How to Add British Airways TSA PreCheck?

British Airways TSA PreCheck

British Airways TSA PreCheck can be added online. Featured by Transportation Security Administration, its website is useful to enrol for this program. Once enrolled, the passengers of this airline can yield the benefit of short queues at the time of security screening. Moreover, the hassle of removing shoes and accessories will not be experienced during the screening process. This program is beneficial for every US flyer who applies for it. Even children under or up to 17 years can qualify for it when accompanied by an adult. Once qualified, the boarding pass will show an indicator. This will help flyers quickly pass through the security procedures.

1. Does British Airways Participate in TSA PreCheck?

Does British Airways Participate in TSA PreCheck

In 2018, TSA or Transportation Security Administration partnered with British Airways. Following this, the airline has been participating in the screening program. It is mainly available for the citizens and nationals of the US flying domestically or internationally.

2. How to Get TSA PreCheck for British Airways Bookings?

Usually, the passengers of British Airways add TSA PreCheck from the official website of this body. Its homepage can be visited to apply for the same. In general, the application procedure takes a few minutes to complete. However, when an appointment is scheduled at the end of it, it can account for more time.

  • Run the “Homepage” of the website of “TSA”.
  • Select “Apply” under “TSA PreCheck”.
  • A new page will be launched. Here, press “Apply Now”.
  • Fill in the biographic details.
  • Then tap on “Next”.
  • Continue to follow the appearing prompts to apply for this program.
  • An appointment will be scheduled to check the background. 
  • This will be accompanied by fingerprinting.
  • Afterward, the “KTN” information will be attained.

2.1) Apply KTN to British Airways Tickets

Apply KTN to British Airways Tickets

With British Airways, to add TSA PreCheck Number or Known Traveller Number, a passenger will have to begin the check-in process. To do so online, use “Manage” on the official website of the airline. Otherwise, contact the airline or visit the airport for the same. 

  • This number will have to be added every time to a booking.
  • The boarding pass will have to be presented.
  • It should state that one is eligible for TSA Pre-screening.

3. How to Add TSA PreCheck to British Airways via USA Global Entry?

Those who are a part of the USA Global Entry program can acquire certain benefits. One such benefit includes the eligibility for British Airways TSA PreCheck. To avail of the program via USA Global Entry, passengers can first register for this scheme.

  • Passengers can contact British Airways to register for the Global Entry scheme by:
    • Dialling the carrier’s phone number – 1-800-247-9297 (USA)
    • Or, visiting its counter at the airport
  • Once this program is enrolled, eligibility for TSA PreCheck will be obtained.

4. Who is Eligible for TSA PreCheck on British Airways?

4. Who is Eligible for TSA PreCheck on British Airways?

In order to add TSA PreCheck to British Airways tickets, one should check the eligibility criteria for the same. An important condition is that a traveler should be departing from an airport in the United States. Also, prior enrollment will have to be made.

Additionally, the following terms will make one eligible for this program:

  • A traveler should be under the Global Entry program.
  • He/she should be a citizen or a legally permanent resident of the US.
  • This person can be enrolled under NEXUS, TSA PreCheck, or SENTRI.
  • NEXUS members are eligible when they are Canadian citizens.
  • One can enroll when these membership KTN or Known Traveller Numbers are available:
    • TSA PreCheck
    • Global Entry
    • SENTRI
    • NEXUS
  • TSA can apply other conditions prior to granting this screening benefit.

In Short

The security measures of British Airways and TSA PreCheck enrollment make travel more risk-free. It is simple to apply for this program. Ever since the partnership between the airline and TSA, millions of travelers have experienced better screening. The convenient application procedure will enable more people to opt for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who can get British Airways TSA PreCheck?

US citizens can get enrolled in this security screening program.

2. How to add TSA PreCheck to British Airways flight tickets?

Use the website of TSA to apply for this program. Then add KTN to British Airways tickets.

3. Am I eligible for TSA PreCheck British Airways?

When one is a national or citizen of the United States, one is eligible for this program.

4. Does British Airways have TSA PreCheck program?

Yes, British Airways passengers have access to TSA PreCheck.

5. Does British Airways participate in TSA PreCheck currently?

This airline is participating in the security screening program.

6. Does British Airways use TSA PreCheck indicator on tickets?

After adding KTN to this operator’s tickets, an indicator gets added.

7. What information is needed for British Airways and TSA PreCheck program?

Usually, biographic information and some basic details are needed under this program.

8. Does British Airways accept TSA PreCheck?

Yes, TSA PreCheck is accepted by this carrier.

9. How to get KTN for TSA PreCheck for British Airways?

KTN is obtained while applying for TSA Pre via the website of this body.

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