13 Best Things to do in Cheltenham

Things to do in Cheltenham

After the discovery of mineral springs in the 1700s, the entire face of Cheltenham changed. This is one of the reasons why it has become a hot spot for tourists to come and enjoy their vacations. When it comes to the major attractions, Cheltenham is best known for its opulent gardens, townhouses, and neoclassical spa facilities. In addition to this, the charming town of Cheltenham organizes festivals and events around the year. But it offers several more activities and things to do in Cheltenham.

Things to do in Cheltenham this weekend

Montpellier District

Situated in the southern region of the town, the Montpellier District is counted among the posh areas. Came into the light in 1830, this district is all about regency townhouses, dainty greenery, and mesmerizing views. In addition to this, you can also enjoy fine dining and shopping here. If you are here to buy some beautiful antique items, you can still do it as there are so many design shops and antique dealers.

It is also a perfect spot to come and enjoy yourself with friends. We are saying this because you will find some great wine bars in the Montpellier District. Another notable thing about this place is that you will find one of the oldest shopping galleries of the United Kingdom here named the Montpellier Arcade (dates back to 1832).

The Promenade and Long Gardens

It was first established in 1818 as a tree-lined avenue. Gradually, it became what it is today. The Promenade and Long Gardens are all about lime and plane trees, copper beech, horse chestnut, modern buildings, and regency houses.

The Promenade and Long Gardens

For travelers and locals alike, it has a long chain of restaurants, cafes, and other shops. The beauty of this place attracts a huge number of visitors every year. Thus, exploring this place can be the best thing to do in Cheltenham this weekend.

Pittville Park

It is a beautiful park that was built and opened in 1825. Pittville Park is watched and managed by the Pittville Pump Room. It is a small prominence on the northern side. Expanded in an area of 33 hectares, it has a pond along with lots of rabbits and birds.

Pittville Park in Cheltenham

On the western side, you will find a huge boating lake that is fringed by a boathouse. Here, you can rent a pedal boat and enjoy boating. Along with this, it has a 9-hole golf course for golf enthusiasts along with a tennis court and skate park for kids.

Address: Prestbury, Cheltenham GL50 4SH, UK

It is a modern extension of the regency building. This museum is best known for its hand-picked crafts and art collection. In the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, you will get to see wood carvings, leatherwork, different furniture pieces, paintings, textiles, silverwork, and jewelry pieces from the movement of the Arts & Crafts.

The Wilson Art Gallery and Museu

People who adore the artwork of the Dutch Golden Age should not miss out on this museum and art gallery. It is because the work of a lot of artists from this era is on display. For example, you can find the work of Gerrit Dou in this art gallery and museum.

Address: 51 Clarence St, Cheltenham GL50 3JT, United Kingdom

Imperial Gardens

Visiting this historical place is one of the best things to do in Cheltenham. Dating back to 1818, this place is bordered by the Cheltenham Town Hall. The most beautiful thing about this garden is that it has more than 25000 blooms in its floral displays. This makes it the most ideal and picturesque place to visit during spring.

Cheltenham Imperial Gardens

In addition to this, the garden has cultivated settings for outdoor activities and events. As a result, you can see and attend the popular Science, Literature, Music, and Jazz Festivals here. When you are here, do not forget to click pictures near the statue of Gustav Holst.

Holst Birthplace Museum

Born in 1874 in Cheltenham, Holst was a musician and his father was a solicitor in Cirencester. To honor Holst and his work, the house situated on Clarence Road was converted into a museum in 1975. When you enter this museum, you will get a feel of Victorian Cheltenham’s domestic life. The rooms of this museum are decorated with the family’s antique furniture. In the kitchen, you will also find an extensive range of old and unique utensils.

Holst Birthplace Museum in Cheltenham

The house cum museum consists of a piano that was used by Gustav Holst to compose some of his masterpieces. You can also reach out to an interactive area called the Holst Discovery Space. It has over 3000 specific items including manuscripts of Holst.

