What Terminal is Frontier at MCO? Orlando Airport

 What Terminal is Frontier at MCO

Frontier Airlines is a significant low-cost air operator. It operates domestic and international flights out of Orlando Airport. Passengers can depart/arrive conveniently and on schedule from or to MCO Frontier Terminal A. The Northern section is designated as Terminal A. It has tramways leading to Airsides 1 and 2. These Airsides contain multiple gates for passengers’ easy operations. They consist of Gates 1 to 29 and 100 to 129. With the help of these gates and the layout of Terminal A, many travelers come here and board their planes with ease. From here, mainly Airbus aircraft models are used for operations. 

Outline of Orlando International Airport

Orlando is the main international airport. It is also known as MCO Airport. It is situated 9.7 kilometers southeast of Florida’s Downtown Orlando. It is among the largest commercial airports in the U.S. in terms of land size with around 4696 hectares. The features of MCO Airport contain three terminals with approximately 93 gates and 4 Airside concourses. They are accessible by elevated people movers. Further, with about 850 flights per day on 44 air carriers, this airport serves as a significant international entry point. Moreover, it provides services to about 135 domestic and foreign locations.

What are the General Details of the Orlando Airport Frontier Terminal?

Travelers of Frontier Airlines should be familiar with MCO Airport Terminal for travel. Other details known as its official website, address, airport code, and elevation are also important to know. By being aware of these details, passengers can find different locations to book facilities and have a pleasant trip ahead. 

More information on this airport and terminal can be gleaned from the following: 

Airport NameOrlando International Airport 
Airport Websitewww.orlandoairports.net
Frontier Terminal MCO AirportTerminal A
Airport Address1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States
Elevation96 ft/29 m
Airport typeInternational 
MCO Frontier Arrivals TerminalTerminal A
Frontier Airlines Departure Terminal MCO AirportTerminal A
Frontier Airlines MCO Terminal phone number801-401-9000
Year of Opening In 1940
Coordinates 28°25’46″N 81°18’32″W
ServesGreater Orlando 

Which is Orlando Airport Terminal Frontier Airlines for National/International Flights?

Passengers can travel locally and abroad with Frontier Airlines out of Orlando International Airport Terminal A. This terminal is used for flight operations including take-off. For flight landings too, TA is useful. Besides these, other formalities, including check-in, security, and baggage should be completed here. 

  • Flight check-in takes place at Level 3 of MCO Airport Frontier Terminal A. 
  • The same terminal and level are approached for security procedures. 
  • Here, Gates 1-59 are used for international/domestic security purposes. 
  • The bag claim areas are available at Levels 2 and 1. 

What Terminal is the Frontier at MCO Arrivals for International/Domestic Flights? 

Frontier Airlines relies on Terminal A of Orlando Airport for national as well as international flight arrival. After the international flight landing, flyers can complete customs and immigration services at TA. To reach bag claim areas, travelers can visit Levels 1 and 2 at the same terminal. 

  • After domestic flights, at the same terminal, bags can be retrieved easily.
  • Lounges, restrooms, and restaurants can also be visited.
  • Flyers can make use of ground transportation facilities at Level 1. 
  • They include taxis, shuttles, town cars, and Limousines.

Which is the MCO Frontier Departure Terminal for Domestic and International Flights? 

Both domestic and international flights operated by Frontier Airlines depart from Orlando Airport through Terminal A. Multiple gates and counters are employed to control departure-related activities. They include check-in, security procedures, and baggage deposit. 

  • Most flyers need to head to Level 3 of Frontier Orlando Airport Terminal A for:
    • Check-in
    • Security procedures 
  • For security procedures prior to the departure, Gates 1 to 59 are allocated. 
  • These gates are observed at Level 3. 

What is the Frontier Orlando Terminal Map? 

The map of Frontier Terminal MCO Airport is a display of a number of sites throughout the building. It can make it easier for passengers to locate restaurants, allocated boarding gates, and ticket booths. Several checkpoints, restrooms, etc., can also be located with ease. The map is helpful for calculating the distance between these places as well. 

What are the Popular Destinations of Frontier Airlines Orlando Terminal? 

To many domestic and international routes, Frontier Airlines safely operates its popular flights. Along with these, passengers can book flights to some seasonal routes. All routes can be reached from Terminal A of Orlando International Airport. It is essential to book flights beforehand as most of the routes are well-traveled. 

