What are the Best Day Trips from Paris? A Guide To Unforgettable Day Trips

When planning the best day trips from Paris, tourists are spoiled for choice. With such a diverse array of options to choose from, it becomes difficult to narrow down the final destination to explore. There are several places to cater to every visitor’s preferences. One can wander around the historical beauty of Versailles which offers an unparalleled experience. Alternatively, families planning weekend trips may find Disneyland Paris an ideal destination. This theme park offers various attractions and is a fun place for kids. Moreover, Paris has many other nearby iconic places to explore including London and Champagne. Explorers can visit these prominent cities throughout the year to find different things to do.

What are the Best Day Trips from Paris by Train?

From Paris, one can consider visiting Luxembourg by train for a beautiful experience. There are various route options visitors can take for this getaway. A popular choice is to take a direct train from Paris Gare de l’Est. Typically, it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the destination. This train ride offers a unique travel experience as one can enjoy the scenic beauty right behind their windows. 

  • It allows travelers to observe the changing landscapes throughout their journey.
  • In the city of Luxembourg, visitors can explore the stunning medieval streets.
  • They can head to the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art for artistic galleries. 
  • Here, the following attractions are worth seeing:
    • Vianden Castle
    • Mullerthal
    • Echternach Town and Lake
    • Moselle Valley

What are the Best 2-Day Trips from Paris?

Travelers can go to London for the most exciting trip from Paris. The city usually requires several days to delve into its significant attractions. However, one can also choose the top places here and make the best out of one’s weekend trip. 

  • There are many iconic attractions in London that tourists can head to:
    • Big Ben
    • Palace of Westminster
    • Tower of London 
  • A different option travelers can consider is to take a river cruise around the Thames.
  • For a relaxed tour, they should discover the beauty of the following museums:
    • Natural History Museum
    • The British Museum
  • They can conclude the day with a trip to the London Eye or the Shard.

Is Visiting Champagne the Best Day Trip from Paris?

In Eastern France, the Champagne region is an alluring destination. Indeed, this location is a must-see. This place is well-known for its sparkling wines. Champagne also boasts a splendid heritage and a captivating history. 

For the best Champagne day trips from Paris, one should take note of the following:

  • One suitable way to visit Champagne from Paris is by train.
  • Visitors can plan going to Reims Cathedral to learn about its historical essence. 
  • The Abbey of Hautvillers is a great place in Epernay to enjoy Champagne tasting.
  • Usually, May to October is considered the best time to come to these places. 

What is the Best Day Trip to Versailles from Paris?

A visit to the Palace of Versailles and its gardens can be an exceptional experience. Travelers can easily reach here by train. It is the second most visited destination in France. Located 21 km from Paris, this city offers numerous sites for exploration.

  • The Church of Notre Dame de Versailles is a sacred place to visit. 
  • People can roam around The Grand Trianon.
  • Another historic site to explore is The Royal Opera.
  • They can also wander through Notre Dame Market and enjoy French food.

What are the Best Day Trips from Paris by Car?

Car journeys to Chateau de Chantilly from Paris, France, can be the best day trip for some. This fascinating place has a plethora of major attractions and monuments. Moreover, this landmark is conveniently accessible from Paris in around 1.5 hours of drive by car. It is the best day trip from Paris for the weekend, especially because of the short distance.

  • Chateau de Chantilly is among the finest landmarks enriched with lakes and gardens.
  • This place was constructed in the 16th century.
  • However, it was destroyed during the French Revolution and rebuilt in the 19th century. 
  • Visitors can still admire the interiors of this place, designed by famous French architects.

Which are the Best Day Trips from Paris in Winter?

Rouen, the capital of Normandy, is an ideal location to visit any time of year, but it is especially magical in the winter. Blanketed in snow, the city’s medieval architecture and half-timbered houses become even more gorgeous. The Christmas market is a great location to browse for gifts and enjoy a festive environment.

  • In about 2 hours, this city can be reached conveniently. 
  • Although Rouen is a popular tourist site, it tends to be less crowded in winter.
  • It is also famous for the historical significance of Joan of Arc, one can visit the museum dedicated to her.
  • The city offers many activities that can provide a festive atmosphere for the day trip:
    • Christmas market
    • Ice skating
    • Holiday Concert 

Tip: During winter, hotel rates are generally lower, making it a preferred choice for budget travel.

What are the Best Half Day Trips from Paris?

Disneyland Paris is France’s popular tourist attraction and is ideal for a half-day trip. It is the biggest theme park in Europe and a major attraction in Paris. The park can be reached in about 30 minutes by train, making it a convenient option for the best half-day trips from Paris. It is an ideal place to explore for families with children of all ages. 

  • There are rides and other joyful activities for all ages.
  • The park remains open throughout the year and hosts special events on Christmas.
  • Disneyland Paris generally has two themed parks:
    • Walt Disney Studio Park
    • Disneyland Park
  • Walt Disney Studio Park has attractions based on Disney and Pixar.
  • On the other hand, Disneyland Park is home to classic sights including:
    • Small World
    • Pirates of Caribbean 
    • Big Thunder Mountain 

Which are the Best One Day Trips from Paris?

One of the best one-day trips from Paris is to Mont Saint-Michel. This is a historical marvel that offers a panoramic view of the Normandy coastal area and the Atlantic Ocean. It stands as one of the most popular tourist sites in France, providing a truly fascinating experience.

  • Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island located about three hours from Paris.
  • It is home to a Benedictine abbey, with construction dating back to medieval times.
  • The monastery is located on top of a rocky islet, surrounded by a picturesque hamlet.
  • Visitors to Mont Saint-Michel can hike to the islet’s peak to visit the abbey. 
  • They can also explore the shops and restaurants while enjoying the views.

What are the Best Day Trips from Paris in the Fall?

A journey to Claude Monet’s estate in Giverny during the fall season is an enjoyable trip from Paris. The gardens there are well-known for their vibrant autumn colors. They offer stunning views of Monet’s renowned water lilies and the Japanese bridge. It’s a beautiful and peaceful location, perfect for appreciating the beauty of fall.

  • The flowers in the gardens of Monet’s house continue to bloom till late October.
  • Mild and sunny weather makes it one of the best day trips from Paris, France.
  • Trees of Giverny usually turn into stunning red, yellow, and orange in spring. 

Which are the Best Day Trips from Paris in Summer?

Traveling to Normandy D-Day Beaches is the ideal day trip from Paris in the summer. Situated about 2 hours away by train, these beaches offer a unique and moving experience. A few of the D-Day beaches include Omaha, Utah, and Juno Beach. Visitors can explore the beaches and pay their respect to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom during World War 2.

  • The weather at Normandy D-Day Beaches is typically sunny and mild during summer. 
  • Travelers may find various memorials built in memory of Martyr
  • Visitors can also enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and various outdoor activities.


Tourists can discover the beauty of the surroundings with these best day trips from Paris. One can explore the historical essence of Luxembourg and Versailles. Additionally,  travelers can also visit Champagne and London for beautiful memories. The best part is that these places are easily accessible by train from Paris.

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