What Terminal is United at DFW Airport?

DFW United Terminal

Due to the large size of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, travelers of various airlines fly from here. Those who prefer United Airlines should identify the exact terminal to navigate through the high flow of travelers. The DFW United Terminal E is employed for their use. From this building, domestic and international planes are operated. Also, it has several levels that control this air carrier’s flight entries and exits. At the level and gate designated for the airline, flyers can complete flight check-in and security procedures prior to their planes taking off. Due to these smooth operations, individuals at this airport terminal can experience zero disruption from the time they arrive until they board their plane. 

Overview of Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, also known as DFW, was established in 1973. In Texas, this airport is based. In the past, the airport’s building housed a hotel with several rooms, a post office, and certain restaurants. Today, it is among the most frequently preferred airports in the world. It welcomes millions of travelers each year, regardless of personal or professional travel. People can choose a wide variety of international, as well as domestic flights, for their trips. With all the improved and updated amenities, it strives to provide flyers satisfaction while traveling to various destinations. 

What is United Airlines Terminal at DFW Airport for Domestic and International Flights? 

What is United Airlines Terminal at DFW Airport for Domestic and International Flights

United Airlines operates both domestic and international flights from or to DFW Airport via Terminal E. At this terminal, the flights of this air carrier arrive and depart from. Prior to leaving the airport, at Level 1, essential facilities are provided for domestic and international flights. 

  • At this level, near Gate E4 to E9, the check-in facility is located. 
  • For baggage deposit, Level 1 and Terminal E are approached. 
  • At DFW Uniter Terminal, security measures are to be completed too. 
  • The baggage claim services are available at TE. 
  • Along with these amenities, people can make use of lounges, restrooms, and more. 

What is the DFW United Arrivals Terminal for International/Domestic Flights?

All domestic flights of United Airlines arrive at Terminal E, DFW Airport. For receiving luggage, flyers need to head to Level 1. Besides, for international flight arrivals, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal E is highly employed. Here, people need to complete immigration processes to enter the nation. 

What is the Domestic/International United Airlines Departure Terminal at DFW Airport?

Both domestic and international flights of United Airlines take off from Terminal E of Dallas Fort Worth Airport. For deposing bags, Level 1 is in use. For check-in facilities, people can come to Gate E4 through E9. 

  • Curbside check-in is available at Level 0 of the United Airlines Terminal in DFW. 
  • Any procedures related to immigration prior to the departure should be completed at TE. 

What are the Basic Details of the DFW United Terminal?

Passengers of United Airlines should be aware of some basic details of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. They include the airport location, runways, terminals, and codes. By knowing the same, it becomes easy to reach the location for acquiring facilities. 

Here is a summary of the key components of DFW Airport: 

United Airlines Terminal DFW AirportTerminal E
Airport NameDallas Fort Worth International Airport 
Airport Website www.dfwairport.com
Airport Address Grapevine, Irving, Euless, and Coppell
Elevation607 ft/185 m
Airport typeInternational 
United Airlines Arrival Terminal DFW AirportTerminal E
United Terminal at DFW Airport for Departure Terminal E
ServesDallas-Fort Worth metroplex
United Airlines DFW Terminal phone number+1-972-973-5100
Opening YearIn 1973
Coordinates32°53’49″N 097°02’17″W

How to use the DFW United Terminal Map?

The DFW United Terminal map aids travelers in learning where different counter locations are based. It displays the locations of counters for ticketing, baggage, check-in, etc. Restrooms, lobby areas, and more facilities can be found on the map. Along with the locations, it shows the routes and connectivity that United Airlines serves from this airport terminal.  

What are the Popular Locations of DFW Airport United Terminal?

What are the Popular Locations of DFW Airport United Terminal

United Airlines is a safe operator that accesses the most popular routes from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Mostly, it covers domestic routes. Flyers can access seasonal as well as regular flights from this point. These flights commonly depart from Terminal E. As they are popular and safe routes, it is suggested to book flights in advance for confirmed tickets. 

