Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe and How are its Operations Secure?

Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe

Ethiopian Airlines is a secure airline that is recognized for its safety record and wide global network. The carrier employs strict security measures, including everything from aircraft maintenance and pilot training to onboard services and safety audits. Providing a secure in-flight environment with such risk mitigation strategies elaborates on why is Ethiopian Airlines safe. It is also certified by several regulatory organizations such as IATA and the FAA. Since it functions as per their guidelines, its operations remain secure. These airline’s safety records and ratings further help to evaluate how safe this airline is for providing flights to numerous destinations.

Why Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe?

It is to note that Ethiopian Airlines is considered safe because of its unwavering commitment to maintaining passengers safety. It employs various security protocols like regular maintenance and inspection of services to keep fliers protected during their flights. 

To understand what other attributes make Ethiopian Airlines safe to fly, take a look at the following points:

  • It keeps upgrading and modernizing its fleet, 
  • Outdated aircraft are retired.
  • The airline conducts training for its pilots/crew to prepare them to handle emergencies. 
  • It utilizes navigation, weather monitoring, and safety systems to keep flights risk-free.
  • The airline has strong crisis management systems to respond quickly to uncertainties.

Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe as Per IATA Audits?

As per the IATA audit, Ethiopian Air has a strong commitment to safety. It is well-known for adhering to international aviation regulations. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) performs safety examinations as part of its Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program. It analyzes this airline against a comprehensive set of safety standards and practices.

  • Ethiopian Airlines has been a reliable IATA member for many years.
  • It has passed numerous IOSA examinations. 
  • These audits look into a variety of facets of the airline’s operations, such as:
    • Safety management systems
    • Operational procedures
    • Service maintenance practices 

How Safe is Ethiopian Airlines Onboard Services?

Ethiopian Airlines prioritizes the safety and well-being of its passengers, which extends to its onboard amenities and protective features. It facilitates a hygienic and tidy environment in its planes for travelers’ good health. How safe is Ethiopian Airlines while flying can be inferred through such secure services.

Here’s an overview of its onboard services, with an emphasis on safety, food, sanitation, hygiene, and security equipment.

  • Before take-off, flyers are provided instructions regarding the use of:
    • Seat belts 
    • Life jackets 
  • All essential safety equipment is inspected and maintained regularly, including:
    • Fire Extinguishers 
    • Oxygen masks
    • Emergency exits
  • The airline adheres to stringent quality control standards for food preparation/handling.
  • It uses fresh ingredients to prepare in-flight meals.
  • The dietary preferences of patients are satisfied.
  • To ensure clean cabin air, planes are featured with advanced air-filtration systems.

Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe to Travel on Long/Short-haul Routes?

For both long-haul and short-distance routes, Ethiopian Airlines is regarded as a safe carrier, It is apt for both international and domestic flights. The airline prioritizes safety across its whole network with its features. Along with this, it skillfully flies aircraft of Airbus and Boeing on these flights.

  • By maintaining strict standards, it operates in international locations such as:
    • India
    • Russia
    • United States
    • South Africa 
  • Regardless of flight time, its safety culture and measures are consistent in all routes.
  • Many domestic locations in Ethiopia are served safely by this airline including:
    • Gode
    • Jimma
    • Wacca
  • The carrier equips its aircraft with modern gadgets to improve safety.
  • Flights Management System (FMS) and Onboard Weather Radar are used.

Why is Ethiopian Airline Safe for Luggage Transportation?

Ethiopian Airlines is well-known for its dedication to luggage safety. This is made certain for both passenger baggage and cargo services. It follows strict protocols for checked baggage and prevention of hazardous items to carry onboard. These are the possible reasons why is Ethiopian Airline safe for luggage services.

  • With severe protective norms, it ensures that bags are loaded and unloaded with care.
  • Through security screening, dangerous items are detected and prohibited like:
    • Knives 
    • Bladed objects like scissors
    • Weapons 
  • It employs advanced baggage handling systems to reduce the risk of any loss.
  • Through rigorous security, the transportation of harmful or illegal cargo items is averted.
  • Temperature-controlled cargo facilities are offered by the airline for perishable goods.

Is Ethiopian Airlines a Safe Airline with Modern Aircraft?

