Is French Bee a Good Airline?

Is French Bee a Good Airline

French Bee is a low-cost yet good air operator. Previously known as French Blue Airlines, it is a new player. Hence, knowing how and why is French Bee a good airline is important. Its world-class facilities, in-flight and ground support, and safety measures have helped it secure great ratings from several agencies/authorities. It also offers different travel classes. Hence, people can choose as per their needs. In addition to this, French Bee operates efficiently and covers many destinations globally even with a limited fleet. Due to these factors, it is a good air operator one can choose to travel with.

What Makes French Bee a Good Airline?

This airline, French Bee, offers pocket-friendly air travel options. It is one of the reasons why it is highly preferred to travel to or from France. Also, different travel classes are available so that people can choose as per their specific travel needs at low costs.

In addition to this, the following are some of the points that tell why French Bee is an exceptional airline to plan one’s next travel with:

  • Exceptional services are provided by the airline in such reasonably priced airfares.
  • The baggage policy is customer-centric and allows some to bring bags for free.
  • Multiple check-in options are provided to keep the comfort of its travelers in mind.
  • An excellent team of professionals is always available to help fliers with their queries. 

Is French Bee a Good Airline in Terms of Safety?


French Bee is a highly preferred carrier due to the safety it offers. It is known for pocket-friendliness but it does not compromise the safety of its passengers. With a dedicated team allocated for passenger security, the best travel experience is promised by the airline. 

  • A highly advanced fleet is chosen to operate globally.
  • One dedicated team is available to help and guide passengers with their queries.
  • All safety measures and rules are followed, set by the related departments and authorities.
  • Even the smallest incident harming passenger safety is taken into account. 

Is French Bee a Good Airline for Connectivity?

In terms of connectivity, it is important to identify is French Bee Airlines good, especially for those who want to make explorations at low costs. It is a good choice to travel globally but the number of destinations can be limited. Nevertheless, a fleet of advanced and feature-rich planes can help one travel to several places. 

  • Flyers can book and fly domestically to many destinations including:
    • Paris 
    • French 
    • Polynesia
  • The international routes covered by French Bee include:
    • Miami
    • Los Angeles
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • The Dominican Republic
  • This airline covers around 10 destinations at the moment. 
  • It is working towards increasing the number as well as frequencies of its flights.

Why is the French Bee a Good Airline for Baggage Services?


French Bee is recognized as a customer-centric air operator, having the most flexible and easy-to-follow baggage rules. As per the latest policy, passengers are allowed to bring hand as well as checked baggage while traveling. The standard allowance is enough to carry the required essentials without investing additional charges for more bags.

  • 1 hand baggage and personal accessory is allowed for free per ticketed passenger. 
  • However, the total weight should not be more than 12kg. 
  • Talking about the combined dimensions, it is 45 inches.
  • For different fares, a different number of checked baggage is permitted. 
  • Smart Fare passengers can carry one checked baggage. 
  • Premium Fare passengers, on the other hand, can bring 2 checked baggage.
  • The cost of checked baggage is quite competitive.
  • The total weight and dimensions for the checked bags are 23 kg and 62 inches, respectively.

Is French Bee Good as Per Ratings?

This airline has received 3 stars due to its affordability. In addition to this, the airline is rated the same for its onboard products and airport services. The staff services offered by it are also included while giving the ratings. Besides, seat charges, baggage services, cabin cleanliness, in-flight services, and so on, have been decently rated.

  • In terms of ratings, French Bee seems to be a fine airline.
  • French Bee is a good airline with which satisfactory services on board can be expected.
  • Even when they are at the airport, the available facilities can be helpful.

Is French Bee Airline Good According to Reviews?


French Bee has positive reviews from a number of flyers. It is a low-cost airline and has been acknowledged for the same in these reviews. This makes it an ideal option for those who have a restricted budget to fly from one place to another. When more online reviews are considered, it is found that people particularly prefer French Bee for its well-scheduled flights. 

Additionally, people prefer this air operator for the following reasons, according to their reviews:

  • Travelers opt for this career due to the exciting services offered at affordable rates.
  • It offers a great and smooth travel experience to its passengers.
  • Cabin crew and in-flight services are appreciated by the travelers.
  • This air operator is recognized for serving delicious meals to its fliers during their journeys.
  • Customer services, however, need little improvement, according to some passengers.

Why is French Bee Airlines Good and Cheap?

As it offers pocket-friendly travel solutions around the year, French Bee is a good airline. Be it a domestic flight or an international one, passengers can enjoy affordable fares even during peak seasons. 

Here are some more details about this low-cost carrier that indicate why it is cheap and preferable: 

  • Standard travel services are provided at low fares.
  • With the “Good Deals” card, travelers can know about special deals and enjoy the benefits attached.
  • By choosing the Air + Train combo (wherever applied), one can save more.
  • Special offers are available for selected routes i.e. Paris Orly to New York.  

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to identify is French Bee Airlines good for first-time travelers. Even for existing travelers, its aspects can be looked at to understand why it’s good. It is not only good but safe and affordable too. The exceptional services, high-tech flights, etc., make it ideal to fly with.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

By going through the following frequently asked questions and answers, flyers can know why is French Bee Airline good.

Are in-flight services of French Bee Airlines good?

Yes, the in-flight services provided by this airline are good.

How much rating is given to French Bee Airlines?

The airline has a 3-star rating for its services and cost-effectiveness.

Is French Bee Airlines a good option for kids?

French Bee offers special assistance to kids. Hence, it is good for traveling.

How to get good deals on French Bee Airlines?

Passengers can get a “Good Deals Card” and receive special discounts/deals.

Is French Bee Airlines good in terms of cleanliness?

Yes, this airline is rewarded with great rating points for maintaining proper hygiene.

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