Is EasyJet Safe to Travel? Learn About Safety Measures, Records, and More

Being one of the biggest air operators in Europe, EasyJet is a safe option to transit from one place to another. The airline abides by the safety rules and other regulations needed to maintain the right standards. Every year, this airline carries millions of travelers. It holds their trust for many reasons beyond the implementation of rules set by important bodies in aviation. Its advanced safety features and systems added to aircraft are one of them. The other aspects are indicated through fine records maintained by the airline. With minimal accidents and mishaps, the records indicate how secure EasyJet is for different passengers.

What is the Operational History of EasyJet?

EasyJet is one of the safest air operators. It clearly indicates this through its operational history. The airline has not met deadly incidents since its inception that were not managed by it. 

As per the records, the British carrier saw a complete failure of its electrical system in September 2006. This incident caused inoperative aircraft systems including the autopilot, radios of planes, and the flight instrument screens of the captain. Due to this, some planes had an unexpected landing at Bristol Airport. However, the skilled team members rectified the issue.

Aside from the above, the safety record of this airline is mainly positive. Hence, it can be securely traveled with, especially when its crew is skilled enough to manage mishaps. 

How does EasyJet Ensure the Safety of Kids?

EasyJet is safe to fly even for kids. Owing to their security, the airline does not allow unaccompanied minors. To travel alone, a passenger should be 16 years old or above. Such a passenger can travel with an unaccompanied minor or with a traveler having special needs.

Besides, the airline provides the following to ensure a risk-free transit of or with kids:

  • Early boarding is offered to travelers who are traveling with kids below 5 years of age.
  • 2 carry-on bags are provided for free while traveling with a child. Travelers can choose to bring:
  • Pushchair
  • Non-collapsible pram 
  • Collapsible pram
  • Car seat
  • Travel cot
  • Baby back carrier
  • Booster seat
  • Other equipment for secure experiences
  • Seat selection is offered for free so that kids can comfortably travel.
  • Special assistance is provided for breastfeeding mothers to securely feed babies.
  • Infants between the ages of 14 days and 2 years can only travel with adults.
  • Kids between 2 and 15 years should be accompanied by adults who are 16 years of age and older.
  • Only one infant can sit in each row due to safety reasons.

What are EasyJet Safety Records?

EasyJet is safe to fly with and it is clearly indicated with its amazing records. According to the stats available, the airline has not seen any fatal accidents so far. In recent times, it has only experienced system failures.  

Is EasyJet Safe and Reliable?

Indeed, EasyJet is a good airline, top-rated for aspects like safety and reliability. The aspects are maintained because of the service quality promised. The same has also been recognized by its passengers. 

By checking the reviews and feedback shared by previous travelers, it is found that EasyJet is the best option when it comes to the following:

  • With the help of dedicated professionals, EasyJet offers assistance in no time.
  • It follows an expertly designed plan to streamline the processes at airports and onboard.
  • To speed up the screening process without compromising safety, it has efficient airport staff.
  • The flights of this airline have an amazing track record for timely landings and take-offs.

Are EasyJet Planes Safe and Clean?

Due to the latest models used, the fleet of this British carrier is safe. EasyJet planes are safe in terms of cleanliness as well. The airline authorities use products approved by the concerned departments to maintain hygiene onboard. 

Currently, the airline is using Airbus aircraft. Each plane is chosen after thorough research initiated by a team of experts. Equipped with features such as oxygen masks and first-aid kits, every plane is capable of dealing with emergencies too.

How Safe is EasyJet Airlines Website/App?

EasyJet is one of the carriers that pay attention to the on-ground as well as online safety. When it comes to using digital platforms and privacy, the airline has a solid policy for the same. As per this, no data of fliers is shared with any third-party agency or person. Hence, the website and application of the carrier can be securely used. 

Furthermore, this airline provides a safe digital arena to its customers because:

  • The official website is designed and developed by an expert team.
  • A secure platform is used for the website to ensure no risks while using it.
  • “EasyJet: Travel App” is safe for installing and using on phones.
  • This mobile app does not use the users’ phone data.
  • The information shared on the website or app is not misused for any purpose.
  • Also, the airline has a strong data security and privacy policy to prevent breaches.

How Safe is EasyJet Airlines’ Food?

This airline offers great services to its passengers on board. However, EasyJet does not include complimentary meals and beverages in their reservations. Currently, this facility is available on selected charter flights. Whether or not drinks and meals are complementary, one can consume them without worrying about their safety.

  • The airline offers hygienic foods/drinks with the service “EAT DRINK SHOP”. 
  • Using this service, travelers can buy their desired items onboard including:
    • Duty-free cigarettes
    • Rolling tobacco
    • Spirits
  • Although cigarettes, Spirits, and such items are not always safe, fliers should exercise caution. 

Final Words

EasyJet is safe to book and fly with due to its records and high-security standards. With efficient staff and a modern fleet, this air operator manages things effectively. There are multiple reasons why people prefer it among which its safety measures are the most notable.

Frequently Asked Questions

By reading the following frequently asked questions, one can further identify what makes EasyJet Airlines so safe:

Why is EasyJet safe?

EasyJet is safe because it uses a modern fleet and follows all the important measures.

Is EasyJet a safe airline for infants?

Yes, it is safe for infants as they are only allowed to travel with adults.

Why are EasyJet planes safe?

These planes are secure because they are technically advanced.

How safe is EasyJet Airlines?

The airline hasn’t seen major accidents since its inception, making it a safe air travel option.

Is it safe to book with EasyJet for international routes?

Yes, passengers can book and travel risk-free across the routes covered.

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