Is EasyJet a Good Airline? Understanding its Policies, Fees, and Other Aspects

Some customers need pocket-friendly air travel options. So, for them, knowing whether EasyJet is a good airline or not will make things easier when planning to fly on a budget. This British air operator is a low-cost option, offering affordable airfares. To keep its fare inexpensive, a lot of premium services are not provided to the passengers. However, it does not mean that the airline doesn’t focus on the quality of its services. Even after being a low-cost airline, it stands out easily because of its outstanding customer assistance, convenient flight policies, simple check-in processes, low fees, comfortable cabins, etc. 

Is EasyJet an Affordable Airline?

This airline has gained a reputation for being an economical option to fly with. However, to keep its airfares within the reach of different customers, it does not include many services. Even after this, it has a focus on improving its services or maintaining the quality.

EasyJet is a reasonably-priced air operator because of the following:

  • Customers are not provided with in-flight entertainment.
  • The airline does not offer free Wi-Fi.
  • It uses a highly advanced fuel-efficient fleet to ensure affordability.

How Good is EasyJet for Check-in Processes?

To ease the check-in process, EasyJet offers a hassle-free online method. Customers can do it online through the official website or mobile application of the airline. 

Some passengers do not prefer online check-in due to the confusing steps involved. But, aside from a few complex steps, EasyJet is a good airline in this aspect as the online procedure is quick, safe, and easy.

Fliers need to remember a few things before online check-in. These include:

  • The check-in process can be done from 30 days to 2 hours before the flight.
  • Travelers can either print the boarding pass or keep it in the EasyJet mobile app.
  • A new boarding pass will be needed if travelers make any changes to their bookings.
  • Check-in timing can vary from one travel location to another.

Does EasyJet have Good Connectivity?

Even though it is a low-cost airline, EasyJet has a wider network of destinations. Not just within the country, but also in a good number of places abroad. EasyJet scheduled flights are available around the year and for each destination covered. 

The below-listed pointers indicate that the connectivity of EasyJet is quite good:

  • The airline covers 150+ routes globally.
  • Most of its routes are available in the following continents:

o   North America

o   Europe

  • To save more on these destinations, fliers can join the EasyJet Plus Program.
  • Different fare options are provided by the airline. These include:

o   Flexi fares

o   Standard fares

  • An affordable airfare is offered for every location covered by the airline.

Is EasyJet a Good Airline for In-Flight Services?

In terms of in-flight services, especially for free, EasyJet may not always be a feasible option. To keep its fare minimal, it is not offering any complimentary meals or beverages on its flights at the moment. However, some of its charter flights may occasionally have the same. Besides, other in-flight services such as Wi-Fi are also not available. 

But travelers can make their journey better through the following:

  • Fliers can opt for the “Eat Drink Shop” brochure.
  • It is an onboard service to get amazing items.
  • One can also buy cosmetics, fragrances, gadgets, etc.
  • Duty-free items like rolling tobacco, cigarettes, and so on can also be purchased.
  • To enjoy in-flight entertainment, the airline’s magazine, the Traveller, can be taken.
  • “Air Time” is a service provided at the place of Wi-Fi.
  • It allows passengers to read e-books and watch movies or TV shows.
  • This service is only available on selected routes.

Is EasyJet a Good Airline with Convenient Baggage Policies?

EasyJet is a good airline and customer-friendly in terms of baggage policies. Hence, the policy is designed keeping the needs of its passengers and their belongings in mind. As per the policy, one cabin bag is free for all customers, while hand luggage and a large cabin bag can be purchased at reasonable rates.

Some more details are given here to describe the policy better:

  • One small bag is allowed in the cabin for free.
  • The size of this bag should be 45 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm.
  • Note that the suggested weight must not be more than 15 kg.
  • Cabin bags can be included like:

o   Handbag

o   Laptop bag

o   Small trolley case

o   Rucksack

  • Larger bags can be brought into the cabin as well.
  • For larger bags, a fee will need to be paid by the passenger.
  • The maximum weight and size of the bag should be 15 kg and 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm.
  • Such a bag can include:

o   Larger trolley case

o   Or, larger rucksack

  • Hand luggage can be purchased
  • A passenger is allowed to buy up to 3 bags.
  • Maximum weight should be up to 32 kg.
  • The combined dimension for each bag is 275 cm or less. 

Although several guidelines are covered by the baggage policy, convenience is ensured when they are followed. Otherwise, when not followed, drawbacks like extra charges are observed. 

Does EasyJet Charge Additional Fees?

Unlike any other airline, EasyJet also charges a fee for adding or upgrading anything to the existing trip. However, the fee is quite affordable when compared with the amount charged by other leading names. 

A passenger will need to pay an additional amount for the following:

  • Seat upgrades are not free and a fee will incur.
  • One large cabin bag is permitted but after paying a cost.
  • To bring more bags (in terms of size and weight), the airline will ask fliers to pay a price.
  • Services on its charter flights may come with an additional fee.

Are EasyJet Flight Change/Cancellation Policies Good?

EasyJet offers great flexibility when it comes to making changes to the existing booking. Please note that changes like name modifications, correcting spellings, etc., can be corrected for free. Besides, ticket cancellations can be done with great ease in case of an unexpected event. However, a minimal fee will be charged by the airline for these.

Look at the fees and related details to see how EasyJet is a good airline:

  • Spelling mistakes in the name or title are free to rectify.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the booking will cost £49 when done online.
  • To initiate the same offline, the airline will charge £55.
  • The cost of an online name change is £55.
  • At the customer care center, the name change will cost £60.
  • Flight changes 60 or more days before scheduled departure will cost £25 online.
  • Modifications to flights will incur a fee of £30 when done offline.
  • Any change in the reservation (flight change) will cost £49 when done before 60 days.
  • Offline flight change before 60 days of the departure will cost £54.

How Reliable is EasyJet Airlines?

Established in 1995, EasyJet is a trusted name in the aviation sector. So far, it has carried over 65 million travelers (as of 2014). Although people say that it does not offer any in-flight service, it is done to keep the airfares affordable.

However, the airline offers in-flight magazines and other alternatives to keep passengers entertained. Additionally, it has the best fleet to carry fliers safely and on time. Lastly, the policies and its wider network coverage make it an ideal choice among budget-conscious travelers. 

Is EasyJet a Good Airline as Per Reviews?

When reviews are checked online, customers have a mixed experience regarding the services offered by EasyJet. Some appreciate it for its cost-effectiveness, while others criticize it for not providing free meals, drinks, Wi-Fi, etc. Even after this, the airline remains one of the most trusted names to fly to 150+ destinations safely. 

In Closing

Be it extensive network coverage or affordable airfares, EasyJet is a good airline, although some aspects need improvements. For instance, some in-flight services, free cancellations within 24 hours, etc. can be offered. Overall, it all depends on customers and their travel needs that EasyJet can fulfill to ensure positive experiences.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help fliers know why EasyJet is a good airline:

What makes EasyJet a good airline?

Affordable airfares, wider network, and pocket-friendly services make it a good choice

Does EasyJet offer free Wi-Fi onboard?

To keep airfares affordable, it does not offer Wi-Fi currently.

Is EasyJet a good airline in terms of fees?

The airline has affordable charges for its additional services and products.

Does EasyJet have good network coverage in Europe?

This airline covers over 150 destinations globally including Europe, hence, ensuring good connectivity.

Is EasyJet a good airline for domestic travel?

Yes, it is a good airline for domestic travel.

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