The top routes that depart from MCO Airport Terminal A are shown below: 

International PlacesDomestic Locations Seasonal Destinations 
San JoseAtlanta Des Moines
Santo Domingo Newark San Francisco 
Montego Bay Chicago-O’HareOklahoma City
CancunNew York-LaGuardia Des Moines
San JuanFargo 
Philadelphia Green Bay
Charlotte Louisville 
Baltimore Knoxville 

What is the Frontier Terminal Orlando Airport Parking Service? 

Valet, long, and short-term parking services are available at Terminal A of Orlando International Airport. Passengers of Frontier Airlines can avail of these parking options for their vehicles. After parking a vehicle, the Orlando Police Department ensures its security. 

  • There are two places where travelers can leave their vehicles:
    • At Parking Garage A at Frontier Airlines Terminal at MCO Airport 
    • Valet Parking
  • The distance between Terminal A and the parking area is short enough to stroll. 
  • These parking areas only accept vehicles of up to 7 feet. 
  • It is crucial to make a reservation for parking by paying fees via:
    • Cash
    • American Express
    • Visa 
    • SunPass Plus
    • Discover
    • MasterCard
    • E-Pass

Parking Fees Charged at MCO Airport:

A minimum of $1 is charged to avail of the parking service at MCO. But the costs vary as per service type and duration. 

The following is a list of the costs associated with Parking Garage A: 

  • Up to twenty minutes, parking is free at the Frontier Terminal in Orlando Airport. 
  • The first 21 to 30 minutes of parking are priced at USD 2. 
  • A charge of $1 for every 15 minutes is applied.  
  • This parking fee is up to a maximum of USD 19. 
  • The parking costs USD 19 for each twenty-four hours, with a 45-day maximum stay. 

Valet parking charges are listed below: 

  • A fee of USD 4 is assessed for the first twenty minutes. 
  • Up to three hours, there is a $1 charge for every additional 20 minutes. 
  • For every 20 hours, USD 25 is levied, with a forty-five-day maximum stay.  

Which is the Frontier Terminal at MCO Airport for Check-in?

At Orlando International Airport, Frontier Airlines’ check-in counters are available at Terminal A. At the counters, passengers can deposit their luggage and print a boarding pass. For both International and domestic flights, the check-in window opens 24 hours prior to the departure time. The closing time for the same is around 30 minutes. 

  • Besides, flyers can use online check-in through the airline’s official website. 
  • For a quick flight check-in, the mobile application can be used.
  • In case information is required to use online check-in services, approach Terminal A.

Is the TSA PreCheck Facility Available at Orlando Frontier Terminal?

At Orlando MCO Frontier Terminal A, the TSA PreCheck facility is available. Flyers can register for this security program up to seven days beforehand from the departure date. Furthermore, this facility is only accessible from 04:30 A.M. to 08:30 P.M. The information on the operational days can be acquired at TSA’s counters present at TA.

  • The TSA Department is going to look through the passengers’ requests. 
  • An email is received when enrolment for the TSA Precheck is accepted.
  • The ExperienceMCO Visitor Pass may be provided along with the acceptance email.
  • It is important to show the same at the time of TSA PreCheck security. 
  • To take part in this expedited security program, flyers should leave TA by 08:00 P.M.

What are the Frontier MCO Terminal Restaurants? 

At Frontier at MCO Terminal A, Burger King, Bahama Breeze, and more restaurants are available. Burger King is open from 04:00 A.M. to the last take-off flight. Speaking of the Bahama Breeze, flyers can obtain Caribbean-inspired cuisine. It is functional at the same hours as Burger King. 

In addition to these, travelers can explore different restaurants located at Terminal A. They are: 

Restaurants Food/Service Type Operating Hours 
Cold Stone Creamery Dessert 04:00 A.M. to the last departing plane
Famous FamigliaPizzeria04:00 A.M. – last flight 
La MadeleineCafe and bakery 04:00 A.M. to the last departing flight 
Le Grand ComptoirWine bar05:00 A.M. to the last flight 
Urban CraveStreet cuisine 05:30 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.

What is Baggage Allowance at Frontier Terminal Orlando Airport?

Passengers can travel from or to Orlando MCO Frontier Terminal A with personal items, carry-on, and checked luggage. The maximum size for personal stuff is around 14″ tall, 8″ long, and 18″ broad. Briefcase, computer bags, etc., are allowed as personal goods. It is important to carry the luggage, by comprehending its size and weight restrictions. Notably, the limits vary from one another. 

