Is Aeromexico Safe, Certified, and Reliable?

Is Aeromexico Safe

Based in Mexico City, Aeromexico has been offering safe flights to more than 80 locations worldwide. It serves safe tours to countries in North and South America, Asia, as well as Europe. It has wide connectivity to many risk-free and local destinations in a country. One can identify why is Aeromexico safe airline from the decent customer reviews and accreditation received. This Mexican air carrier prioritizes the security of its passengers first. It is dependable as it offers many secure services even for unaccompanied minors. The certified airline ensures that its services are devoid of medical and environmental risks too.

Is Aeromexico a Safe Airline?

Is Aeromexico a Safe Airline

This Mexican airline is considered secure to travel with. However, some harmful incidents happened in the past that can make travelers doubt the safety level. While these incidents happened in the past, currently, the carrier is celebrated in the list of the safest airlines by ratings.

To know more about why is Aeromexico safe airline, continue reading below: 

  • Some major accidents had to be faced by Aeromexico in its history.
  • The FAA had downgraded the security ratings of the airline in the past year.
  • This is because the carrier needed to follow better safety guidelines then.
  • But it has good safety records at present.
  • It has implemented many precautions to keep passengers safe during flights.
  • There are very few reports of fatal crashes in recent times. 
  • Staff and crew members are trained and talented enough to handle emergencies. 
  • It is allowed to operate risk-free flights in the United States and other nations. 
  • During COVID-19, the airline had taken care of protection norms too.

How Safe is Aeromexico for Unaccompanied Minors?

Aeromexico Air is among the best airlines for small children who need to travel alone on a flight. It facilitates personalized care for them under its unaccompanied minor service. It has also outlined some regulations for the danger-free journey for these children. 

Here is more to be studied to find, when flying with Aeromexico, is it safe for kids to travel alone.

  • It provides personalized service for the unaccompanied minor before/during/after flights.
  • Amenities are also offered to unaccompanied minors such as:
    • Assistance during flights 
    • Company to the boarding gate 
  • Children between the age of 5 to 14 years are allowed to travel under this service. 
  • It is suggested to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the flight scheduled by parents for proper checking.
  • They must accompany the minors till their departure at the airport for their security. 
  • For more safety, 3 copies of the required documents of the child must be submitted. 

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly Domestically? 

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly Domestically

The airline is considered safe to fly to domestic destinations. It offers wide connectivity to many secure local locations in Mexico. People might also prefer this carrier to travel locally in the country. Along with this, it comes up with many risk-free services for its domestic flights. 

Continue reading below to know about its domestic locations and why is Aeromexico safe for local travel: 

  • It flies safely to a wide range of main cities in the country such as:
    • Oaxaca 
    • San Jose Del Cabo
    • Chihuahua
  • There are other destinations and districts included like Acapulco, Cozumel, Huatulco, etc. 
  • The carrier is dependable when secure operations have to be executed in these places.
  • People also visit Mexico from other countries via this airline because of its secure flights. 
  • For those, traveling here can be safer, especially when they know when is the best time to visit Mexico

Is Aeromexico Safe and Certified? 

This carrier, Aeromexico, has received many certifications from authorities and government bodies. Such accreditation points out how much this airline is safe to fly domestically and internationally. More information on the same can be figured out further: 

  • Aeromexico is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Under this, it is allowed to operate commercial flights safely. 
  • It is also accepted as a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • This is because the airline is adhering to all the safety protocols in all its flights. 

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly Internationally?

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly Internationally

Aeromexico is one of the most secure airlines to travel internationally. It offers risk-free flights to a wide range of multinational locations. Recently the carrier was allowed to initiate flights again after COVID-19 to fly to the US and other developed countries. This permission was provided by the FAA due to its safe services. 

  • Numerous global locations can be safely reached with Aeromexico.
  • There are many major destinations included where it flies in American nations, such as:
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • Argentina 
  • Other Asian locations where it flies are comprised of Japan, China, South Korea, etc
  • It provides danger-free tours to European countries like France, Germany, the UK, etc.

Is Aeromexico Safe to Fly With as per Customer Reviews? 

According to passenger reviews, Aeromexico is a safe airline to fly with. It has achieved a good rating for the safety and care it provides during the flights. Other secure services and in-flight amenities are also covered positively in reviews by passengers. 

  • Overall, it has received moderate reviews from travelers who have flown earlier. 
  • As per the customer reviews, it is a secure airline to travel with the highest rating.   
  • Other safe amenities offered by the carrier have been given decent ratings. 
  • Such services can be included in-flight facilities, food, comfort, cabin staff, etc.


Aeromexico is a safe carrier. The certifications it has received from FAA and IATA prove its services to be secure. The decent reviews it has got from customers clarify how much the airline is risk-free. Although this Mexican Airline had to face some mishaps, its flights are no longer unsafe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There can be certain questions in the mind of travelers regarding the safety aspects of the Aeromexico Airline. All such queries are answered in the below-given list of questions:

1. Is Aeromexico safe?

Yes, the airline is secure to travel with, according to transport industry standards.

2. How safe is Aeromexico compared to other airlines?

Aeromexico has a strong safety record and is considered on par with other major airlines.

3. Is Aeromexico a safe airline with good measures?

Yes, it prioritizes safety with regular maintenance, inspections, and employee training.

4. How safe is Aeromexico as per the passenger’s reviews?

Most passengers report this airline to be safe and comfortable for flying.

5. Was Aeromexico safe to fly during COVID-19?

It has implemented many safety measures to protect travelers from the pandemic.

6. Is Aeromexico safe for children who travel alone?

Yes, the carrier is secure as it facilitates an unaccompanied minor program for the safety of kids.

7. Is Aeromexico safe to fly with according to ratings?

The airline has received high safety ratings from reputed aviation authorities like IATA and FAA.

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