Top 14 Most Desirable Places to Visit in Shimoga in 2023

places to visit in Shimoga

Shimoga is also known as the Shivamogga. It is a city as well as the district in the state of Karnataka.

Shimoga is a most famous South Indian Place in the State of Karnataka of the county of India.

Shimoga is situated on the side of the Tunga River considered as the Western Ghats of the Country of India.

This Shimoga City is very famous with the nicknames such as the “ Mini Switzerland ” and the “ Gateway of Maland ”.

The total population of the Shimoga City is 3,22,650 according to the latest census in the year of 2011.

There are many tourist Places near Shimoga to visit such as the Jog Falls, Kodachadri Hills, Signadoor Temple, Nagara Fort, Dams and many more.

Places to Visit in Shimoga

1. Kodachadri Hiils, Shimoga

Kodachadri Hiils in Shimoga

Kundadri Hills is a most popular tourist places to see in Shimoga and is 78 kms far from the Shimoga.

It is a hill station for tourists established on the peak of the mountain which is the 13th highest of the Karnataka.

This place is a Natural Heritage Site declared by the State government of Karnataka.

It is a very famous place for the amazing views. Capture the hiking enjoyment in your cameras is the best things to do in Shimoga.

Kodachadri Hiils Directions:

2. Jog Falls – A Travel Guide

Jog Falls in Shimoga

“ World Famous Waterfall ”, the Jog Falls is the highest waterfall of the country of India. It is a Shimoga famous place in the state of Karnataka.

This waterfall is made from the River Sharavati situated on the Western Ghats. It is a seasonal waterfall depending on the rain to flow.

It is a very beautiful Plunge Waterfall. The beauty of this waterfall is most famous in the state of Karnataka.

It is considered as the most visited tourist places because many tourists come to see this Plunge waterfall.

3. Sakre Bailu Elephant Camp

Shimoga Sakre Bailu Elephant Camp

An Eco Tourism Center , the Sakre Bailu Elephant Camp is a home of the elephant trained by the Mahouts.

This Sakre Bailu Elephant Camp is situated on the side of the Tunga River.

Elephants that live in the camp are the wild forest elephants. After a time in the day they go back to the forest and don’t rest in the camp.

If you are thinking of a Shimoga Trip plan then come to this place. Have fun with family along with kids in the elephant’s water spray.

4. Nagara Fort, Shimoga

must visit places Nagara Fort in Shimoga

Capital of rulers of Keladi Dynasty , the Nagara Fort is situated in the village name Nagara in the state of Karnataka in the district of Shimoga.

During the 16th Century, this fort was very famous with the name of “ Bidnoor ”, one of the old names of Nagara Fort. 

The fort was built by the king of Keladi Kingdom named “ Veerabhadra Nayka ” in the year of 1640.

Nagara Fort is a historical places to visit in Shimoga just because of this historical fort. Reaching to this place you will find some other historic places in the fort. 

5. Agumbe Village Guide

Agumbe Village- Places to visit in Shimoga

“ Cherrapunji of South India ” , Agumbe Village is situated in the district of Shimoga of Karnataka State.

It is one of the best tourist destinations of Shimoga Places to visit for the enjoyment especially in the rainy season.

This place is covered by the forest area and between the forest covered area the Agumbe Village is situated.

“ Venugopala Krishna Temple ” is the main attraction for the Hindu in agumbe village. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful structures for peace and purity.

Witnessing the “ Sunset Point ” on the western ghat over the Arabian Sea in the Agumbe village is a beautiful things to do in Shimoga.

Directions of Agumbe Village:

6. Dabbe Falls – Waterfall in Shimoga

Dabbe Falls one of the best paces to visit Shimoga

“ Heaven for the Nature Lovers ” , Dabbe Falls is a waterfall founded in the district of Shimoga of the Karnataka State in the country of India.

This waterfall is situated in the village “ Hosagadde ”  of the Shimoga District in Karnataka.

Sound of the water falling down on the rocks attracts the tourists to visit. Spend some time while looking at the water falls on the rocks to being the best places in Shimoga.

Kepjoga ” is the another name of this Dabble Falls in the native state language which considers as the one of the best waterfall in Karnataka.

7. Sacred Heart Church

acred Heart Church- Best place to visit in Shimoga

“ Second Largest Church in India ” , the Sacred Heart Church is established in the state of Karnataka of Shimoga District in a total area of 18000 sq ft.

This Church was built in the year of 1988 in the “ Roman and Gothic Styles ” with the outside resting garden along with Christen Idols.

The prayer hall with a total capacity of seating of 5000 people is one of the largest prayer halls in the Sacred Heart Church.

This Catholic Church in the every time best attractions for the christen in their Shivamogga tourist places list.

You are welcomed to this church for having peace in your life and know the history of the christian religion by the story telling.

Karnataka is the perfect way to get a taste of everything India has to offer. As famous places in Bangalore, from its fiery cuisine and vivid music culture, to its vibrant nightlife. There’s something for everyone in this lively city. Visitors will find plenty of entertainment options such as rooftop bars and live Bollywood performances. With its beautiful parks and lakeside views, you can also enjoy nature during your stay here.

8. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

“ Heaven for the Birds Watchers ” , Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is one of the famous place in the district of Shimoga in a total area of 0.75 sq km.

The Bird Sanctuary got its name from the Gudavi River because this bird sanctuary is established on the side of Gudavi River.

In the Bird Sanctuary, you can find and explore the different 217 species of birds along with the different colors such as Grey Heron, Little Grebe, White Headed Crane, Little Cormorant etc.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is the top listed Shimoga tourist places because of the colorful birds’ attractions for the lovers of the birds in the whole world.   

Get the Directions Here:

9. Linganamakki Dam – one of the best places to visit in Shimoga

Linganamakki Dam- places to visit in Shimoga

Linganamakki Dam is situated on the side of the Sharavathi River in the district of Shimoga of Karnataka State.

It is a reservoir which was made for the purpose of the generating the electrical power to fulfill the need of the electricity among the people.   

The foundation stone of the dam was laid in the year of 1956 and was fully completed after 9 years in the year of 1964.

If you are planning to visit the Shimoga District then you must come to this place to know how the power generates while taking some photos of it to listed in your Shimoga tourist places photo.

This Dam is just in a distance of 10 km from the world famous Jog Falls.

10. Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple

Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple is a famous temple in a small village Sigandur which is covered by the green forest area.

The Sigandur village is situated on the side of the famous Sharavathi River in the state of Karnataka.

Sigandur Temple is dedicated to the Powerful Hindu Goddess “ Chowdeshwari ” also called the mother “ Sigandureshwari ”.

The idol established inside the temple was founded near the bank of the Sharavathi River in the past 3000 years ago.

The devotees of the goddess built her temple on the place where the idol was founded in the past years.

Visitors book a trip for this temple to get the natural peace and devote themselves in the prayers of the goddess.

“ Jathre ” is the Annual festival held in the Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple every year and because of this festival this temple has become the most attractive Shimoga tourist places.  

Sri Sigandur Chowdeshwari Temple Directions:

11. Kundadri Hills and Peak – A Hidden Gem

Shimoga Kundadri Hills and Peak

The Jain religion holy Place, the Kundadri Hills is one of the famous and the best places in Shimoga as a hill station at the height of 826 Mt. in the district of Shimoga, Karnataka.

This Hill is known for a 17the century Jain temple which is dedicated to the Tirthankara . Two small ponds formed by the rock on one side of this temple for providing water to sages.

It is also known for giving the shelters to Acharya Kundakunda during the past earlier centuries and stayed here to prompt the birth of this Jain holy place.

People from the Jain Religion visit this place to witness their holy temple and religious place which are the best places to visit in Shimoga.

12. Lion and Tiger Safari Park

Shimoga Lion and Tiger Safari Park

The 2nd in the list of Karnataka whole safari parks, the Lion and Tiger Safari Park is situated in the total area of 250 hackers and founded in the year of 1988.

It is an open zoo and one of the free places for the tiger and the lion to walk and run freely in this big safari park.

This is a natural safari park where many types of wild animals live together such as Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Crocodile, Indian Jackal, Sloth Bear, Deer etc.

You can see some other birds’ spices in this safari park when you will plan a trip for here.

This is a very perfect place for a family picnic and for the photographs with the wild animals listed in your best places to visit near Shimoga.   

13.  Shivappa Nayaka Palace and Museum

Shivappa Nayaka Palace and Museum

Shivappa Nayaka Palace is a 17th century old and historical palace situated in the district of Shimoga of Karnataka state.

This palace got its name from the ruler of Keladi Nayak Dynasty, the king Shivappa Nayak.  

Many attractions such as the Darbar Hall, Four Rooms, Mini Balcony, Museum, Garden, etc. are the best places to see in Shimoga palace.

The Four Rooms are the part of Darbar Hall used for the storing of the Weapons in the old era. It is one of the main attractions in the Palace.

It is also a museum taken over by the Government and called the government museum founded on the side of the River Tunga.

You must visit this place to know the history of the Keladi Dynasty and witness the old arts and the weapons displayed in the museum.

14. Twin Village Hosahalli

Visit Twin Village Hosahalli in Shimoga

Hosahalli is a twin village along with Mattur village in the district of Shimoga of the Karnataka state.

Hosahalli village was the part of the Vijayanagar empire, Vijayanagar was the greatest empire in the history.  

This village is the formation of the ancient India and the modern Civilization but it is the one and only places near Shimoga where the one of the ancient language “ Sanskrit ” is spoken by the residents on a daily basis.

You will find the rare mixture and combination of the Tamil, Sanskrit and Kannada Language which makes this place the very famous in the whole world.

If you want to listen to the Sanskrit Language from then mark this village in you Shivamogga tourist places list.

This village is called the twin village with the Mattur village because a river divides these two villages and a bridge is constructed on the river Tunga to connect the both villages.


Shimoga is a very famous place to visit among the tourists because of the many great places founded here to walk around and experience the best of the life.  

Many tourist places attract the people such as the Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Sacred Heart Church, Sri Sigandur Temple, Elephant Camp are the great and most desirable places to visit once in your life.

If you are planning to go for a trip of 2 – 3 days then there are best places to visit in shimoga.

If you are thinking of a Shimoga trip plan then November to March is the perfect time to visit Shimoga.

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