Is Sun Country a Good Airline for Travelers? Insights (2023-2024)

is Sun Country a good airline

While searching for affordable air travel options, it becomes a must to learn is Sun Country a good airline. Fortunately, the airline is among the best options when air travel is required. It is because the air operator has earned the name for offering cost-effectiveness, outstanding travel services, and on-time flights. Hence, this carrier is an ideal option for those who are seeking pleasant, stress-free, and pocket-friendly air travel options. Apart from this, the airline ensures the highest possible safety with maximum comfort. For this, it has different cabin classes to choose from. Moreover, it focuses on several aspects that matter to travelers. Overall, it is a good airline as it strives to offer great customer satisfaction.

How is Sun Country Air a Good Airline?

Whether a passenger wants to explore a new place or simply wants to travel to an all-time favorite destination, Sun Country Airline is preferable. While offering world-class services, it equally focuses on passengers’ comfort and safety.  

In case one has indiscreet thoughts about is Sun Country Airlines good enough to invest time and money, one must read the following points:

  • Cost-effective airfares are observed.
  • A good network of destinations is ensured.
  • Different cabin classes can be opted for.
  • Prompt customer assistance is commendable.
  • On-time flights are observed.
  • A high-tech fleet of planes is available.

Is Sun Country Airlines Good and Affordable?


Knowing is Sun Country Airlines a good airline in terms of affordability or not can save flyers from unnecessary hassle regarding expenses. Fortunately, it is a prestigious air operator based in the United States. With a limited network, it is offering affordable flights along with exceptional ground and staff services.  

Moreover, the following makes it an affordable choice:

  • It uses a fuel-efficient fleet of aircraft and planes of Boeing.
  • Limited onboard services are given. However, passengers can purchase them as per their needs.
  • No Wi-Fi is provided. But travelers can enjoy pre-downloaded shows on their devices. 
  • Only 1 cabin class i.e. Economy is provided for both domestic and international travel.

Is Sun Country Good and Safe?

With well-maintained flights and superior services, Sun Country is counted among the best carriers. These flights are not just fuel-efficient but accommodate safety tools including fire extinguishers, oxygen masks, and first-aid kits. 

Have a look at some more aspects that make this carrier a safe as well as good airline:

  • Good records are one of the reasons why Sun Country Airlines is safe.
  • All safety measures prescribed by agencies such as the FAA are followed.
  • Only certified and experienced people are hired as cabin crew and pilots.
  • Several certifications i.e. FAA and IATA have been earned by this airline.

How Good is Sun Country Airlines for In-Flight Entertainment?


To keep airfares at a minimum, the airline does not offer entertainment or even Wi-Fi for streaming on its flights. However, Air-Fi – the alternative to Sun Country Airlines Wi-Fi services is offered. Even when a range of entertainment options is missing, passengers can rely on this carrier to have pleasant journeys.

  • It allows passengers to enjoy pre-downloaded songs, movies, shows, etc. 
  • This is a free service and can be availed as soon as passengers enter the flight. 
  • Lastly, they can bring their own magazines and personal devices to enjoy traveling.

Is Sun Country a Good Airline for Pets?


As a reliable air operator in the United States, Sun Country is good for pets to fly. It offers comfortable, safe, and affordable transportation for pets. According to the pet travel rules, only domestic cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin. Thus, even when Sun Country Airlines is a good option, it has some regulations and restrictions. Mainly, these are for the safety of animals on board.

These regulations are listed here:

  • Only small domestic pet dogs and cats are permitted.
  • They should be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Owners will need to keep them in an FAA-approved kennel.
  • The kennel should fit well under the seat.
  • One pet per ticketed passenger is allowed.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel alone with pets. 
  • A fee is payable to travel with one’s feline friend.

Are Sun Country Airlines Good and Reliable?

An airline is particularly considered good when it offers on-time flight services. In this regard, Sun Country includes the flights that fly as per the scheduled time. This airline has perfect timing for its arrival and departure flights. It rarely comes across any delay. As a result, there will be minimum disruptions and maximum customer satisfaction. 

Considering how good is Sun Country Airlines, the following pros should be looked at:

  • The on-time flight services ensure a hassle-free and memorable travel experience. 
  • It is an airline with more on-time flights. 
  • The carrier is highly trusted by customers. 
  • They find it easier to efficiently plan their trips.

Is Sun Country Airlines a Good Airline for Connectivity?


Be it a domestic travel or an international one, Sun Country Airlines can be preferred. As of 2022, this air operator is covering 80+ destinations globally. In addition to this, some destinations are added to fulfill the seasonal demands. 

  • The airline covers over 100 routes within the following:
    • United States
    • Central America
    • Mexico
    • Canada
    • Caribbean
  • It also provides special charter services for:
    • NCAA football teams 
    • The US Armed Forces
  • To keep its services smooth, a high-tech and advanced fleet is used by Sun Country.

Is Sun Country Airlines Good or Bad?

In terms of various aspects such as affordability and connectivity, Sun Country proves to be good. But just like any other air operator, this one also has some areas that need improvements. So, before booking one’s tickets, one should understand if Sun Country Airlines is good or bad. 

  • Although connectivity is good, flight routes need some expansion for explorations.
  • One will be required to pay extra charges to avail some of its services.
  • No international lounge is provided. It should be added to increase passengers’ travel experience.
  • For budget travel, this is a feasible option to choose.
  • Safety and reliability standards have been maintained fairly well.

Is Sun Country Airlines Good Airlines for In-Flight Comfort?


At the moment, the airline is only offering one cabin class – Economy – to its fliers but comfort is assured. Whether a flier wants to travel domestically or internationally, the Economy class can be chosen for the trip. Having comfortable seats is extremely important to enjoy a trip. Speaking about Sun Country Airlines, it has 3 different seat options in the cabin that offer varying levels of comfort.

Here are details about the same so that you can decide better:

  • Priority seats are provided for the fliers with special needs. 
  • These seats are reserved on every flight to ensure the comfort of special passengers.
  • “Best Seats” are offered with legroom and moving headrests. 
  • With the “Best Seats”, one will be provided with a USB port.
  • Standard seats are also available with limited space and a reclining ability.

In Conclusion

Clarity about is Sun Country a good airlines can undeniably help flyers. With affordable air travel options, it ensures a smooth travel experience. This air operator focuses on the safety and comfort of its travelers. Budget-conscious people also can plan their trip with the Sun Country without any stress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to know if Sun Country Airlines is good enough or not to rely on for one’s next trip”

Why is Sun Country a good airline for domestic travel?

Due to its affordable airfares, it is considered an excellent option to travel domestically.

Is Sun Country Airlines a good option for international journeys?

Affordability makes Sun Country a reliable option to fly outside the country.

 How good is Sun Country Airlines for unaccompanied minors?

The airline offers exceptional support for unaccompanied minors, making it a good carrier for their travels.

 Is it safe to transport pets on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, pet dogs and cats can safely be transported in this airline.

Is Sun Country Airline good for passengers with special needs?

It is a good option for special passengers as priority seats are reserved for them.

Is Sun Country Airlines any good?

Yes, this airline is good for affordability, safety, reliability, and service quality.

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