Things to do in Goa – Fun & Adventurous Activities

Things to do in Goa

The beauty of Goa can take your heart away. The sandy beaches and mesmerizing sunsets are enough to make your day perfect. In addition to this, Goa is also popular for offering unlimited fun and adventure activities along with exciting nightlife, and so many bars and clubs. 

This is one of the reasons why people call Goa, the Party Capital of India. But before you visit here, it is always a good idea to make a list of the top fun, adventurous, and romantic things to do in Goa. 

To ease the process for you, we have come up with this post. Keep on reading to find out the details.

Fun Things to do in Goa

When in Goa, you will have endless options to start your exploration. But the visit to the following places is the most amazing and fun thing to do in Goa:

1. Dudhsagar Falls in South Goa

It is said that your trip will be incomplete if you do not visit the well-known “sea of milk” – Dudhsagar Falls. When you visit this place, you will realize why it has got this name. This is a beautiful waterfall that is around 310 meters high with 4 tiers and 3 streams. All these make visiting Dudhsagar Falls a must. And yes, do not forget to click some beautiful pictures when you are here.

Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

Why Visit this Place: This waterfall has great tracks for hiking. Whether you are an advanced or intermediate-level hiker, you can go to this place and enjoy great views while hiking.

Address: Sonaulim, Goa 403410, India

Get the Dudhsagar Falls Directions here:

2. A Guide to Fontainhas, Goa

It is one of the oldest yet well-preserved quarters of Portuguese in Goa. Certified as a UNESCO heritage site, it has 18th and 19th centuries Portuguese-style buildings and villas. Along with this, so many other historical buildings can also be seen here.

Fontainhas in Goa

Why Visit this Place: When you want to explore the historical site of this place, you should not miss out on visiting Fontainhas. And yes, the Chapel of Saint Sebastian is the best point to stop, ponder, and click on some social media-friendly pictures.

3. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Counted among the popular and oldest churches in Goa, the Basilica of Bom Jesus was established in 1605. This church is famous for keeping St. Francis Xavier’s mortal remains. For many people including Roman Catholics, visiting this church is one of the best things to do in Goa, India.

Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa

Why Visit this Place: People who want to explore the rich religious and historical traditions of Goa must visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to this, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is specifically known for its excellent architecture, beautifully carved windows, columns, doors, and statues, and the modern art gallery.

4. Sahakari Spice Farm – A Must Visit Place

It is a popular site in Goa wherein you can go and learn more about herbs, medicinal trees, spices, and fruits. The Sahakari Spice Farm is expanded to an area of 130 acres. This place may seem boring to you but you can gain knowledge about different herbs and spices here. 

Sahakari Spice Farm in Goa

Why Visit this Place: Whether you want to buy spices, herbs, fruits, and other items or simply want to know the uses and benefits, you can go to this place. Moreover, you will also find an exclusive range of in-house restaurants in the Sahakari Spice Farm wherein you can enjoy local delicacies. 

Address: C26G+23G, belgaum Highway, Curti, Ponda, Goa 403401, India

5. Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar

It is a bustling night bazaar or market of Goa. Everything looks so amazing here as things get life every Saturday. The Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar is an open-air and large place with special arrangements for live music to ensure great surroundings. And yes, you can definitely shop for designer clothes, stylish yet handcrafted jewelry and other items, cheap souvenirs, fresh spices, and so on.

Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar

Why Visit this Place: This place has the finest range of restaurants, bars, and boutique designers. To have an authentic “Goan” experience, you can come here. In case you are interested in handicraft jewelry or some delicious falafel, this is a must-visit place for you.

Other Places to do Fun Things

In addition to the options suggested above, you can also add the following to your list of several fun things to do in Goa:

  • Se Cathedral
  • Singbal’s Book House
  • Vagator Beach
  • Big Foot Cross Museum
  • Artjuna Garden Café and Lifestyle Shop
  • Mahadeva Temple, Tambdi Surla
  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Gunpowder

Adventurous Activities to Enjoy in Goa

If you feel that Goa is all about churches and bars, then you are wrong. It is because you will find countless adventurous things to do in Goa. To help you in this quest a bit, we have mentioned a few activities below. Take a look:

1. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

If you want to experience underwater exploration, then Goa is the perfect destination for you. By opting for snorkeling and scuba diving these are the best things to do in Goa in March, you can see colorful corals, lively marine life, and yes – a once-in-a-lifetime unique experience. Many people go to Thailand and Maldives for such experiences but Goa has the same things to offer.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
Best Time:between October and March
Expected Cost:INR 3999*

2. Enjoy Parasailing in Goa

You may have an idea about paragliding but parasailing is a completely different experience for you. In this adventure spot, you will be tucked into a boat. At this time, you will have a parachute to fly high and explore the beautiful views. This is one of the highly preferred activities by youngsters and couples in Goa.