Address: 4 Clarence Rd, Cheltenham GL52 2AY, United Kingdom

Everyman Theater

People searching for the best-performing arts spots in the city can visit the Everyman Theater. It is a grand theater building that was inaugurated in 1891. This theater is known as one of the oldest surviving auditoriums. It is constructed by the feted architect and adorned with paintings, bespoke wallpapers, gilded stucco, carpets, and marble.

Cheltenham Everyman Theater

At the start of 2010, this theater got a new life because of the new restoration work. Today, it is counted among the top places for edifying opera, ballet, live performance, and dance.

Address: 7, Everyman Theatre, 10 Regent St, Cheltenham GL50 1HQ, United Kingdom

Cheltenham Town Hall

The name may seem like the name of a government building, but it is not. Instead, it is a building with assembly rooms. Historically, it was a place where upper-class people used to come, meet, and conduct social get together and functions.

Cheltenham Town Hall

But in 1903, the whole venue was restored and modified into an amazing hall. Today, this hall has a seating capacity of over 1000 people. The hall is quite busy all the time because of the continuous music, comedy, and other programs. When you are here with your kids as it is the things to do in cheltenham with kids, you are advised to attend the special shows.

Address: Imperial Square, Cheltenham GL50 1QA, United Kingdom

Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway

It is one of the leading railway lines constructed in 1900. It links Cheltenham with Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon. However, due to continuous ignorance, it was closed in 1976. As soon as it happened, concerned authorities started its preservation work in 1981.

Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway

In 2018, the tracks and stations were completely restored and opened to the public and one of the great things to do in Cheltenham for couples. From this, you can enjoy a 28-mile round trip. This will surely be one of the most unique experiences for you to sit and travel on such a historic track.

Address: The Railway Station, Cheltenham GL54 5DT, United Kingdom

The Cotswolds Guide

Going to the Cotswolds is counted among the unusual things to do in Cheltenham. And it has some good reasons to back it up. This place is all about cozy villages, beautiful countryside, houses decorated with golden limestone, and architecturally rich market towns.

The Cotswolds

If you are with your partner, then it is a must to enjoy a long drive on the Romantic Road. After this, you can explore the gorgeous villages such as Chipping Campden and other attractions such as Cleeve Hill, Town Hall, and Perpendicular Gothic Wool Church.

St. Mary’s Minster

Upgraded to the Minster, it was a parish church before 2013. Currently, it is the only medieval monument in this town. It is said that St. Mary was raised by the Normans first during the 11th century. By visiting this place, you can still find the Early English-style elements on the doors, walls, and windows.

St. Mary’s Minster

In this Minster, the northern porch is highly delighted. It has the nearly casted peal of 12 bells. But if you feel that what is historical about this place, then you will need to spend a whole day here. It is because it has the town’s first spa along with numerous other attractions.

Address: 44 Clarence St, Cheltenham GL50 3PL, United Kingdom

Sudeley Castle – The Hidden Gem

Only a few miles away from the Cotswolds, this is one of the most popular castles in the country that is still a personal residential area. As per the experts, the construction of this castle was completed in 1442. After this, it was home to a royal family. It is said that Catherine Parr, the 6th wife of Henry VIII died in 1548 due to childbirth complications in this castle. You can visit her tomb that is in this castle.

Sudeley Castle in Cheltenham

For tourists, the castle authorities used to conduct an exhibition after a regular period. It is done so that people can learn about Catherine Parr and her life. This exhibition also includes the books written by her along with her last love letters. Other treasures of this castle include Anne Boleyn’s lacework, beer jugs of Charles I, etc.

More places to visit:

Devil’s Chimney

The name of this place may grab all your attention. But it is more like a local landmark. A lot of people come here to learn the historical significance of this chimney. It is believed that nobody knows how exactly the limestone column was created. 

Cheltenham Devil’s Chimney

By visiting this place, you will not only have an unusual experience but will be provided with some mesmerizing views to capture with your camera. But it is undeniably an interesting site to visit.

Get the Directions Here:

In a nutshell

This place has countless other attractions that you can explore. But yes, you should learn more about those spots. It is always a good idea to do some research about the places that you are willing to visit during your trip. Lastly, make a list of activities and things to do in Cheltenham. These are nothing but easy ways to make your trip even more exciting.

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