The best routes accessible from United Terminal DFW Airport are listed below: 

  • Denver
  • Newark
  • Washington-Dulles
  • Chicago-O’Hare
  • Houston-Intercontinental
  • San Francisco 

What is the United Airlines Terminal for DFW Airport Parking and its Charges?

At Terminal E, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, there are parking facilities to be used. For using this facility, it is important to book and pay the fees in advance. By doing so, flyers of United Airlines can receive roughly 50% of the discount. Further, this parking lot is open from Morning 08:00 A.M. until 04:00 P.M. 

  • There are modern digital parking assistance systems available at TE. 
  • It enables travelers to quickly locate open parking spaces for their vehicles. 
  • The parking service is booked for a maximum of 90 days.
  • Vehicles may be removed when the specified time has passed. 
  • The fees for this service are mentioned below: 
Parking Duration Charges (in USD)
Up to 8 minutes 6
Between 8 to 30 minutes 2
30 minutes to 2 hours3
2 hours until 4 hours 9
4 to 6 hours 10
6 hours till the whole day 27

Note: Cash or a few credit cards are accepted as a form of payment for parking services.

Which is the United Airline Terminal at DFW Airport for Check-in?

Passengers should start the check-in process at Level 1 of Terminal E, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Here, some gates, from E4 to E9 are allocated. People need to come a couple of hours before the flight departure. The check-in desk can open twenty-four hours prior to the intended departure time. 

  • Flyers can first complete online check in to fly via the United Terminal at DFW Airport. 
  • Several overseas locations do not accept online as well as mobile check-in.
  • Those who are flying to these locations can complete the procedure at the terminal. 
  • Passengers without checked bags need to check in at least 30 minutes prior to take off. 
  • With checked bags, check-in at least 45 minimum before departure.
  • Before take-off, the United Airlines check-in international time limit is around 60 minutes. 

Is TSA PreCheck Available at DFW Airport United Terminal E?

Is TSA PreCheck Available at DFW Airport United Terminal E

There are security checkpoints at Terminal E of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. TSA PreCheck security is also housed at this point. Flyers can shorten the wait time in the security queues with this facility. United Airlines DFW Terminal continues to be accessible to sign up for this service. 

  • The timing for TSA PreCheck may change depending on the intended location. 
  • Valid identity paperwork is necessary in order to utilize this facility. 
  • People can maintain their belts, shoes, and other things. 
  • The laptops and other electronic items may stay in the luggage too. 

What are the DFW Terminal United Airlines Restaurants?

United Airlines flyers can experience different kinds of restaurants at DFW Airport’s Terminal E. Dining options like Auntie Anne’s provides food for individuals, families, and kids at reasonable to expensive prices. In addition to on-site services, restaurants like Peet’s Coffee & Tea have online options for ordering food. 

Terminal E has the following eateries as well: 

  • Love Shack
  • Panda Express and Bar
  • Uni Due Go
  • Dunkin’
  • Drew Pearson’s Sport 88
  • Wendy’s
  • Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse
  • TGI Fridays

How Much is the Baggage Allowance on United Airlines DFW Terminal?

United Airlines travelers are permitted to bring both carry-on and checked luggage for their trips via Dallas Airport Terminal. The baggage items will be subject to differing weight as well as size restrictions. At United DFW Terminal, the allowance can be learned about as per the location of travel.

  • Generally, there is a weight limit for checked bags of:
    • 32 Kilograms in Business 
    • And, 23 Kilograms in Economy
  • Mostly, 1 carry-on, as well as 1 personal item, can be permitted. 
  • Beyond these limits, people need to pay some amount for extra bags. 
  • This charge can be calculated by using the “Fee Calculator” on the airline’s official website. 

Which Facilities are Provided at DFW United Airlines Terminal? 

Which Facilities are Provided at DFW United Airlines Terminal

As part of facilities, people can check their flight status, prior to leaving, at DFW Airport United Airlines Terminal. Visitors can book different kinds of cabins and onboard facilities too. Information on reward programs can be gathered here. Other facilities, including flight cancellations, amenities for the elderly, and several lounges, can be availed. 

