Thai Airways Check-in Rules and Restrictions for Domestic/International Flights

Thai Airways check in is crucial for travelers to initiate their boarding procedure. In relation to this, there are several ways to complete the process, inclusive of offline and online ways. To understand and complete these, the check-in policy plays an important role. It comprises several rules regarding the timeframes and requirements for this process. It can also be used to understand various check-in rules that apply to different countries. Provided that the rules are understood and the process is rightly executed, travelers can receive their boarding passes on time to embark on their journeys.

What is the Thai Airways Flight Check-in Policy?

The flight check-in policy specifies how to mark a flyer’s arrival at the airport prior to a plane’s departure, whether domestic or international. In order to board a plane with ease, it is important to adhere to the guidelines of this policy. 

The following are some regulations that are part of this policy: 

  • Check-in desks can be visited 3 hours prior to the scheduled takeoff. 
  • The shutdown time for the same is 40 minutes earlier than the flight departure. 
  • Around 1 hour and 15 minutes before the plane takes off, one can start boarding.
  • The closing time of the boarding gate is 10 minutes prior to the take-off. 
  • These timing may vary based on the domestic and international flights. 
  • Also, different airports’ timing can vary. 

Check-in Policy for Baggage 

Passengers can check their bags with Thai Airways at the airport, with some limitations to keep in mind. These guidelines differ as per national and international trips. 

For domestic/national flyers, the following should be adhered to:

  • Passengers can leave their luggage at the THAI bag drop counters at airports. 
  • The timing for the same is at least 45 minutes prior to the departure. 

When traveling internationally, travelers be aware of the terms given below:

  • Flyers should deposit baggage at the check-in counter. 
  • 60 minutes before the flight takes off, this procedure should be executed. 
  • After all the procedures, one can head to the boarding gate with:
    • Baggage tags 
    • Boarding permit 

How to Check in on Thai Airways Flights? 

To check in for Thai Airways flights, passengers have various options. They can use the offline procedure. It can be executed at the airport. Along with this, self-check-in is available. Alternatively, one can opt for the online process. It is possible via both the official website and the mobile application. 

  1. Initiating Self-Check-in:

When traveling with Thai Airways, passengers can choose the self-check-in option. It offers an automated service for greater simplicity as well as convenience. It comes with language options and requires different pieces of information, ranging from passport to frequent flyer number. 

  • To start the check-in procedure, choose “THAI” from the first screen of an airport kiosk. 
  • Then select the desired language. 
  • Pick from the following 5 options:
    • E-ticket number
    • Boarding pass barcode
    • Booking reference
    • Passport
    • Frequent flyer number
  • Following that, carry through the rest of the instructions until a boarding permit is received. 
  • Lastly, drop off luggage at designated THAI bag-drop counters. 
  1. Airport Check-in:

At the airport counter, one can check in for his or her flight with Thai Airways. This counter opens a couple of hours prior to take-off. In order to initiate it, flight-related and personal details are asked for. 

  • Travelers can visit the check-in desk at the airport as per the timeframes. 
  • They must provide the appropriate travel details in order to start the procedure. 
  • At the counter, the airline’s executives will help deposit luggage. 
  • A boarding permit can be obtained once the procedure is complete. 
  1. Web/Online Check-in:

One of the most convenient ways for travelers to check in for their flights is via the main website of Thai Airways. They can get a digital boarding pass with this method. Prior to receiving that, travel-related, as well as a few personal details, are required for the procedure. 

  • On Thai Airways’ website, access the “check-in” tab on the homepage. 
  • Enter the information, including:
    • “Last Name”
    • “Booking Reference Number”
    • “Form of Identification”
  • After entering all the details, tap “Submit”. 
  • Track down the booking. 
  • As directed on the screen, complete the further procedure. 

The boarding pass will be sent shortly. For easy boarding, print it off later for use at the airport. 

Note: When the flight documents are incomplete, this airline has the right to refuse boarding. 

  1. Mobile Check in Thai Airways:

Another choice for online flight check-in is via mobile application. Travelers can employ this strategy easily when they have an excellent internet connection. Prior to opting for the same, make sure of its opening and closing hours. 

  • Travelers can download the mobile application of Thai Airways for the flight check-in process. 
  • Both the “Play Store” and the “Apple Store” offer access to it. 
  • Choose the “Check in” options available and provide the last name to identify. 
  • After choosing, passengers have some options to select from. They include:
    • “Booking Reference”
    • “Ticket Number”
    • “Frequent Flyer”
  • By opting for one option, enter the asked details in the blank spaces. 
  • Press the “check in” tab.
  • Then they can proceed as directed in the application. 
  • Lastly, take a printout or screenshot of the boarding permit. 

Everything Considered, 

Thai Airways’ flyers can easily check in for their flights prior to their trips. This air carrier facilitates the same by clarifying the timeframes, rules, and restrictions. Prior to checking for the trip, it is crucial to assess or examine all of these via the flight check-in policy. 

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