Does Lufthansa Require Masks? Things to Know Before Traveling Domestically/Internationally

Lufthansa Airlines is a well-known name in the aviation sector, carving a strong position for itself, especially during COVID-19. It is highly appreciated for its robust policies that encourage passengers to wear masks to limit the spread of the virus. In terms of areas such as the safety of passengers, this measure has been effective during the pandemic. It becomes integral to find out does Lufthansa require masks even when the coronavirus surge is not majorly observed. This airline is safety-oriented. Therefore, it continues following stringent hygiene protocols from the time of COVID-19. The same is followed right from the entrance at the airport till boarding. Hence, to some extent, even at present, it is important to put on masks when flying with Lufthansa.

Why does Lufthansa Require Masks?

As a prominent player in this arena, Lufthansa requires masks as it complies with every norm implemented by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency). This is ensured for the prevention of COVID-19. Along with covering the face with a mask, COVID testing and some other requirements may also be required.

Whether Lufthansa travelers are flying to or from Europe, they must check the official updates released by EASA regarding COVID-19 restrictions and rules. Though EASA asks all fliers to cover their faces with a mask while boarding the flight, some airports do not have this restriction for the airline’s travelers. 

Why does Lufthansa Still Require Masks?

Even though COVID-19 cases are decreasing, travelers of this German carrier will still need to put their masks on at certain airports and while on the flights. However, for other destinations, wearing a face mask is usually not mandatory at all. They can still wear it to get maximum safety.  

However, travelers need to keep the following Lufthansa mask requirements in mind while flying:

  • Wearing face masks is not compulsory but guidelines can change. 
  • Face mask-related rules may vary from one airport or destination to another.
  • Destinations such as China, with higher COVID cases, will have different rules for face masks.
  • Updates of the carrier should be checked before traveling to know all the COVID-19 safety rules.

What is Lufthansa Face Mask Policy?

The Lufthansa Airlines mask policy has recently been modified and indicates the use of this personal protective equipment. As per the latest rules of this policy, no obligation will be there regarding face masks. This is for the flights that are departing to or from Germany. 

However, the EASA advises passengers of this airline to continue wearing face masks for their own safety. If they wish, they can wear it while at the airport and on the flight.

Do You have to Wear a Mask on Lufthansa for Specific Locations?

It is important to know that the Lufthansa Airlines mask policy and entry requirements are prone to change for individual nations at short notice. Therefore, all travelers should check the same before arriving at the airport to know whether masks have to be worn. This will help avoid unnecessary hassles too. 

Some more important points have been highlighted here:

  • As per COVID-19 and other related entry details, masks have to be worn. 
  • These details can be collected from the website of IATA.
  • The embassy of the travel destination can be contacted to know the latest mask rules.
  • For destinations with high COVID-19 cases such as China, it is advisable to wear masks. 

When Will Lufthansa Lift Mask Mandate? 

The Lufthansa mask mandate may not be completely lifted. But wearing a face mask is not necessary either. However, keeping the safety of fellow passengers in mind, the airline as well as the EASA suggests travelers wear it. 

Passengers of this airline can use the masks when they are at the airport or boarding the flight. Besides, some more details regarding the face masks can be collected from the official websites of Lufthansa and EASA.

Do I have to Wear a Mask on Lufthansa on Domestic Flights?

As per the latest Lufthansa mask policy 2023, wearing face masks on domestic flights is not necessary. It is completely the passengers’ choice to cover their faces while at the airport or on the flight. Please note that it is particularly not mandatory when one shows no symptoms of the coronavirus. In that case, people can wear masks for their own safety. 

Does Lufthansa Require Masks on International Flights?

In some countries, depending on the current coronavirus conditions and number of cases, Lufthansa passengers will need to wear face masks. In addition to this, other COVID-19-related safety rules might be applied by the airline. 

  • With Lufthansa, Some of these COVID-19 rules include carrying:
    • RT-PCR report
    • Vaccination certification
    • Airport testing report
    • Quarantine documentation
  • Please note that the following may change at any time, based on the situation:
    • Country-specific COVID-19 rules 
    • Policies of this airline. 
  • Thus, it is good to validate the entry requirements and other rules beforehand flying with masks.

Key Takeaways

Initially, on Lufthansa, it was essential to cover the face with a mask or shield. But with a controlled situation and decreased cases, the airline changed its policy. According to the latest Lufthansa mask rules, passengers can decide whether they want to put on a face mask or not. 

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