Is Iberia Airline Safe? Detailed Information About Safety Measures, Fleet, and More

In the last few years, safety protocols have been improved for Iberia Airlines. This is why Iberia Airlines is a safe option to travel across the destinations covered, especially at present. It is one of the most trusted air operators in Spain due to its reliable services and measures. When it comes to major accidents, the last one was recorded in 2007. However, this Spanish flag carrier always evaluates every incident with utmost care to find the loopholes. Based on the same, it reassessed its rules and safety arrangements to strengthen passengers’ safety. This is one of the reasons that makes this carrier a better choice to travel to or from Spain.

What are Iberia Airlines’ Safety Measures?

The safety of passengers is never compromised on the flights of Iberia Airlines. This air operator has earned the reputation of being careful when it comes to their safety, due to the measures employed. For this, it typically appoints experienced staff members, as part of its measures.

Apart from this, the airline takes the following measures to keep every passenger safe throughout the journey:

  • Iberia Airlines gives proper training to its staff so that they can handle every situation.
  • Each member is capable of assisting passengers on the flight.
  • All passengers are given proper instructions to have a safe and comfortable flight.
  • Food safety is further ensured.
  • Every dish is hygienically prepared by skilled and certified chefs of the airline.
  • It has the best fleet made of high-tech Airbus planes.
  • Another measure comprises the proper maintenance of each plane.
  • They are checked for mechanical and non-mechanical issues periodically.
  • Planes are regularly cleaned for the safety of health of the people onboard.

Is Iberia Airlines Certified for Safety?

Being a certified option in Spain, Iberia Airlines follows every possible safety measure. Since it abides by the norms or rules set by concerned authorities, it has been certified for the same. The airline and its safety arrangements have been audited by numerous agencies, essentially functioning in the aviation industry.

  • It has a certification from the International Air Transportation Association or IATA.
  • The agency, IATA, certifies Iberia Airlines for its performance and safety protocols.
  • This airline follows the safety guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • It is regulated and guided by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Spain.
  • The EASA assesses, verifies, and certifies the safety parameters of this air operator.

How Safe is Iberia Airlines Right Now?

Iberia Airlines is relatively safe as of now. Extreme caution regarding the security of fliers is showcased in its recent records. According to the same, the last deadly incident happened in 2007. Fortunately, it has not registered any fatal incident after that. However, it has experienced several occurrences before. Some of them have been listed here:

  • Previously, serious damage and injuries were caused due to the hard landing in 1928.
  • In March 1939, one of the aircraft, Junkers JU 52s, crashed due to climatic conditions.
  • British ‘Anti-Aircraft’ mistakenly shot the airline’s plane in December 1939.
  • Douglas DC-3 collapsed in the Puig Cabals Valley in 1948 and took the lives of 27 people.
  • Due to a fire in the engine, the Douglas DC-3 crashed in 1957 and killed 21 passengers.
  • 50 out of 53 travelers were killed in a crash in 1965.
  • A fatal incident took place in 1972 where all 104 passengers were killed in the crash.
  • In 2007, the Airbus A340 600 slid off Old Mariscal Sucre International Airport’s runway.

After learning from these incidents, the airline implemented new safety measures, including proper training and buying new yet safe aircraft. Post-2007, its safety record gives a sense of reliability to fliers.

Is Iberia Airlines Website/App Safe to Use?

The national airline of Spain pays attention to safety not only when passengers are flying but also when they are using its digital platforms i.e. website or app. To make sure that the flier’s data is free from risks, the airline has a secure website designed/managed by professionals.

  • Accounts are secured via strong passwords containing letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • The airline never sends emails to share passwords or personal data.
  • It has safe payment gateways.
  • This airline never shares passengers’ details with third parties without their consent.
  • The mobile app – Iberia – is also secure.
  • It keeps users’ data safe while using it.
  • The privacy policy of the site/app further protects users’ rights.

Why is Iberia Airlines’ Fleet Safe?

Importantly, the fleet of Iberia Airlines is safe as it is formed with the latest and high-tech aircraft/planes of Airbus. It currently consists of the latest models. Each of them has new-age safety features and is spacious enough to carry hundreds of passengers in a single trip. Even when numerous passengers are carried, their security is maintained.

Details about the latest Iberia fleet have been given below:

  • 350A is a next-gen aircraft equipped with the latest technology and secure systems.
  • The A330-300 is counted among the safest aircraft in the Iberia fleet.
  • A330-200 is an eco-friendly/modern aircraft that can safely fly with nearly 300 passengers.
  • Also, A321 is the first model that is assembled outside France and has the best features.
  • A320 ensures secure transitions as it has the latest systems and features installed.
  • The plane, A320 Neo, is yet another highlight of Iberia’s fleet, making air travel secure.
  • A319 is the plane used to securely transport people on medium-haul flights.

Is My Luggage Safe When Flying with Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines provides 360-degree safety to its passengers and their belongings. For this, the airline has dedicated teams at the airport counters. These members put more than 100% of their efforts into making the best use of new-age technology so that bags can reach travelers promptly and securely. 

Note that in case the baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged, the airline tries everything possible to compensate. Although it cannot ascertain the complete security of belongings, the carrier tries to be accountable in some cases. 

To Wrap It Up!

Iberia Airlines is a safe option to fly within/outside Spain as it implies the best rules. Additionally, it has certified and well-trained staff to ensure maximum security when passengers are at the airport and on the flight. Lastly, its certification validates it is an ideal option to travel with. 


Below are some commonly asked questions and answers to help fliers know that Iberia is a safe option:

Is Iberia Airlines a safe option to travel with?

Yes, it is a safe option for domestic as well as international travel. 

Why is Iberia a safe airline?

It follows every safety rule set by the concerned aviation bodies. Hence, it is a safe airline.

Does Iberia have safety certification?

Yes, it has IATA’s certification for following all safety norms set by the agency.

How safe is the Iberia Airlines fleet?

Each plane is added to the fleet after a thorough assessment, making it safer for all journeys. 

What makes Iberia Airlines safe for domestic travel?

Excellent fleet, well-trained staff, etc., make it an ideal air travel choice.

Does Iberia Airlines ensure baggage safety?

Yes, the airline has a customer-friendly baggage policy which also ensures safety.

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