With its modern fleet of secure airplanes, the airline is considered a safe option to fly with. Under its fleet, it has models of Airbus A350-900, Boeing 787-8, De Havilland Dash 8-400, and other versions of these aircraft. These all are furnished with varied safe technologies and equipment that result in stress-free tours.

  • Within regular intervals of time, these planes are cleaned thoroughly. 
  • The airline continuously improves its fleet with newer and technologically advanced systems.
  • These aircraft have experienced no major accidents or incidents in recent years. 

Are Ethiopian Airlines Safety Reviews Positive?

In recent years, Ethiopian Airlines has received both positive and negative reviews regarding safety. Overall passengers’ reviews are positive and highly appreciable regarding secure flights. While a few travelers have shown their dissatisfaction regarding delayed assistance during some situations. 

Whether or not is Ethiopian Airlines safe to travel from the flyers’ point of view can be learned through these reviews:

  • Flight operations to various locations and onboard services are termed safe in reviews. 
  • Airport services like check-in, luggage, and boarding have given satisfactory feedback. 
  • However, some travelers complained about poor assistance while performing security procedures.

What is the Ethiopian Safety Record?

Against accidents, this carrier has good safety records. However, some crashes and harmful incidents happened in the past, slightly affecting the records. In 2015 and 2019, the Boeing aircraft models had experienced some concerning incidents. Still, the airline aimed to improve its services by reducing such occurrences. Hence, it is secure to travel to multiple places because of improved records. 

  • Recently, a few minor accidents have been encountered by the airline. 
  • However, many incidents have been prevented by experienced pilots and crew.
  • No major harm occurred to any passenger’s life in these situations.  
  • From such events, the airline has learned to improve the security of flight operations.

How Safe is Ethiopian Airlines as Per FAA? 

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Ethiopian Airlines’ flights invite fewer dangers. Hence, they are risk-free to travel. The FAA is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the safety of airlines like this one while operating within a country. It encompasses various protective guidelines of this body like keeping plans well-maintained, facilitating medical services, and others. Hence, FAA accreditation clarifies how is Ethiopian Airlines safe to fly.

What are Ethiopian Airlines Safety Ratings?

Ethiopian Airlines has consistently received excellent safety ratings. This demonstrates its dedication to passenger safety. It is rated as a 4-star airline as per overall safety feedback and authorities’ ratings. This carrier is recognized for its security and service excellence.

  • Many flyers consider Ethiopian the “Best Airline in Africa” because of its ratings.
  • Also, it is highly rated by travelers for keeping a secure environment inside the planes.
  • The airline received awards and recognition in a variety of security and operational areas.
  • These recognitions and ratings confirm its position as a secure airline.


On both short/long haul flights, Ethiopian Airlines is safe to fly. This is due to its commitment to secure travel. Its high safety ratings and certifications make it a popular choice among travelers. The airline’s ongoing attempts to improve and adhere to global security standards are also notable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While planning a trip with Ethiopian Airlines, travelers may have some concerns regarding safety aspects. Such concerns have been addressed through the following:

Is it safe to fly with Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines is considered safe to fly because of its strong safety record.

How does Ethiopian Airlines ensure passenger safety?

Passengers’ safety is ensured by following stringent safety standards that include regular maintenance.

Is it safe to travel Ethiopian Airlines fleet?

Yes, it is secure to travel with its modern fleet consisting of Airbus and Boeing models.

Is it safe to fly Ethiopian Airlines for children alone?

Yes, the airline is safe for children traveling alone. It offers good unaccompanied minor programs.

Is Ethiopian Airlines safe to travel to the United States?

The carrier is secure to fly to the United States as per the FAA certification.

How safe is Ethiopian Airlines baggage service?

This airline’s luggage service is very secure. It doesn’t permit travelers to carry harmful items.

Is Ethiopian Airlines safe to fly as per international standards?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines is secure to fly as per international safety standards.

Were Ethiopian Airlines safe to fly during COVID-19?

It was safe to travel with Ethiopian Airlines during COVID-19 due to various protocols.

How often does Ethiopian Airlines conduct safety audits?

The carrier does regular security audits to guarantee adherence to international standards.

As per records of Ethiopian Airlines, is it safe for long-haul flights?

Ethiopian Airlines is regarded as a risk-free carrier to fly on long-haul flights.

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