Top 9 Best Things to do in Morristown NJ in 2023

Things to do in Morristown NJ

Morristown is a town established in the New Jersey, the state of the United State of America in the county of Morris.

This Town is also considered as “ the Military Capital of the American Revolution ” just because it made a big role to take the independence back from the country of Great Britain.

The total Population of the Morristown is the 20,180 people as per the latest census in the year of 2020.

Lewis Morris Park, Jockey Hollow, Art Center are some of the fun activities areas where you will feel the freedom and enjoyments.

St. Peter’s Church, Steve Willey Statue, Museum are the sites related to the history of the domestic and the national places.

Best Things to do in Morristown NJ

1. Art and Cultural Collections at Morris Museum

Morris Museum in Morristown Nj

The Morris Museum is one of the second biggest museum in the New Jersey State. It was opened for the public in the year of 1913.

This Morris Museum is covered in a total area of 75,524 sq. ft. It also known as the Museum of American Alliance.

It is fully dedicated to the culture and the arts of the area and showcases the best exhibits of live events in Morristown Nj.

You can visit this place to see the collections of Kinetic art and the painting of Birds art displayed in the exhibits. These are the amazing things to do near Morristown Nj.

Get the Directions Here:

Address6 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960
Opening HoursMonday and Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00 AM- 5:00 PM

2. Hiking on the Trails at The Jockey Hollow

Jockey Hollow in Morristown NJ

The Jockey Hollow is a very famous part of the National Historical Park in the New Jersey state, in Morristown.

This was opened in the year of 1993. This is established by a person name Wick, whose house is established in the area with the name of Wick House.

Grand Loop Trail is the best attractions in Jockey Hollow with a long distance of 6.5 miles along with the three other tails in the jockey hollow.

Visitors are welcomed here for hiking and walking on the trails and experiencing the adventure in their life with these funs things to do in Morristown Nj this weekend.

Address: 110 South St, Morristown, NJ 07960

3. Experience the History of War at The Morristown Green

Morristown Green

The Morristown Green is a historical park situated in the town of Morristown in New Jersey State covered with a total area of 2.5 acres.

This place was a military base and a training area for the militant, now converted into the parks in Morristown Nj.

The Patriots Farewell Fountain is on the great attraction of the Morristown Green because it is a monument related to the Revolutionary War.

You can visit this place to witness the historical place with the Fountain, Monuments of Civil War and the Morris Frank and Buddy Statue established in the year of 2005.

Get the Directions Here:

Address10 N Park Pl, Morristown, NJ 07960
Opening HoursOpen 24 Hours

4. Feel the peace at the Holy site of St. Peter’s Church of Morristown

St. Peter’s Church in Morristown Nj

The St. Peter’s Church is situated in the New Jersey State of The United State of America in the year of 1827.

Later, the building was constructed in the year of 1911 but got its roots in the year of past 1760.  

If you think about what is Morristown Nj Known for then this church is the reason behind the Morristown fame.

Many historical items are hanging in the church throughout. When you have a walk around the church you will find them.

The atmosphere of the church is so peaceful and the environment is full of cool air with a refreshing feel.

This is a holy site and visiting this place is the great things to do in Morris County.

Get the Directions Here:


Address70 Maple Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960
Opening HoursMonday- Friday: 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM
Sunday: Closed, Sunday: 8:00 AM- 11:30 AM

5. Live Quality Art Performances at The Mayo Performing Art Center

The Mayo Performing Art Center is situated in the town of Morris of New Jersey State founded in the year of 1937.

It is an art performing center with the many kinds of performance purpose such as the singing, dancing, live events in Morristown Nj and some other best performance arts of famous artists.

The Art Center has a total capacity of 1319 audience members to book a favorite seat and watch the live performances as they like.

This art center is the part of the movies theaters but has a separate identity of art center. Coming to this place with the family and the friends is the best things to do in Morristown Nj.

Get the Directions Here:


Address: 100 South St, Morristown, NJ 07960

6. Pick the Organic Fruits and Vegetables in The Wightman Farm

Wightman Farm in Morristown Nj

The Wightman Farm is situated in the Morristown of New Jersey State founded in the year of 1922.

This Farm is officially owned by a family and operated by them since its establishment.

Pumpkins are the main attraction of the Wightman Farm but apples, peaches and fresh vegetables are available in the Wightman Farm to pick and eat with the delicious taste.

You should have a visit here if you think about what to do in Morristown Nj to pick the fruits and the vegetables to get a healthy life after having all these.

Providing the organic fruits and the vegetables are the main aim of this Weighman Farm in the New Jersey State. It is also the best places to hang out with family.

Get the Directions Here:

Address1111 Mt Kemble Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960
Opening HoursMonday to Sunday: 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM

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7. Witness the Great Statue of Steve Willey

Stephen Wiley Statue

The Steve Willey State of also called the Stephen Wiley Statue is situated in the city of Morristown, New Jersey.

The statue of Stephen Willey is established on the front of the Free public library of Morristown and Morris Township.

The Stephen Willey was an advocate who fought in the court and won a battle to integrate the schools in the Morris Township.

The Statue is unveiled outside the Morrison Library in the year of 2021 and watching the bronze made figure statue is one of the best things to do in Morrison Nj.

8. Trip to the historical site at The Ford Mansion and Museum

Ford Mansion and Museum

The Ford Mansion and Museum is located in the city of Morristown of New Jersey State. It was built in the year of 1774.

It is basically a house of the 18th century built by an American whose name was Jacob Ford.

This House was purchased by the Washington Association in the year of 1873 and now the National Park Service has owned this.

The General George Washington made this house his HQ and stayed with the 10000 army man.

This house has now been converted into a museum and display the rich history of the battle of Princeton and show the portray how the building was built at the time of Washington Stay.

Visiting this place and look into the staying life of General George Washington and the history is the great things to do near Morristown Nj.

Get the Directions Here:


Address30 Washington Pl, Morristown, NJ 07960
Opening HoursMonday: 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM,
Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed
Thursday- Sunday: 11:00 AM- 3:30 PM

9. Fun Activities at The Lewis Morris Park

Lewis Morris Park

The Lewis Morris Park also known as the park for the general purpose. It is situated in a total area of 2196 acres.

It is one of the second biggest parks in the city, the Morrison County of the New Jersey State.

A long trail of 22.1 miles is the most famous hiking attractions in the Lewis Morris Park for the hikers and the walkers.

Many other areas such as the Athletic Field, Picnic area, Dog Park, Shelters, Off Road Biking are the best of the unforgettable activities.

This is a great place for the picnic with the family members, hiking with the friends and the other more fun things to do in Morrison Nj.

Address: 270 Mendham Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960


The Morristown city of New Jersey State is a city of fun activities with the historical places with a story behind them.

There are many things to do in Morristown Nj such as visiting the museum, fun in the park, events in the different places and view the some other historical places in the Morristown Nj.

You should visit this place of Morristown once in your life and get an experience of enjoyment and the unforgettable touch of the history to live with the great knowledge and the present touch.

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