  • The dimensions for carry-on luggage are 24″ high, 10″ broad, and 16″ long. 
  • Note that the maximum baggage weight is around 35 pounds. 
  • Bags that are checked must not be more than 62 linear inches (combined).
  • It includes all length, breadth, and depth. 
  • The weight for the same should be about 40 pounds.

What are the Facilities Provided at Frontier Airlines Orlando Airport Terminal?

At the Frontier Airlines Terminal in MCO Airport, passengers can reserve multiple facilities. Bundles & Save is one of them. Frontier Miles can also be used. Onboard facilities are accessible as well as easy to book. For some flyers, special medical assistance is offered. Further, they can make use of different boarding options. 

Frontier Miles

The frequent flyer program, Frontier Miles, is available to passengers. Using this reward program, a lot of benefits are possible. Elite members with 50K, 100K, and 20K are allowed for the same. The benefit includes free checked bags and seat selection. This program gives access to Den Account too. 

On Board Amenities

Several amenities are offered on the flights of Frontier Airlines. One of the facilities is Wi-Fi. Every traveler, from kids to old persons, can utilize this service. There are some culinary options too for flyers. Aside from this, the legroom provided in the aircraft is sufficient. For safety as well, this air carrier takes all measures. 

Types of Boarding

At Orlando Terminal Frontier Airlines, travelers have the option to select their preferred method of boarding. In relation to this, there are two alternatives accessible. They consist of Courtesy Boarding and Board First. Apart from these, passengers can get the Zone 1 Priority Boarding service. Numerous facilities are offered under these. 

Special Assistance

At Terminal A of Orlando International Airport, passengers of Frontier Airlines can receive special assistance. It can be offered to numerous pets. Children who are unattended can benefit from the same assistance. This air operator has also set aside wheelchairs for guests with disabilities. 

Bundles and Save

Frontier Airlines offers Bundles & Save services at TA of MCO International Airport. It can be purchased by flyers whenever they want to. For only round trips, this facility is purchased. After purchasing it, passengers can receive various advantages. They include refundability, priority boarding, flexible flights, and seat selection. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

At the Frontier Terminal in MCO Airport, the booking for portable oxygen service is possible. This is provided to those passengers who feel unpleasant while flying. The Federal Aviation Administration permits this facility for use. In any major emergency or medical issue, it is offered. To use this type of service, passengers are required to pay fees that have been set by this airline. 

Is Lost and Found Service Present at Frontier Airlines MCO Terminal? 

At the Frontier Terminal Orlando MCO Airport, the Lost and Found Department is available. When passengers lose their items at the airport or on board, they can acquire help from this department. The location for the same is on Level 1 of Terminal A. The hours of operation are 07:00 A.M to 07:30 P.M. 

  • By providing details on the lost things, flyers can submit a claim. 
  • Both online and offline techniques can be utilized. 
  • The offline approach requires passengers to go to TA at Orlando Airport. 
  • With the online option, travelers can claim a report via the airport’s official website.
  • Some information is needed for a claim, such as:
    • Email 
    • Address 
    • Phone number 
  • Frontier Airlines initiates finding the missing items as soon as the claim is accepted. 

Orlando International Airport Terminal A continues to be important, seeing increasing numbers of travelers each year. Air carriers, like Frontier, carry out regular and dependable travel operations from here. The primary requirements of flyers are addressed at TA which range from bookings until boarding the plane.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some queries may arise about travel from or to Orlando International Airport. They may be related to the terminal used by Frontier, its address, and more. These can be readily addressed by reading the following FAQs: 

  1. Which terminal is Frontier at MCO Airport?

    Terminal A at MCO Airport serves as this carrier's main base for flight operations in Orlando.

  2. What is the Frontier Orlando Airport Terminal for flight departure?

    TA or Terminal A of this airport is allocated for flight departures.

  3. Which locations does Frontier Airlines Terminal MCO Airport serve?

    Aguadilla, Atlanta, and Indianapolis are some locations served from here. 

  4. How to connect Frontier Orlando Airport Terminal A?

    By calling 801-401-9000, passengers can connect to Terminal A of this airport.

  5. Is curbside check-in available at MCO Frontier Airlines Terminal?

    TA of this airport does not feature curbside check-in.

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