What is a U.S. Government Shutdown and Who Would be Impacted by it?

In the United States, a government shutdown is when the president’s proposed funding legislation is not passed by the Congress. Also, the federal government restricts non-essential functions and agency operations, culminating into a shutdown. 

The government can also reduce unnecessary personnel. Besides, it keeps on board the necessary staff in the departments. These staff members are appointed to safeguard life as well as property. 

In Washington, US, a shutdown is expected to occur in the upcoming days. When the Congress will limit passing a funding deal by September 30th, all unnecessary government operations will be suspended beginning October 1. 

Vacationers may be compelled to think how the upcoming government shutdown will affect their trips. Since the government shutdown is expected to be active for a long period, travel plans to and from the US can receive some impact but they will still be able to embark on their plans. 

Due to the Congress not anticipating to enact the 12 yearly bills, the likelihood of the US government shutdown will increase. The government operations are to receive funds prior to the start of the next fiscal year. Hence, it looks like a government shutdown will occur on 1st October 2023. 

When this shutdown begins, it will affect many people. It will cease providing funds to different organizations. They will include Customs and Border Protection, Federal Aviation Administration, and Transportation Security Administration. Further, the employees who generally deal with seaports, flight controllers, as well as airports, will be affected. 

Following the shutdown in the US state, there can be negative effects on the economy too. According to estimates, a government shutdown or closure may cost the nation’s tourism industry. It can result in a loss of around USD 140 million a day. Moreover, as per the study conducted by Ipsos, 60% of Americans will probably postpone or refuse an air trip when a shutdown happens. 

During the shutdown, affected personnel will keep planes moving and the airports open. Also, they will work throughout the closure without being paid. This shutdown will undoubtedly put further strain on air traffic controllers as well as TSA officials, who will be working under a permanent staffing shortfall. 

Routine consular functions will resume in the United States and overseas locations. They will function as long as they are financially backed by the fees collected. It has been decided in accordance with the State Department’s most recent recommendations. 

On the basis of other similar instances, the government will possibly consent to provide funds to legislation. Hopefully, it will put everything back in its place. 

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