On-Board Services

United Airlines passengers can purchase in-flight facilities to enjoy while traveling. Sometimes, these facilities can be provided at no charge. The services include food and beverages. Wi-Fi facilities can be used for gaining access to a wide range of entertainment programs. Blankets and pillows are offered for relaxation while flying. 

Flight Cancellations

Sometimes, travelers may become ill before embarking on their intended journey. They have the option of canceling their plane tickets in this sort of situation. At the DFW Terminal for United Airlines, it is possible to cancel tickets. At this terminal’s counter, people can learn about its complete process, the precise window of time for reversal requests, and the associated costs. 

Flight Status

United Airlines takes all the reasonable steps to provide the most accurate flight status details to its passengers. These details can be acquired from the counters at Terminal E at DFW Airport. To know the same, it is crucial to give some information. They can be related to flight number, route, departure date, and other details. 

Cabin Alternatives

When flying, passengers need a comfortable cabin. For this purpose, this airline has formed various options. They are United First, United Polaris Business, United Premium Plus, Basic Economy, and more. When booking these at United Airline DFW Terminal, people can find the varying advantages enabled with them.  

MileagePlus Program

Travelers of United Airlines can take advantage of MileagePlus, a reward program. When booking plane tickets at Terminal E of Dallas Fort Worth Airport, these advantages can be availed. It includes several upgrades and preferred seating. But certain rules and regulations apply to these provisions.


Few lounges are present at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. People can make use of the lounge named United Club. At this lounge, flyers can receive various kinds of options related to food and beverages. For those who want to sit and unwind for some time, this club can be a convenient option. 

Services for Seniors

United Airlines provides seniors with discounts on some of its flights. When purchasing plane tickets at DFW Airport, specifically at Terminal E, with the option “Senior 65+”, people can receive discounts. They can be reflected in the price display. Furthermore, for senior passengers, wheelchairs and oxygen facilities are available when needed. 

Facilities for Unaccompanied Kids

At the United Airlines Terminal at DFW Airport, people can book flights for unaccompanied kids. For children aged 5 to 14 who are traveling alone, this facility is compulsory to take. For those aged 15 to 17, this facility is optional. For this kind of reservation, kids can receive multiple advantages, including smooth check-in and security procedures. Also, they can obtain a few in-flight services for easy travel. 

Is there a Lost and Found Service at United Terminal DFW Airport? 

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport comprises the Lost and Found Department. It has been made at Terminal E. Near E4, before security, passengers of United Airlines can approach this department. They can make a report in order to inform the airport about their lost goods.

  • The official website of DFW Airport can be used online to make this report. 
  • Or else, in person, at this airport terminal, it is feasible to report missing items. 
  • Making a claim is cost-free at DFW Airport United Terminal E. 
  • This facility is operated from Monday to Sunday. 
  • The timing for the same is from 08:00 A.M. till 06:00 P.M. 
  • While reporting for the missed item, people need to provide some information. 
  • It includes address, first name, ZIP code, country, phone number, and other details. 

Flyers can have a great journey from or to Terminal E at DFW Airport. It is due to its top-notch facilities, global routes, and on-time schedules. By ensuring these, United Airlines strives to provide a wonderful journey from beginning to end to every individual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flyers can find answers to their inquiries by reading through a list of frequently asked questions. Some of the most important ones have been listed below:

1. What is the DFW Terminal for United Airlines?

The counters of this airline are available at DFW Airport, specifically at Terminal E.

2. What terminal is United Airlines at DFW Airport for flight departure?

Flight departures are enabled at Level 1, Terminal E of DFW Airport.

3. Do unaccompanied minors travel from United Airlines DFW Terminal E?

Yes, unaccompanied minors can travel from this airport terminal with ease.

4. Which cabins can be booked at United Airlines Terminal DFW Airport?

United Polaris Business, Economy, etc., are some cabins accessible for booking at Terminal E.

5. Is Skylink provided at Level 3 of United Terminal DFW Airport?

Yes, the Skylink facility can be acquired at Level 3 of TE.

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