Is Sun Country Airlines Safe to Travel with?

Is Sun Country Airlines Safe

Sun Country is counted among the safest airlines in the country in the United States. It aims to fly to numerous routes and destinations without any accidents or crashes experienced. It offers a secure in-flight experience as well as amenities like food and medical care. While it is important to know is Sun Country Airlines safe, one should also be aware of its certifications.  IATA is one of the bodies to accredit this airline. It also has certifications from the FAA. Thus, proper safety can be expected on all flights. The airline even provides personalized care to each age group of persons and children too. 

What Makes Sun Country Airlines Safe?

What Makes Sun Country Airlines Safe

The American air operator, Sun Country is considered a safe airline because it provides good flights with its well-maintained aircraft of Boeing. These planes have features that enable smooth operations. They can even accommodate equipment like oxygen masks and fire extinguishers to keep the security levels high onboard.

Take a closer look at aspects because of which is it safe to fly Sun Country Airlines:

  • Aside from the planes, Sun Country is secure because it has a good record.
  • It adheres to security measures set by various transport authorities like the FAA. 
  • This airline employs experienced pilots and crew members.

Is Sun Country Airlines Safe and Cheap? 

This US-based airline offers low-budget but secure flights to passengers. Even as a low-cost carrier, it maintains its operations while executing flights to many destinations. This is possible as the carrier invests in essential safety equipment like first-aid kids, oxygen systems, and evacuation tools. Luxurious or complimentary services can be limited.

  • Such security equipment is available for all people on the planes. 
  • Through investments in safety programs, crew members are trained to handle uncertainties.  

How Safe is Sun Country Airlines for Domestic/International Travel?

Sun Country is considerably safe to fly to domestic and international locations. It flies to the US, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America. A few accidents happened at some destinations. One of these recently occurred in 2022 in Las Vegas. A Boeing 737-800 aircraft was trapped in a gear malfunction. However, this did not result in major harm.

  • Nevertheless, Sun Country Airlines is safe to fly as the trained crew manages every instance. 
  • It has received certifications for securely operating flights worldwide.

Is Sun Country a Safe Airline with Certifications?

Is Sun Country a Safe Airline with Certifications

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have certified Sun Country Airlines. These transport authorities regulate safe international flight operations through their stringent guidelines. The airline diligently abides by these.

  • Sun Country keeps its operational parts like engines and propellers in working conditions. 
  • For following regular safety audits, the FAA has certified this airline.
  • It is a member of IATA. 
  • Since bodies like the IATA and FAA are reputed, their certifications make the carrier reliable.

Is it Safe to Fly Sun Country Airlines for Unaccompanied Children?

Prioritizing children’s safety on all flights is one of the goals of Sun Country. Thus, for their security, it does not allow kids below or equal to the age of 14 years to travel all by themselves. Instead, they are permitted to fly with their parents on board. Hence, they can remain under the supervision of both crew and parents.

This carrier has created some instructions to be followed by parents/guardians for their children’s secure travel:

  • An adult must accompany the child below 14 years of age during flights.
  • In some domestic flights, 1 traveler 15-17 years old can fly with 1 child aged 5-14 years.  
  • Lone teenagers under 18 years are not allowed to fly internationally due to safety issues.
  • For their safety, parents or guardians above the age of 18 years must accompany them. 

Are Sun Country Airlines Safe According to Reviews? 

Based on some passenger reviews, the airline is secure to fly. Travelers have experienced a safe environment on flights. Their ratings remain high also due to medical safety and cleanliness. In-flight services like food, facilities, and cleaning, have been satisfactorily maintained. 

These reviews further point out is Sun Country Airlines safe:

  • Most passengers have positively assessed the security aspects of the airline.
  • Some of them have given mixed opinions about low-fare cabins.
  • But for onboard safety, it has achieved incredible passenger reviews. 
  • Flight Attendants and pilots are given good ratings for their proper services. 
  • The airline also offers an on-flight medical facility, according to these reviews.

In Brief

Undoubtedly, Sun Country Airlines is safe to fly with. Even as an affordable carrier, it has maintained its security aspects globally. By implementing safety measures, it has earned a good reputation. The certifications and passenger reviews it has received further confirm how safe it is to fly with this airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs that can help travelers understand better how safe Sun Country Airline is:

1. Is Sun Country a safe airline?

Yes, Sun Country is one of the safest options to fly with.

2. Are Sun Country Airlines safe for traveling with pets?

Approved pets can be carried and safely traveled via this airline.

3. How safe is Sun Country Airlines fleet?

The fleet is effectively updated and maintained. Hence, it is very secure.

4. Is Sun Country Airlines safe when flying to Austin?

Provided that bird strikes don’t occur, the airline is safe to fly to Austin, Texas.

5. With Sun Country Airlines is it safe for kids to fly?

Yes, under adult supervision, kids can fly unharmed with this carrier.

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