this route. The air carriers include Air India and Air Canada. They provide trips with a total of 48 flights every week between these two nations. Air India conducts regular flights between New Delhi and Toronto. Other routes are also covered from New Delhi to Vancouver. Air Canada travels three times a week between New Delhi and Montreal. 

In terms of overall international flyer traffic to or from India, the market for air travel between India and Canada represents around 1.2%. 54 million people traveled internationally to and from India in total. Further, 678614 flyers traveled between the two nations in FY23. 

According to the data from travel websites, spot costs for direct flights between New Delhi and Toronto have surpassed ₹ 1.46 lakh. On the route between Toronto and Delhi, the price is more than ₹ 1.01 lakh. Over 1.5 lakh rupees and over 1.16 lakh rupees, respectively, were paid for comparable rates between New Delhi and Montreal. 

Passengers who make last-minute reservations for a trip from New Delhi to Vancouver must pay almost 1.33 lakh rupees. Those traveling from Vancouver will need to pay close to ₹ 1.3 lakh. 

In 1982, India and Canada agreed to their first air transport agreement. In 2011, the arrangements expanded, enabling each nation to run 35 flights per week. In November 2022, this was extended even further, enabling selected air carriers to run an endless number of flights. 

Indian airlines may fly to Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, and two other locations that India will choose. The Canadian airline can fly to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. 

As of FY23, nearly 62% of all direct air traffic is operated between India and Canada on the Toronto to New Delhi route. It is made possible with another 25% of passengers traveling on the Vancouver to New Delhi route. Along with this, 13% falls for the Montreal to New Delhi flights.

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