Can You Bring Fruit on a Plane? Know in Detail

Can You Bring Fruit on a Plane

Fruits are always the light source of energy for the human body along with containing many lots of Vitamins and Nutrition.

Fruits are easy to pack and carry at any place and help to get the hunger over for a short period of time-to-time need.

But the queries arise that can you bring fruits on a plane, are the fruits allowed on a plane, and what about the bringing quantity?

Let’s start to know about the rules and regulations to take some fruits on a plane in a carry-on bag or checked bag in detail.

As per the TSA Officer, Can You Bring Fruits on a Plane?

Bring Fruits on a Plane

TSA Officer is the Transportation Security Administration Officer, under whom all the luggage check-in process is done.

As per the TSA officer, for the domestic flight, you are allowed to bring the fruits on a plane in how much quantity you want to bring.

But, for the international flight, there is a specific limitation on the quantity to take with you on an international flight.

Both the carry-on bags and checked bags are allowed to use for taking the fruits with them on a flight.

1. Can You Bring Fresh Fruit on a Plane? – To Eat When You Need

Can You Bring Fresh Fruit on a Plane

There is no any type of restrictions to carrying fresh fruit on a plane, you are fully allowed to bring the fresh fruit with you on a flight.

The fresh fruits should be in solid form, if the fruits are in the soft and mashed form then, there will be some restrictions for taking them on a plane.

You are also allowed to have some fruit at the time when you need to eat and want to get over the hunger on your flight.

But fruit juice, fruit gems, etc. are not allowed to bring with you on a plane because of their liquid form and get damaged easily inside the plane.  

Major reasons for not allowing Liquid Fruits.:

Liquid fruit does not remain fresh for a long time, after a short period of time, fresh liquid fruits start getting damaged.

After losing the freshness, it can be harmful to human health because the fruit taste turns in to sour.

Because of changes in taste and bad health issues, avoid listing the early damaged fresh fruits in your international travel checklist for an air travel journey.

A List of Not Allowed Liquid Fresh Fruits on a Plane

1. Fruit Juice

2. Fruit Gems

3. Applesauce

4. Fruit pouches (squeezable)

Quantity Restrictions for Bringing Fresh Food on a Plane

1.  For Domestic Flights (No Quantity Restrictions)

2.  For International Flights (Quantity Restrictions depends on Airlines)

2. Can You Bring Dried Fruit on a Plane? 

Can You Bring Dried Fruit on a Plane

You are allowed to pack the dry fruit in both carry-on bags and checked bags without any issues or restrictions.

You need to clear the TSA Officer check-in procedure to get the clearance to bring the dry fruits on a plane.

Coconut fruit is not allowed to bring on a plane because of major security reasons and also considering the passenger life.

Major Security reasons for not allowing Coconut:

Coconut fruit can be dangerous to bring on a plane because coconuts are flammable and easily get the flames.

To not put the life of humans in danger and to make a smooth flight, coconuts are not allowed to bring on a plane.

A List of some important Dry Fruits

1. Raisins (Rich in Protein)

2. Dates

3. Almonds

4. Walnuts

5. Cashew

6. Peanuts

7. Pine Nuts

Important points to Recognize Dry Fruit:

1.      Dry fruit have lacking water inside.

2.      Some dry fruits have heat-sensitive vitamins inside.

3. Can You Bring Peeled Fruit on a Plane? 

Can You Bring Peeled Fruit on a Plane

Peeled fruits are those, whose upper layer can be removed easily and they are eaten about removing the upper layer.

Peeled fruits look solid from the outside but contain a high volume of liquid inside and as per rules, it has some limitation bringing on a plane.

As per rules and regulations, which contain a liquid volume of more than 100 ml are not allowed to bring on a plane.

Only the peeled fruits which contain liquid less than 100 ml are allowed to bring with the passengers in hand baggage with no quantity limitations.

Peeled Fruits Restrictions: A peeled fruit that contains a liquid of more than 100 ml, is not allowed to bring on a plane.

A List of Peeled Fruits to Know More in Brief

1. Orange

2. Apple

3. Water Melon

4. Melon

5. Banana

6. Papaya

4. Can You Bring Sliced Fruit on a Plane? – Always Ready to Eat 

Can You Bring Sliced Fruit on a Plane

Sliced fruits related to all the fruits that are already cut into small pieces and ready to eat when you are hungry anytime.

Bringing a sliced fruit on a plane during a journey is not a big issue or kind of problem described by the Airlines Authority.

You just need to take care of the packing of the fruit as per the rule and regulations stated by the TSA Officer.

Sliced fruit packing must be fully wrapped and put in a plastic jar or container made of fully wrapped plastic.

The sliced fruits should not be more than 12 oz or say 340gms in the full sliced fruit packing otherwise they will not be allowed to bring on a plane.

Things Need to Know about Sliced Fruits

1. It should be fully wrapped.

2. You must put the sliced fruits in a plastic container.

3. Sliced Fruits should not be more than 12 oz or 340 grams in weight.

Benefits of Sliced Fruits

1. Sliced are always ready to eat at any time.

2. You don’t need to cut them again and again.

5. Can You Bring Fruit Snacks on a Plane?


Can You Bring Fruit Snacks on a Plane

Fruit snacks are some other types of fruits that are made with the fruit flavor and the glue in them.

These are sticky to the touch and also get sticky with your teeth when you try to eat due to natural gelatin.

Talking about the taste, fruit snacks are always sweet because of the large amount of sugar inside, famous for their sweet-sugar taste.

Airlines are allowed to bring a fruit snack on a plane without any quantity limitations or excluding any weight or size.

If the fruit snacks are much softer and more gally then they can be considered in the liquid category and refused to bring on a plane.

Precautions Need to Take Care of:

Fruit snacks should not be more gally to bring on a plane.

As per Airlines Authority

1. Too much gally in the fruit snacks can be considered liquid

2. It can be refused to bring a plane due to liquid and much sticking.

3. There are no limitations or quantity, weight, and size if everything is good as per TSA.

In Detail, Fruits that are not allowed to bring on a Plane

There are so many fruits that are not allowed to bring on a plane by the Aviation Authority for the passengers.

The TSA Officers strictly don’t allow the passengers to take some fruits with them in their carry-on bags and checked bags both.

Why can’t you bring fruit on a plane if they are along with some liquid things are explain below in detail: –

1. Coconut Fruit

Coconut fruits are considered the most dangerous fruit to bring on a plane by the Aviation Authority.

It is more likely to catch the flame easily and can put the life of the passengers in danger.

Forecasting the dangerous and some deadly incidents, Coconuts are not allow to take on a plane.  

2. Fruit Juice

Considering the freshness of the fruit for the healthy and energetic working of the passengers, it is restrict to bring fruit juice.

Fruit juice can easily lose its freshness and become harmful after a little time of period to drink and enjoy.

In a short period of time, its taste become sour and turns into a bad liquid to drink.

3. Other Liquid Packing

Fruits that are packed with some liquids are not allowed to bring on a plane with maximum restrictions and quantity limitations.

For example, some fruits along with liquid packing are given as under:

1. Fruit salad with added some juice

2. Applesauce

3. Fruit Jem

4. Fruit Pouches (squeezable)

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You are allowed to bring any kind of fruit on a plane apart from the prohibited fruits according to the rules and regulations of the Aviation Authority in carry-on baggage, hand baggage, and check-in baggage.

You can either eat inside the plane by seating on your seat to enjoy the traveling or keep the fruit with yourself to have after reaching the destination.

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