Is Aeromexico a Good Airline? An Overview of Services, Entertainment, Reviews, and Safety

When considering Aeromexico Airlines, it is worth knowing whether it is a good option as per one’s travel plans or not. The national flag carrier is highly appreciated for offering reasonably-priced airfares, a wider network, and exceptional services to customers. Due to these, Aeromexico is a good airline. This Mexican air operator always focuses on the quality of its services on every route that it operates. Be it an advanced fleet or outstanding options to help travelers save more, this is a passenger-friendly airline. Besides, it is a safe option as it follows all the relevant norms and hygiene measures to keep passengers secure.

How is Aeromexico Flight Experience?

The airline, Aeromexico, aims to provide its customers with a safe and comfortable travel experience. To achieve this, the airline has the best aircraft in its fleet. These planes are added after thorough research and consideration of various factors. This is done to ensure a safe and secure transition of passengers.

Other than this, the airline has the following to offer memorable flight experiences:

  • The latest fleet consists of the top models of Boeing, Dreamliner, and Embraer.
  • Each model has the necessary safety features i.e. first-aid kits, oxygen masks, etc.
  • Every plane has spacious seats with enough legroom.
  • Regular maintenance is done to keep planes in the right condition.

Does Aeromexico have Good Seats?

To make every trip extraordinary and comfortable, Aeromexico is operating with a modern and eco-friendly fleet having good seats. Every plane is carefully chosen and added to the fleet. This is why they are capable of transporting a huge number of passengers in one go, without compromising comfort.

These are the best planes to travel from one place to another. It is because of the following reasons:

  • The fleet has a modern range of planes.
  • These models include:
    • Dreamliner 787-8 and 787-9
    • Boeing 737 MAX and 737-800 
    • Embraer 190
  • They are designed with the most advanced technology.
  • Each plane has new seats to provide more personal space.
  • Planes like 737-800 have spacious seats featuring:
    • Personal screens for entertainment, 
    • LED lights, 
    • And, more legroom.
  • Plane models such as 787-8 emit less carbon, making them eco-friendly.
  • AM PLUS is available in Embraer to offer amazing in-flight entertainment alongside roomy seats.

How Good are Aeromexico Fares?

Aeromexico is a good option to plan your travel due to its affordable fares. As a flag carrier, the airline focuses on offering pocket-friendly options to its passengers. So, be it a domestic route or an international trip, a flier can plan a trip without going beyond the designated budget. 

Does Aeromexico Provide Free Food?

Be it a domestic flight or an international one, Aeromexico passengers will be provided with complimentary meals and beverages. The menu offered on the flights changes regularly. The airline strives to fulfill various dietary preferences and needs through this facility.  

  • This air operator is considered amazing when it comes to food. 
  • The menu is designed by an expert team.
  • Food is prepared by a team of highly skilled chefs.
  • The airline follows all health standards to keep the quality stringent.
  • A special menu is provided on demand.
  • Passengers should inform the airline of special dietary needs at least 48 hours before departure.
  • This facility is available for medium as well as long-haul travel.
  • A hot meal is served on all international flights.

Is Aeromexico Good for Entertainment Onboard?

The airline, Aeromexico, understands how pleasant it can be to travel a long-haul journey with entertainment sources available onboard. Keeping this in mind, Aeromexico offers the best onboard entertainment experience to its travelers for domestic as well as international trips. 

When Involving Domestic Travel: 

Since domestic routes include short-haul journeys, the airline offers easy-to-connect Wi-Fi to its passengers. Even though many airlines do not offer onboard entertainment for shorter routes, Aeromexico provides Wi-Fi for a better experience.

  • Passengers can connect their personal devices with the in-flight Wi-Fi.
  • They can stream videos, songs, etc.
  • HD screens are also available for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • USB ports are also provided to ensure uninterrupted entertainment.

For Intercontinental Flights: 

With an extensive network of destinations, Aeromexico is a good airline to travel globally. Additionally, its onboard entertainment is also amazing in terms of quality. 

All passengers will get the following to have a great travel experience onboard:

  • Planes such as the Boeing 737 MAX have free Wi-Fi for travelers.
  • HD screens are provided to stream a range of videos, music, TV shows, etc.
  • With AM PLUS, personal devices can be connected. 
  • All seats are spacious and equipped with USB ports for great entertainment without interference.

Is Aeromexico a Good Airline for Safety and Reliability?

Aeromexico is a great air travel option when it comes to safety and reliability. People who have traveled with this air operator gave the tag of one of the best airlines in the country. Furthermore, this Mexican airline is appreciated for ensuring safety in varying forms.

  • A standard cleaning process is followed to maintain the right hygiene.
  • The airline uses authorities-approved cleaning supplies.
  • Aeromexico is safe and also known for its punctuality.
  • With its super-advanced and modern fleet, it ensures on-time operations.
  • Support services are also prompt and the best way to get queries answered.

Aeromexico Airlines Reviews and Ratings

People who have flown in this airline may have different opinions regarding the services. However, certain aspects relating to the experiences provided by Aeromexico remain the same. For instance, the airline is recognized for its pocket-friendliness. 

Besides, it has been rated based on the following aspects:

  • The airline allows passengers to bring bags into the cabin by paying a minimal fee.
  • Travelers can bring a maximum of up to 10 bags.
  • Although Aeromexico First Class isn’t available, with Clase Premier, several benefits are given. 
  • Clase Premier members can have the first two bags for free, as per reviews.
  • Pets can comfortably travel with passengers.
  • The charges for bringing pets may vary from one location to another.
  • Aeromexico is a safe option for accompanied and unaccompanied minors too.

Closing Remarks

With an exceptional track record and a promise to deliver the best travel experience, Aeromexico is a good airline for sure. Positive reviews and feedback given by previous travelers also indicate the quality of the services provided. Lastly, it constantly works on its services to make experiences better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the following frequently asked questions and answers to know whether Aeromexico is a good or bad airline:

How good is Aeromexico?

It is quite a good option because of its excellent services and enhanced travel experiences.x

Is Aeromexico a good airline currently?

Yes, this airline is one of the best air operators in Mexico.

Is Aeromexico good for passengers with special needs?

Aeromexico is a good option as it provides special assistance to such passengers.

How good is Aeromexico in terms of safety?

It has the best fleet, making it an immensely safe air travel option.

Is Aeromexico a good or bad airline for domestic travel?

Yes, it is a good airline for domestic routes because of its affordability and world-class services.

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