14 Best Things to do in Chichester in 2023

Things to do in Chichester

Chichester is situated in the west Sussex County in England near the English Channel.

This place offers the great attractions and activities for the visitor to enjoy the life and experience the amazing adventure.

So, what’s in Chichester is no longer a big question because there is so much to do in Chichester.

It would be a good idea to list all the best attractions in the Chichester which you want to experience in the life.

Things to do in Chichester

1. Largest collection in the museum of Fishbourne Roman Palace

Fishbourne Roman Palace is the largest residential Roman Building founded in Britain and is said to date all the way back to 75 a.d.

Fishbourne Roman Palace in in Chichester

After the 30 years of roman conquest of Britain, this magnificent palace surfaced accidentally. It was systematically excavated in the year of 1960.

The Museum was built by the Sussex archaeological society. The gardens were replanted using authentic plants from the roman period.

After having a visit to this museum, you can find the largest collection of mosaics found in situ in the UK.

You can marvel at these recreated roman gardens, some of the earliest gardens founded in the Britain.

2.     Learn about Wine making at Tinwood Estate Vineyard

The Tinwood Estate Vineyard is one of the great attractions in Chichester. It is situated at the foot of the south Downs national park.

Tinwood Estate Vineyard

It is the one of the finest sparkling wine producers in England, made for a great location to experience a vineyard tour.

You are welcomed here with the thing to do in Chichester is to learn something about making wine. It is also the full wine testing experience while overlooking at the vineyard.

For visitors, the tinwood estate offers the special events such as afternoon teas and a special harvest experience day along with the Picking and tasting grapes accompanied by lunch.

A winery tour with the unique luxury lodges is also offered by the tinwood estate vineyard with a cozy getaway.   

3. A Gardening skills course in West Dean Gardens

West Dean Gardens sits quietly at the foot of the south downs and claims its place as one of the greatest restored open gardens in the public.

West Dean Gardens

Things to do in Chichester is to walk around the garden. It will give you a glimpse into a wide range of historic elements.

You can have a trip here with the things to see in Chichester like the ancient tree with secret walled gardens.

A 300-foot pergola, roses and honey suckle, a spring garden with flint bridges are the best things to watch if you think of what to see in Chichester.

Visitors can also book a short-term course on gardening skills and garden design.

4. Picnic with the oldest trees in Kingley Vale

Oldest living things in Britain, the kingley vale is the home of the reserve of the finest forest in western Europe.

Kingley Vale

This place is also considered as the one of the most significant archaeological sites in southern England.

Watching the view of the 14 ancient monuments apart from walking around Is the free things to do in Chichester.

You can also see the wood packers on the hunt for ants, red kites and buzzards in the kingley vale.

Visitors can have a trip for the picnic and enjoy a day among these two-thousand-year-old trees is one of the fun things to do in Chichester.   

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5.     Feel the peace in the Chichester Cathedral Church

The Chichester Cathedral church was founded in the year of 1075 as an example of Norman in the gothic style architecture.

Chichester Cathedral Church in Chichester

The best places to visit in Chichester is the Chichester Cathedral is known as the cathedral church of the holy trinity initially.

Medieval Bell Tower and Double Isles are the two main things to see in Chichester features which makes the Chichester Cathedral very unique for the visitor along with the colorful paintings.  

This place has been described as the most typical English cathedral and the roof also acts as the landmark for the sailors.

6.     Find the Immersion history at Weald and Downland Museum

The open-air museum, wheeler downland living museum is very unique and kind in the total area of 40 acres.

Weald and Downland Museum

This museum is also the home of over 50 historic buildings and gardens.

Visitors can find here the immersion history where they will find the amazing attractions in Chichester.

You can visit the shop, eat foods, even partake in craft demonstrations showcasing the past coming to life.

Things to do in Chichester is to experience the blacksmithing, milling, spinning Tudor cooking and more.

If you want some break, walking on the trails, some of the most exceptional landscapes of England where famous poets, writers, and artists have been inspired throughout the ages.

7.     Experience much more in Wheeled Goodwood House

Being the seat of duke of Richmond and sits on an estate covering about 12000 acres. It is considered as the great eye-listed building.

Wheeled Goodwood House

The Wheeled Goodwood House is famous for being the site of the annual goodwood festival of seed. This is the best things to do in Chichester if you are thinking that what to do in Chichester.

