How and Why Is KLM a Safe Airline to Fly with?

is KLM a safe airline

KLM is a French-Dutch carrier. It is recognized for its safe flight services. This air operator has constantly been rated among the top airlines due to impressive records. This helps to understand to what extent is KLM a safe airline. Additionally, many authorities including the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center (JADEC) have given the 2nd spot in its 2022 audit because of its safety measures. Apart from this, the airline keeps the necessary safety arrangements such as medical kits, fire kits, oxygen masks, and so on to deal with unexpected events. These are a few reasons why people trust KLM even more to fly from one place to another. 

Why is KLM Safe for Flyers?

In the last few years, KLM has seen some great improvements in its safety standards. The concerned department and authorities of this airline are still working closely to provide its passengers with the best and safest travel experiences.

Besides, the following are some reasons that make KLM a perfect yet safest option for one’s next trip:

  • A team of highly skilled professionals is there to assist its passengers.
  • The fleet is equipped with the latest and highly advanced planes.
  • Each plane is loaded with the necessary safety features.
  • Maintenance, repair, and replacements are done regularly. 

How Safe is KLM Airlines’ Fleet?


The fleet of this airline plays a vital role due to which KLM Airlines is safe. Currently, it has aircraft and planes of Boeing as well as Airbus. The latest fleet includes Airbus A350-900s. The other Boeing planes are 787-10, 777, and 787 models. Since these models are quite updated, necessary safety features remain in place.   

In addition to this, these planes have the following features:

  • Every plane has different cabin classes i.e. Economy, Economy Comfort, etc.
  • All eligible passengers can have access to in-flight services such as:
    • Satellite phones
    • Email and SMS services
    • On-demand audio and video on personal screens
  • Seats in all cabins are very spacious and comfortable.
  • Dedicated space is provided in every aircraft to keep personal items and carry-on bags safe.

What is the KLM Safety Record and Performance?

KLM safety records are quite impressive. It is because fatal accidents where KLM planes were involved were rare. As per the data available, the last major accident occurred around 45 years ago in 1977. After this accident, the carrier’s management became cautious and reviewed its safety system. This is one of the reasons why KLM does not have any disastrous incidents. 

  • Regular checkup of the planes and aircraft is conducted by an expert team.
  • Every minor issue is taken seriously and fixed promptly.
  • Maintenance work is allocated to certified professionals only.
  • The fleet is updated regularly or as per the demand.
  • Only skilled and certified professionals are hired as cabin crew and pilots.
  • Team members are well-trained to manage any unexpected event.

Is Air France KLM Safe and Clean?


It is important to know how safe is KLM Airlines in terms of cleanliness, especially when occurrences like the pandemic are concerning. After the COVID-19 scenario, this France-Dutch air operator has started being more concerned about cleanliness. A separate list has been prepared by the management to keep the risk of coronavirus and other elements spread at the lowest.

  • A well-equipped team cleans the flight after every journey.
  • Only high-quality and approved disinfectants are used to clean the planes.
  • HEPA filters are installed to keep the air clean. 

Are KLM Airlines Safety Reviews Positive?

Identified positively via passenger reviews, several institutions or bodies have rewarded KLM with a 4-star rating for its excellent services, world-class hospitality, and well-trained cabin/ground staff. It has also been certified 4 stars in recent years for being a “COVID-19 Safe” airline. 

The following reviews will also explain how safe is KLM in terms of safety:

  • JACDEC has given it the 6th spot in the list of safest airlines.
  • The airline is awarded with a 4-star rating for its amazing services onboard.
  • It is one of the top-rated operators for offering excellent products. 
  • Food, seats, amenities, etc., are safely maintained, as per these reviews.

Is KLM a Safe Airline Right Now?


Fortunately, KLM is among the most secure carriers to currently fly with. The airline has a long working history. Hence, it has been involved in many incidents in the past. However, the last major fatality happened in 1977 when Flight 4805 bumped into Flight 1736 (PAN AM). After this, it has suffered 60+ incidents with zero fatal accidents.

Here are the reasons why KLM is a safe option at present:

  • Each plane is added to the fleet after thorough and careful research.
  • Only well-trained and certified staff is employed.
  • The airline abides by all the safety measures and standards. 
  • These measures are prescribed by the concerned department in the aviation industry.

Is KLM Cityhopper Safe?

Cityhopper is KLM’s regional subsidiary. As of 2022, this subsidiary runs its flight services through the latest aircraft of Embraer. Its fleet is also one of the reasons why this air operator has been securely operating since its inception.

  • The fleet has the latest models of Embraer i.e. E175, E190, and E195-E2.
  • Each plane is well-maintained and equipped with the necessary features.

Final thoughts

With no serious incidents since years, KLM is regarded as the safest airline to travel both domestically and internationally. Even though the record is impressive, the airline never takes the safety of its passengers for granted. Constant efforts make KLM a safe air operator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check the following frequently asked questions and answers to know why and how safe is KLM Airlines:

Are KLM safety records good?

Yes, the records are good because no serious incident since 1977 is recorded.

Is Air France KLM safe for passengers with special needs?

The airline offers secure services for passengers with special needs.

Can pets travel with KLM safely?

Yes, this airline transports pet dogs and cats with safety ensured.

 Is KLM safe for kids?

KLM is safe for kids. Special assistance is provided by it to minors.

Is it safe to fly with KLM internationally?

As the airline uses a high-end fleet, it is safe to fly globally with it.

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