Why is Avelo Air So Cheap? Ensuring Excellence with Affordability

why is Avelo Air so cheap

Avelo Air is one of the most economical air travel options. When it comes to why is Avelo Air so cheap, its vision that focuses on cost control and affordable services should be looked at. It was founded in 2021 to offer pocket-friendly travel solutions. Within a few years only, it has gained the reputation of being the best low-cost air operator in the United States. Even though it is an affordable option to fly, the airline gives utmost priority to the passengers’ safety, convenience, and comfort. Due to these reasons, the carrier is recognized and appreciated by leading bodies in the aviation sector.

What Makes Avelo a Cheap Airline?

Avelo Airlines offers standard travel options to its customers. This helps them to plan their trips within and outside the US by staying within their budgets. Notably, affordability is accompanied by excellent services. Thus, even when fares are cheap, flight experiences remain pleasant.

The following points also tell why is Avelo air so cheap and a perfect air travel option:

  • It has a skilled team offering 24/7 help.
  • Different class options are available.
  • Extra services can be added at affordable rates.
  • Bags can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Is Avelo Low-Cost in Terms of Fares?


There are different reasons why Avelo Airlines is low-cost. Among all, its limited destination network, along with low fares, is the biggest reason. The airline is currently operating a very few routes. Hence, the airfares are not expensive, especially for short-haul flights. 

Moreover, since it is a new market player, it is focusing on optimizing its operations by keeping the fares less expensive. Here are some more points that make air travel with Avelo an inexpensive option:

  • Limited international routes are covered by the flights of this airline.
  • Along with the Western United States, the services are available for the following:

o   Pacific Northwest

o   East Coast

o   The Midwest

  • It is expanding its route network gradually so that the low-cost factor can be maintained.
  • The Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico will be on Avelo’s network list but affordability will remain constant.

Is Avelo Air Cheap and Safe?


The US-based airline is counted among the cheapest as well as safest air operators in the country. Although it is recognized as a low-fare air operator, it offers a highly safe travel experience to its passengers. Its planes, secure but affordable services, etc., indicate why is Avelo safe and cheap at the same time.

  • Avelo Airlines is safe as it operates through high-end planes of Boeing.
  • Every plane added to the fleet is fuel-efficient. Thus, security and cost-effectiveness are promised.
  • The records of this air operator are convincing as it has not met any deadly accident.
  • Passengers who have traveled with this airline have had a great experience.
  • The amenities are risk-free and reasonably priced.

Does Avelo Air have Cheap in-flight Entertainment?


Currently, any in-flight entertainment or Avelo Airlines Wi-Fi to stream shows is not offered. This is done to keep the airfares at the lowest costs possible. Besides, the airline is not covering any long routes at the moment. Hence, the requirement for entertainment onboard reduces. However, the airline management is planning to offer the same soon which may affect its fares. 

Why is Avelo Air so Cheap for Services on-board?

Owing to the decent quality/experience provided, the on-board services offered by Avelo Air are quite inexpensive. However, no service is complimentary. Passengers need to pay a minimal fee to add the service to their journey. When it comes to onboard services, it includes priority boarding, seat selection, customer support, and more. Due to these, the air tickets are also reasonably priced.

The below-listed prices unfold why is Avelo Air so cheap for in-flight services:

  • For priority boarding, customers need to pay around USD 15.
  • An amount of USD 11 or more will be payable for selecting a seat.
  • Pets, musical instruments, firearms, and so on can be carried by paying a minimal fee.

Is Avelo Air Cheap for Baggage Fees?


Avelo Air takes pride in offering convenient and affordable options for baggage. Every passenger is given an allowance for one free personal item. Carry-on, checked, and excess baggage (oversized and overweight) can be purchased as per the requirement. Usually, the costs are reasonable for the same.

The baggage fees and related details are mentioned below:

  • One carry-on and checked bag is allowed per passenger after paying a fee.
  • To know the charges, one can use the Baggage Price Checker available on Avelo’s website.
  • The fee may vary from one destination to another.
  • Oversized or overweight luggage will cost an extra USD 100.
  • For free personal items, flyers can only bring one of the following:

o   Small backpack

o   Computer case

o   Laptop bag

o   Briefcase

o   Purse

o   Camera case

  • In carry-on bags, they can prefer the types listed here:

o   Tote bags

o   Large backpacks

o   Roller bags

  • Every bag either personal, carry-on, or checked, must meet the weight/size requirements.

Final Words

Avelo Air is a cheap but good air operator. It not only offers pocket-friendliness but focuses on quality services and maximum customer satisfaction. Limited routes, options for additional services, and a high-tech fleet help Avelo keep its airfares as affordable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that reveal why is Avelo Air so cheap but also a good airline:

Does Avelo Air offer Wi-Fi at low costs?

To keep its airfares affordable, the airline is not offering a Wi-Fi facility at the moment.

Why Avelo Air is a cheap air travel option?

Limited destinations allow Avelo Air to operate smoothly at reasonable rates.

Is Avelo Air safe?

Even when Avelo Air offers pocket-friendly travel solutions, it does not compromise on safety.

What is the cost of checked baggage on Avelo?

The cost for baggage can vary from one route to another but is usually affordable.

How much excess baggage will cost on Avelo Air?

Passengers will need to pay USD 100 for each additional baggage.

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