Is Azores Airlines Safe? Looking at Performance and Safety Records

Based in the Azores, a region in Portugal, Azores Airlines is safe to travel with. However, one must know what makes this airline safe before booking a ticket. The recognition, earned by the airline, tells about its safety standards. It also maintains a good safety record which is a result of how Azores functions. The onboard safety measures adopted by it aim to ensure a risk-free environment. The crew members of the air carrier are trained to deal with any emergency onboard and on the ground. It invests in equipment required for security of different types. Personal security, health safety, and other such types are covered.

Is Azores Airlines Safety Record Good?

Azores’ safety record is relatively good. The airline abides by the aviation rules prescribed by regulatory authorities. 

Although the rules existed prior, the airline met with an accident in 2009, damaging its landing gear. No fatalities were reported. Both the landing gears were replaced with new ones. Since then, measures geared up and Azores Airlines safety records have become notably good.

  • The airline invests in innovation/improvement of tools and equipment.
  • To maintain records, it works in conformity with the safety standards set by aviation authorities.
  • The cabin crew is trained enough to handle inflight safety issues.
  • Regular security checks are conducted to keep this record good.

Why is Azores Airlines Safe Onboard?

Due to its standard safety measures, Azores is safe onboard. The expert cabin crew of the air carrier takes proper care of its inflight passengers. With assistance to people with special needs, the airline further ensures passenger safety. 

  • The airline ensures special onboard attention when informed about health issues including:
    • Recent strokes
    • Heart diseases
    • Recent surgeries
    • Pregnancy with complications
  • It provides a hygienic inflight environment for its passengers’ onboard safety.
  • In case the need arises, the airline facilitates oxygen support to the concerned flier.
  • Crew members are trained enough to provide first aid to its fliers onboard in case of any emergency.

What are Azores Airlines Safety Certifications and Recognitions?

This air carrier has an ISO certification which is recognized by aviation authorities. It is also recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These recognitions by top authorities demonstrate that Azores Airlines is safe for its passengers.

  • In 2008, the air carrier was awarded ISO 9001:2008. 
  • The ISO certificate was given by the APCER Portuguese Certification Association for safety standards.
  • In September 2023, the airline achieved the International Certification Quality Assurance Standard.
  • It won this recognition due to its carbon compensation program.
  • The program is aimed at reducing carbon emissions as a safety measure.

How Safe is Azores Airlines as per Performance Analysis?

When it comes to performance analysis, the airline is considered safe. Azores Airlines has been performing well in terms of overall passenger safety. With the expertise of its crew members, the air carrier ensures quality service to its fliers. This helps improve its overall performance as a recognized airline.

  • The airline is regarded as a 3-Star Airline for its:
    • Crew service
    • Quality of its onboard and airport products
  • Some of the products considered for performance analysis include:
    • Snacks and drinks
    • Amenities
    • Seats

How does the Crew Training Make Azores Airlines Safe to Travel?

The crew members at Azore Airlines are trained to handle any situation onboard including fires, aircraft component malfunctioning, fuel shortages, bad weather, etc. The airline ensures that all the flight attendants can address any emergency. Furthermore, they are trained to deal with any last-minute technical issue in the aircraft. 

  • In case of emergency, the crew members provide oxygen masks and life jackets as required.
  • Crew members are trained to assist a passenger facing health issues.
  • Their expertise is also an indicator of how safe Azores Airlines is.


It can be considered that Azores Airlines aims to ensure that its passengers are devoid of any risks. With its crew members’ expertise and adherence to aviation rules, the airline serves them well. As it performs in this manner, it will be able to maintain good safety records.

FAQs – Is Azores Airlines Safe? 

The following should be considered in order to comprehend the safety concerns related to Azores Airlines. 

Is Azores Airlines safe?

Mostly on all routes, this air carrier is safe to travel. 

Which certificate is provided to Azores Airlines for safety?

The ISO Award certificate is obtained by this airline for its safety measures.

Is Arores safe to fly domestically?

Yes, this air carrier provides safe flights to a variety of domestic destinations.

How safe is Azores Airlines as per performance analysis?

Considering its performance analysis, Azores is greatly safe.

Is Azores Airlines safe for infants or children?

Yes, this operator provides a secure atmosphere for traveling with children or infants.

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