What are Aeromexico Award Bookings and Reward Points? How to Use them?

Based in Mexico City, Aeromexico is best known for its affordable air travel options. To make this possible, the airline offers various additional services to its customers such as reward programs. Through these, one can obtain and book Aeromexico with points. Aeromexico award booking can be opted to save more on every travel, especially booked through these points. This is offered by the Aeromexico loyalty program. When it comes to redemption methods, there are many of them available. Moreover, depending on their needs and preferences, customers can choose to gain benefits from this program. By availing it, they can earn points, book tickets, and travel affordably.

What is Aeromexico Award Booking?

The airline, Aeromexico, offers a loyalty program – Club Premier for its passengers. This program consists of various benefits and premium services. When a member of this program makes a booking, he or she will earn some points after every purchase. 

Once the members reach a certain level, they can utilize the points earned for future bookings, seat upgrades, etc. 

Types of Award Tickets for Aeromexico Bookings

Before travelers book Aeromexico flights with points, they must know the types of tickets that can be availed through it. The airline aims at making the travel of its passengers as smooth as possible. Hence, there are mainly two types of tickets that can be purchased with these reward points.

1. Classic Aeromexico Rewards Tickets

Aeromexico Classic tickets are just like normal tickets for Aeromexico. But the only difference is that they are purchased through the reward points earned. Additionally, the final airfare completely depends on the availability, cabin classes, destination, demands, etc. 

Some of the benefits of these tickets have been mentioned here:

  • These points can be used for the booking of Aeromexico:
    • Flights, 
    • SkyTeam, 
    • And other affiliated members.
  • Travelers can fly to the destinations covered by these airlines.
  • The airfares will remain fixed.
  • Other benefits include the cost of checked baggage except in:
    • Canada, 
    • And the United States.
  • The booking fee will be USD 323 MXN if done online.
  • For other booking modes, the fee will be USD 640 MXN.
  • Note that the availability of these reward points is limited.

2. Aeromexico Rewards Tickets with Dynamic Fares

These are normal air tickets. However, the fare associated with an Aeromexico Reward ticket may change with demand, availability, and the destination chosen for the trip. It provides the members with many benefits while traveling so that they can have the best trip.

Below are some of the benefits one can avail of:

  • One can book Aeromexico with points to save more.
  • Reservations on affiliate members i.e. Air France, KLM, and Delta can also be made.
  • Bookings can be made for the routes covered by these airlines only.
  • Redemption of these points depends on the following:
  • Destination
  • Travel class
  • Availability of the flights
  • Customers’ demands
  • Baggage charges will depend on the airline’s specific rules.
  • Changes in the booking are only allowed when the airline permits.
  • A change fee may be incurred.

How to Get Aeromexico Booking Code or Rewards Tickets?

Aeromexico is a good airline, making it easier to get rewards and booking codes. It offers different airfare options to choose from, including reward tickets. 

But to enjoy the benefits of the same, a traveler will need to reach a certain level of its loyalty program. With each booking, some points will be credited. Once there are enough points, customers can redeem them for booking flight tickets, purchasing services or products, etc. 

How to Book Aeromexico with Points?

To book with Aeromexico rewards points, the members are provided with several methods. These ways are not just easy but quick as well since they can be performed online. A traveler should additionally learn about offline methods to make the most of the points available when access to the online process is limited. 

1. Via the Official Website

Passengers looking for the most convenient method for redeeming these points on Aeromexico can do this through the official website. They will require accessing the Reward Account to purchase a new trip. The payment for the same will be made using these points.

  • Go to the official website of Aeromexico.
  • Sign-in to the “Reward Account” will be needed for further steps.
  • Click on the “USE” option.
  • After this, go to “Buy Your Trip”.
  • Here, you will need to choose between the airfares available.
  • After this, fill out other details asked i.e. destinations, travel date, number of travelers, etc.
  • Now, click on the payment option.
  • While buying tickets, redeem your “Aeromexico Booking Points”.
  • Once the process is completed, a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered number or email ID.

2. Through a Phone Call

The airline, Aeromexico, has a dedicated phone line to address queries. Those associated with the bookings done through Aeromexico reward points are also addressed. People can dial (52 55) 1519 4040 for detailed information and professional assistance. The same contact number can also be used to book flight tickets to the selected routes.

3. Via Ticket Offices

Aeromexico has numerous ticket or sales offices across destinations covered by its flights. Passengers who are unable to redeem points online or through a phone call can locate the nearest ticket office. After this, they can connect with the Aeromexico representative to book tickets by redeeming the points earned. 

Please remember that passengers need to connect with the airline at least 24 hours before the expected flight timing. It is because the benefits i.e. ticket bookings are subject to demand and availability. 

How to Earn More Aeromexico Points on Booking?

To help passengers make more points on every booking and purchase, the airline provides special Aeromexico Cards. These credit cards are designed to allow travelers to reach the higher level easily and quickly. There are mainly two types of cards that can be purchased:

  • Santander Aeromexico Cards
  • American Express® Aeromexico Cards

With one of these cards, customers can earn more points on every booking. Currently, travelers can earn up to 8 reward points on each booking. These points are equal to one dollar. Hence, booking on Aeromexico with points can be done to save more.


Aeromexico reward points are the easiest way to make a trip even more economical. In addition to this, several other benefits can also be attained through these cards. These include baggage purchases, seat upgrades, etc. But to make the most out of these points, one should understand every aspect beforehand.

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