What is United Airlines Check in and How to do it Online/Offline?

The UA or United Airlines check in facility aids passengers in completing their boarding with ease. For the same, there are online, as well as offline methods, available that comprise different steps. Additionally, this air carrier has a check-in policy. It allows travelers to go ahead with these procedures and acquire a boarding permit without any hassle. Before initiating this process, it is important to know all the rules, as well as their time limits, by fully comprehending the check-in policy. Different nations may have distinct check-in requirements too which can be unfolded through this policy of United Airlines.

United Airlines Check in

What is the United Airlines Check in Policy?

What is the United Airlines Check in Policy

The policy for check-in outlines how the arrival of a passenger is to be marked before a flight. To board a plane, it is crucial to check in for the flight according to this policy. By adhering to some of its rules, passengers can swiftly mark their arrival. 

United Airline check in policy comprises these terms:

  • For domestic flights, check in at least forty-five minutes before taking off. 
  • When traveling from/to Micronesia/Marshall Islands, check in 90 minutes prior to take-off. 
  • United check in methods are accessible twenty-four hours prior to the flight take-off. 
  • Depending on the departing airport and final destination too, 
  • Different times can be applicable for this process depending on:
    • Departing airport
    • Final destination

Is there a United Airlines Baggage Check in Policy?

United Airlines check in baggage is available for passengers, highlighting certain terms. It lists the rules for those who are flying with bags. But it also carries rules for those who are checking in without luggage.

  • Travelers without checked bags should check in for their flight 30 minutes prior to departure. 
  • The above applies when the majority of flights of United Express and UA are within the U.S.

How to Check in for United Flight?

How to Check in for United Flight

Flyers of United Airlines can check in via a variety of methods. They can opt for the online method. People can use either the airline’s website or mobile application. On the other hand, the offline UA flight check in method is to be initiated at the airport. 

1. Web Check in on United Airlines

The most common method for travelers is to check in online through the official website. By doing so, they can receive digital boarding passes. This can be initiated and completed from any place. For initiating it, some personal and travel-based information is needed. 

  • Passengers should visit the United Airlines website. 
  • Here, they can navigate to the “Check-in” option on the homepage. 
  • Then “Last Name” and “Confirmation or Ticket Number” must be provided.
  • When a visitor belongs to MileagePlus, he or she can enter:
    • “MileagePlus Number” 
    • And, “Password” 
  • After entering all of the necessary details, push the “Search” tab. 
  • Locate the reservation.
  • Complete the United flight check in procedure online as instructed on the screen. 
  • The boarding permit will be emailed soon. 
  • Later, one can print it and show it at the airport for smooth boarding. 

Note: Some overseas locations do not provide online and mobile check-in. 

2. United Airlines App Check in

This airline’s mobile application is another option for online check-in. Travelers, with connecting flights via United to one of the partnering airlines, can use this method with ease. It can be used twenty-four hours prior to the intended departure time. 

  • People can download the “United Airlines” application from:
    • “Play Store” 
    • “Apple Store” 
  • In the application, a dialogue box named “Flight Check-in” will be provided. 
  • Provide the information requested:
    • “Last Name” 
    • “Confirmation Number”
  • After providing information, pressing the “Continue” option is necessary. 
  • To go ahead, follow as instructed. 
  • When the check-in process is completed, take a printout of the boarding pass. 

3. Check in on UA at Kiosks

Passengers of UA can choose to do the check-in procedure at the airport. Here, when they need to speed things up, they can use the kiosks available to check in with United Airlines. Before doing this procedure, make sure of the required information and its operating hours before departure time. 

  • At the airport for departure, head to the closest self-kiosk service. 
  • Here, passengers can activate the machine. 
  • Then tap the “Check in” button. 
  • They can go with regular check-in or the MileagePlus Account option. 
  • Add the “E-Ticket Number,” a “Confirmation Number,” or another number. 
  • Carry out the next set of steps after the reservation has been located. 
  • After the procedure completion, people can instantly acquire a boarding pass. 

4. United Airlines Check-in at Airport 

The other way to make UA flight check-in offline is at airport desks. Here, the staff members of the airline are available for assistance. UA Airline check in desk opens a few hours before the plane takes off. Executing the method on time is vital. Hence, when flying during peak hours, travelers should arrive early.

  • At the airport, travelers can go to the appropriate check-in desk.
  • For initiating the check-in procedure, they need to give the necessary information about travel. 
  • Then the baggage will be taken by the agents available at the desk. 
  • Once the process has been finished, one can receive a boarding permit. 
  • By showing this permit at the security or boarding gate, people can easily board their flights.

Who is Eligible for United Airlines Check in Online?

Who is Eligible for United Airlines Check in Online

UA Flyers are eligible for online check-in when their reservation meets certain terms. The 1st flight of the itinerary should be operated by this airline. For web check-in eligibility on United, the reservation should meet the following terms too:

  • To be eligible for UA online check in, there must be up to 4 flight segments. 
  • The online option can be used for group reservations, with fewer than 9 people.
  • Customers who have already scanned their passports on the United App qualify with ease. 
  • Passengers cannot use the website or Mobile application when booking offline. 
  • For Basic Economic tickets, this option is not available, unless checking in a bag. 

What is the United Check in Timing at the United States Airports?

The timing for United Airlines flight check in process varies as per different US Airports. A lengthy duration may be required for this procedure. Usually, 30 to 75 minutes are required.

The following are the windows of time within which flyers should be at boarding gates for check-in: 

US Airport LocationsDomestic Flights in the U.S. with Checked Luggage (In Minutes)Timing for Flight in the United States with Carry-on Bags (In Minutes)International Non-stop Flights (with or without Checked Luggage) (In Minutes)
Honolulu (HNL)453075
Mammoth Lakes (MMH)303060
San Juan, PR (SJU)454560
Baltimore (BWI)454560
Kahului, Maui (OCG)454560
Small Lake City (SLC)454560

What are United Airlines Check-in Times for Airports Located Globally?

What are United Airlines Check-in Times for Airports Located Globally

Certain airports from where UA operates are globally located. The check-in timing for these is between 45 and 90 minutes. The minimum required timing for the UA Airline check in procedure should be known in advance. 

With this, people can make the necessary plans and ensure that they can check in within the specified number of minutes prior to their departure time. Further, whether they are checking in with their luggage or not, the following timing still applies. 

Airport Timing for Check before Departure (In Minutes)
Toronto (YYZ)90
Aguadilla (BQN)45
St. Thomas (STT)90
Berlin (BER)75
Dubai (DBX)75
Delhi (DEL)75
Accra (ACC)90

In Summary,

Passengers of United Airlines can check in for their flight boarding with ease. By outlining the time constraints for the same in the check-in policy, the air carrier makes it easier to do so. Before United Airlines flight check in, it is important to evaluate different variables through the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When visitors have any concerns about the check-in procedure and its operating hours, they can read the following in order to resolve them:

1. How to check in with United Airlines?

Passengers who have confirmed tickets can check in for their flights at the airport or online.

2. What is the UA check in time for Honolulu with checked baggage?

The check-in window opens 45 minutes earlier than the departure time.

3. When can I check in for United flights?

Before twenty-four hours of the plane’s take-off, people can start the check-in procedure.

4. What is needed for United Airlines flight check in?

Flyers need to provide a ticket number, ID proofs, and some personal details while checking in.

5. What is the United international flight check-in time?

This check-in time varies based on the international location. Usually, it is 75 minutes before departure.

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