Why is Aer Lingus So Cheap? How can a Traveler Save More on Every Travel? 

Some passengers can be willing to spend a huge amount on their travel while others would require affordability. Keeping this specific point in mind, Aer Lingus’s cheap flights can often be availed. This is an Ireland-based airline with cost-effective travel solutions. Since 1936, the airline has been offering low-cost airfares to domestic as well as international routes. However, travelers may miss out on some in-flight services and complimentary products. Nevertheless, their travel experience will remain the most comforting one. For this, travelers get to evaluate their needs and add the services i.e. meals, beverages, easy seat upgrades, and so on by paying a minimal fee. 

Is Good Customer Experience Offered on Cheap Aer Lingus Flights?

Aer Lingus offers cost-effective airfares and always focuses on the quality of services given. When it comes to customers’ experience, the airline has its focus on making things simpler and stress-free. To make this possible, the airline has a dedicated team of executives to address and solve queries.

  • Also, this airline has easy-to-connect and 24/7 available contact numbers.
  • A well-designed and information-loaded website gets the necessary updates.
  • Multiple tickets and sales offices help people find and book Aer Lingus cheap tickets easily. 

How to Get Cheap Aer Lingus Flights?

Whether a person takes a flight every week or flies once a year, cheap flights are always available with Aer Lingus. To provide fliers with flexible as well as no-fuss airfares, the airline provides different ways. For instance, airfares can be booked, excluding the fee for additional services and facilities. Depending on their needs, travelers can add the same.

Besides, to get cheap airfares, fliers can do the following:

  • Fliers can opt for Aer Lingus’s loyalty program – AerClub.
  • With different levels, they can get different benefits including discounted airfares.
  • Each booking will help fliers earn some points/miles to book free tickets afterward.
  • They can choose the “Price Lock” feature.
  • This option will help them lock the best airfares for a certain period.
  • “Fare Deposit” is yet another method to book tickets without ruining the budget. Under this:
    • Travelers need to pay only 50% at the time of booking.
    • The remaining amount should be paid 60 days before the trip.
  • Instead of a one-way trip, booking a round trip will help passengers save further.
  • Partner service providers i.e. hotels and car rentals also offer special discounts.

Do Aer Lingus Flights Get Cheaper?

Due to fluctuations in the airfares, the tickets of Aer Lingus can sometimes cost more to the passengers. For instance, the cost may be high during weekends. However, only a slight variation will be observed when these fluctuations occur.

Amidst fluctuations, the following will help travelers find and book cheaper flights to their desired travel destination:

  • Utilize the membership level of the frequent flyer program to save more.
  • Always book a round-trip rather than one-way.
  • Add the necessary services to keep the overall cost low.
  • Avoid last-minute bookings to keep the unexpected rise in the airfares at bay.
  • Since demand and availability may affect the prices, book tickets in advance. 

Does Aer Lingus have Cheap Flights to Dublin?

Currently, the airline, Aer Lingus, covers more than 100 destinations including Dublin. Passengers can go to its official website to check the routes covered from Dublin. 

The best thing is that the website of this carrier will provide an estimated amount of airfare (inclusive of charges and taxes). This way travelers can better plan their budget for the trip to this city in Ireland from several locations.

Does Aer Lingus have Cheap Flights to Europe?

Even though Aer Lingus is a low-cost carrier, it covers many routes from Dublin. Europe is one such popular destination that is covered by the flights of this airline. Aer Lingus cheap flights to Europe help travelers plan frequent visits to this continent.

Given below are some of the countries in this continent that can be visited with this budget-friendly carrier:

  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • France 
  • Finland

Are Aer Lingus Cheap Tickets Value-Worthy?

Affordable airfares, outstanding services, and quick support make Aer Lingus a good airline, worthy of investing in. Among all factors, its pocket-friendliness is highly appreciated by the customers. Many people feel that its low-cost tickets are value-worthy as good-quality services are ensured. 

  • The comfort of passengers is not ignored even when tickets are cheap.
  • Spacious seats with enough legroom are provided on the flights.
  • All safety standards are carefully implemented and followed.
  • The fleet is fuel-efficient and emits zero carbon.
  • Every plane is cleaned before the next departure.
  • Authorities-approved cleaning products are used to maintain proper hygiene.


As a budget air operator, Aer Lingus is a trusted name for those who are searching for an economical option. With its cheap flights to popular routes, it ensures that passengers have easy access to its quality services. They can pay for the required services as per their budget.


The following commonly asked questions and answers will help one understand why is Aer Lingus so cheap:

Why is Aer Lingus so cheap?

The airline’s airfares are cheap as they do not include the prices of additional services.

How to get cheap Aer Lingus flights to London?

To book cheap flights to London, travelers can go to the official website of Aer Lingus.

Do Aer Lingus flights get cheaper when booking a round trip?

Yes, round trips will cost less than a one-way trip.

Are Aer Lingus cheap flights available to the USA?

Cheap flights are available to many destinations within the USA.

Can a passenger book cheap flights from Dublin to Edinburgh Aer Lingus?

Yes, with Aer Lingus, affordable flights can be booked between Dublin to Edinburgh.

What are the best ways to get Aer Lingus cheap tickets?

Opting for AerClub and making advance bookings are a few ways to get cheap tickets

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