Parasailing in Goa
Best Time:between October and March
Expected Cost:INR 850-1100*

3. Learn Windsurfing in Goa

Another amazing thing to do in Goa is windsurfing. It is nothing but a combination of surfing and sailing. To enjoy this activity, you will be provided with a board on which you have to firmly stand. Yes, you will have all safety arrangements to face the water and wind pressures. But the balancing part should be in your hands. Once you manage the same, you will be going to have the best experience of your life.

Windsurfing in Goa
Best Time:between October and March
Expected Cost:INR 1500* onwards

4. Water Scooters

If you are a little scared of trying some daredevil things, then water scooters will be a safer but exciting option for you. With this, you will get the thrill and speed at the same time. It is nothing but riding a bike on a water surface. You might have seen the same in many movies. So, you can now also enjoy the same and click some amazing pictures to post on your social media.

Water Scooters in Goa
Best Time:between October and March
Expected Cost:INR 500* onwards

5. Boat Cruise and White Water River Rafting

Situated on the borders of the well-known Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, you will be provided here with mesmerizing views of the Mhadei River or Mandovi. To attract more tourists, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation has recently introduced whitewater river rafting. In this activity, you can enjoy the rolling waves. When you are enjoying this activity, do not forget to wear safety equipment along with a life jacket.

White Water River Rafting in Goa
Best Time:between October and March
Expected Cost:INR 300* for 1-hour ride on the cruise and INR 1800* for river rafting

6. Kayaking

When you want to enjoy something on the calm water, then you can opt for kayaking. It is not too challenging and strenuous. Just paddle your way through the rivulets, backwaters, and thickets. The best thing about this fun thing to do in Goa is that you will also be enjoying scenic views and beauty. You can also take a park in the kayak festivals, kayak races, moonlight kayaking, and picnics.

Best Time:between October and March
Expected Cost:INR 1600-3200 per person(vary on booking portal)

There are many more adventurous activities that you can enjoy during your trip to Goa. Below, we have listed some more things to do in Goa, India in March that you can add to your bucket list:

  • Knee-boarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water skiing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • ATV Biking
  • Aqua Zorbing
  • Zoccer
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides

Things and Activities that Couples Can Enjoy in Goa

Goa also has various things and places where you can go with your partner. Be it lust forest, dramatic waterfalls, mountain peaks, sandy beaches, or marine life, you will have various romantic things to do in Goa. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Walk hand-in-hand with your partner to explore the colonial allure

In Goa, you will see some Portuguese attractions. Impressively built mansions and forts define the actual beauty of this place. In addition to this, luxury resorts and bars are perfect to spend a romantic evening with your partner.

Basilica of Bom Jesus a Heritage sites

When you are here, do not forget to visit the heritage sites, churches, and so on. The best experience you will get here by walking on the local streets of Goa.

2. Explore the dramatic waterfalls of Goa

Goa is blessed with so many natural wonders. And waterfalls are the ones that you can fall in love with. Some popular waterfalls of Goa include Dudhsagar Waterfalls. This eye-pleasing place will provide you with lush green forests along with picturesque views to spend some memorable and lovable moments with your better half.

3. Let the love bloom more on the beautiful sandy beaches

A lot of people visit Goa just to enjoy the white sandy beaches. So many newly married couples visit Goa beaches to make memories. They express love by writing names on the soft sand. Nothing is more amazing than sitting with your life partner enjoying sunbathing and drinking chilled beer.

Galgibaga  beach

When you are here, you can have a different experience with your partner as you can explore marine life, do kayaking, or enjoy scuba diving. Some popular beaches include Chapora Beach, Butterfly Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, and Cavelossim Beach.

After exploring beaches and other romantic spots, you can arrange a romantic and relaxing dinner date for your partner. In Goa, there are so many restaurants that can provide such facilities and services to the lovebirds. It means you can satiate hunger and enjoy a romantic and relaxing evening together.

Titlie restaurant

Some popular spots for this may include the Beach Club of Antares, A Reverie, Thalassa, Go With The Flow, The Fisherman’s Wharf, Waterfront Terrace and Bar, The Marriott, Riverside, The Leela, Simply Grills, Barbeque, Tuscany Gardens, and so on.

Final takeaways

Goa is a fun city. Attention-grabbing natural wonders, thrilling adventurous activities, rich history, sandy beaches, and amazing wildlife can make any ordinary day a special one. You can also go to exceptional bars and restaurants to enjoy a romantic evening or exhilarating nightlife. But yes, you must make a list of top things to do in Goa for a memorable experience. Lastly, arrange everything in advance i.e. booking your flight tickets, hotel rooms, and transportation to keep everything smooth.

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