Another great things to see in Chichester is the two golf courses and a cricket pitch along with the hotel and a 4000 acres organic farm.

Visitors can book a trip to witness the stately apartments, magnificent ballrooms and noble common spaces.

This Wheeled Goodwood House is also the home for important art collections.

This house is not a house. It is a property which served as a home for estate forest and gardens.  

8. Get Friendly with Alpacas in Dunwrath Alpacas center  

Being as a visitor in the Chichester, it takes some time to experience a walk with your own alpaca’s friend in the Dunwrath Alpacas.

Dunwrath Alpacas

If you are in the weekend bed mood then the fun things to do in Chichester this weekend is to think about the alpacas, you will get a happy smile.

This center is run by a husband and a wife with a small shop with their own homemade knitwear and other items for sale.

They take care of the loving friendly animals and also offer team building events to bigger companies.

The Pollen House Gallery is undoubtedly the one of the best collections related to the British art of 20th century in the world.

Pollen House Gallery

This gallery includes the work of Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, John Piper, Carrie Richards and Graham Sutherland.

Best thing to see in Chichester is to have a watch on the art collections continues growing by donations for the popularity

Queen and Townhouse which were built in the year of 1712 are the top attractions in Chichester.

Pollen House Gallery with the new addition building has won the architectural awards for being the perfect balance between old and new.

Special events and exhibits are also offered by the Pollen House Gallery. It makes the best places to visit in chichester.        

10.  Listen the story of History at Novia Museum

The Novia Museum is built by the remains of the roman bath making it the main exhibit to occupy the most of the ground floor.

 Novia Museum

The main aim of this museum is to tell a story of the history of the Chichester District by showing the over 500,000 artifacts on display.

Visitors can see the many different collections like the archaeology collection, art collections, sculpture collections and especially the social history collection.

Things to see in Chichester at Novia museum is the research department which welcomes the students to take a short-term placement for handling the department of the museum.

11.  Take a look at the Bishops Palace Garden

The Bishop’s Palace Garden is a charming garden looked after by the Chichester District Council.

Bishops Palace Garden

You can get in the bishop’s palace cannon gate on cannon lane to be to be dazzled by an immaculate formal flower bed against the evocative backdrop of the old walls.

You can take a look at the beautiful plants, amazing architecture and the awesome room available here for the thing to see in Chichester.

This palace garden is developed for the peace environment as a treat to the visitor who steps in here and enjoys the fun things to do in Chichester.

Bishop of the Chichester is the official resident of this Bishop’s Palace Garden and makes these the top view attractions in Chichester.

12.  Experience the Roman Structure around the Chichester Walls

Chichester has the most intact roman city walls in the country.

Chichester Walls

It references over three quarters of the original Roman structure that survives today.

The Chichester Walls were made by the hands of Romans during the 3rd century.

The Chichester Walls were constructed before one thousand and eight hundred years ago and now considered as the attractions in Chichester.

It has a long tail of 1.5 miles but the visitors are not allowed to sit and walk on the trail.

13.  Buy a ticket at Chichester Festival Theatre

A venue for the high and best quality productions, the Chichester Festival Theatre was opened in the year of 1962.

Chichester Festival Theatre

Lawrence Oliver is the first artistic director forming the company that would merge with the old vic in London to create the national Theater company.

What to do in Chichester Festival Theatre is to buy a ticket and choose the best place to sit out of the 1206 availability of seats.  

The seating area of the Chichester Festival Theatre is fully air conditioner with a relaxing feeling and much more.  

14.  Place a Meeting at The Chichester Cross

The Chichester Cross is an exuberant perpendicular gothic monument situated in the city’s pedestrian friendly old center.

Chichester Cross

This is considered as the best places to visit in Chichester from the last decades of the 15th century for most likely dates and as a meeting point.

This was the main place for people to sell their wares up the early 1800s.

Visitors can see how this Chichester Cross is standing in the merger of the four roads. This important point makes this the best things to see in Chichester and also the main attractions in Chichester.

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Chichester is a very famous place among the visitors because of the many attractions and the activities like the Museum, Garden, Festival Theatre, Goodwood Garden, Chichester Cross and many more.

Visitors can have a good time here by getting into the history and the best attractions in Chichester.

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